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Hey everyone!^^

So @CrookedShadow won the BlackPink fanfic contest and she requested a Jisoo angst oneshot!

So I hope you like this girl because man... it is dark LOL

Warning!: There is language and some dark details in this piece. It is not overly bad but wanted to give a heads up!

Enjoyy~ ;

The man hummed almost sweetly as he worked on the dress. Stitch by stitch, he carefully connected the pieces of fabric together to create a dress very similar to one he saw when was younger. The one that matched his doll.

The mysterious man had been very abused as a child. His father would punish him for every little thing. Bruises and broken bones would be a very common occurrence for this man and he only had one thing that comforted him.

It was this doll of his mother's that she gave him before she passed. It was a beautiful barbie-like figurine, skinny and so tiny. It had long dark hair, and skin as white as snow. 

However, he lost the doll a couple of hours ago. He panicked greatly and tore his house apart looking for it. No where to be found, he headed out, frustrated and in pain. The one thing that had kept him sane, kept him going, was now gone.

And then he saw her.

His mouth instantly dropped in awe at the girl walking across the sidewalk. She looked exactly like his doll. No longer upset, he instead turned all his attention to her. He wanted her. It was what he needed.

So when he flipped the car around and waited for his chance, he took it. He grabbed her and threw her into the back of his van, knocking her unconscious in the process.

Adrenaline pumping threw his vans, he raced home, glancing back ever so often at the girl. He couldn't help but smile at how perfect she was and he knew then and there that he was never going to let her get lost from him again.

Half an hour later, he parked his car in front of his house and went to the side car door. Still out, he grabbed her and carried her carefully into his house.

As if carrying a newlywed, he kicked the door open, holding her princess style. Shutting it softly behind him, he brought her down to the basement, trying his best not to ruin even a hair on her head. 

He brought the chair from his desk over and sat her in it. He didn't want to restrain her but if she fought back, he may not be able to stop her. So, reluctantly, he used the rope hanging on the wall to bound her wrists and ankles tightly. 

And that is when she started to stir. 

She started to murmur in her sleep and her head started to move. He was shocked at first but instead grew fascinated. She slowly opened her eyes and when she realized where she was, she started to grow anxious.

"W-Where am I?!" She yelled, seeing the strange and very creepy man in front of her. He smiled at her, leaning over to caress her hair.

"Shh my princess. Everything is going to be okay. I got you back. You are -"

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!" She exploded. He backed up, surprised by her sudden outburst. "Don't you dare touch me..."

He then grew angry and started to pace around the room, muttering something to himself.
She watched as his behavior suddenly changed. As if becoming a different person, he ran up to her and made her jump as he grabbed both sides of the chair.


"O-Owner? What are you talking about-"

"Don't you remember? The times we were together? The times you would comfort me after he hurt me!? You were always there for me! You always have been." He mumbled, starting to tear at the thought. She thought he was absolutely nuts but she decided that it probably wasn't best to anger him any farther.

"Okay, well, sir," She started, gulping slightly. "My name is Jisoo and I am a trainee at a company. I-I have no idea what you are talking about. I think you may have the wrong person." She whispered trying to reason with him. But he wasn't having any of it.

"N-No. You are lying to me. You are HER. You have to be." He then reached for her hair once more and brought it to his face. He smelled it, feeling happy from the lavender scent. Jisoo was too in shock to say anything. "See." He smiled. "You even smell like her." He then backed up to look at her once more.

"Ahh, but you are missing something..." He mumbled. "AH! I remember now! You stay here and I will be right back! You are gonna be sooo happy!" He practically squealed as he ran back up the stairs to search for the item.

Trying to remain strong, Jisoo started to look for a way out of there as he vanished. She glanced around the room and started to move the chair forward with all her weight. Realizing that she was able to move, she then saw something that could help her get out or least help protect herself.

With all her might, she tried her best to reach the table before he got back. Almost there, she tried to reach for it with her right hand but it was too high up. She tried once more and with some effort, she barely got to it. 

As she heard the footsteps come back once more, she quickly put the it behind her back so he would not see it and moved back to where she was. In time, he opened the door and went back down to see her in the same spot.

Excited, he brought over the item, placing it in her hair. It was a headband, one that matched his doll. 

"There we go!" He said, satisfied with himself. Jisoo didn't know how to respond but when he seemed to be waiting for her to say something she got the idea.

"A-Ah, right. My headband. T-Thank you," She whispered. She gave him a small smile to try to hide her fear for the man in front of him. He then started to walk away once more when she called him back. "W-Wait," She said. He turned to face her, wondering what it was she wanted.

"I... have to go to the bathroom." She lied. He stared at her for a bit, contemplating if she would try to escape or not. She noticed this. "I-I won't do anything I promise. I just need to go." She reassured. At that, he slowly walked over and started to untie the ropes at her ankles.

"Okay, I will trust you. But don't take long okay? We have to watch our favorite show later."
He stated, as the ropes loosened. He then went to untie her hands and when she was let loose, she grabbed the pair of scissors she had grabbed and tucked them into her pants, covering it with her long shirt when he wasn't looking. He then lead her to a bathroom up the stairs, standing outside while he waited.

As soon as the door closed, she quietly tried to look for anything that she could use.
Something that could help her get out of here. She rummaged through the multiple cabinets in the room and found nothing. She sighed in frustration.

"Is everything okay princess?" He asked, starting to wonder what was taking her so long.

"Y-Yeah! Give me one more minute please!" She then flushed the toilet, to make it appear as if she really did go. She then let the sink run and turned it off a few seconds later. Finding nothing else to help her, she decided that she only had one option - to use the pair of scissors to injure him and run out the door. 

With the plan set in motion, she opened the door slowly and gave him another small smile.

"Thank you." She said, trying to not give anything away. He seemed to buy it because as soon as he turned his back, she grabbed the pair of scissors and rammed it into his shoulder. He instantly cried out in pain and Jisoo bolted. She ran to the front door she had seen on the way up. She saw that there were multiple locks and she started to panic. 

Jisoo glanced back to see that he was trying to get up, holding his shoulder where she hurt him. She fumbled with each lock and with the final click of the deadbolt, she opened the door and ran.

What shocked her however was that his house was in the middle of no where. No houses, no parks, not even any streets. It was all just what seemed like miles of forest.

This didn't stop Jisoo however as she just ran for the woods, just wanting to get away from this psychotic man. He followed her out quickly, grabbing a flashlight and something else as he ran after her.

She started to pant heavily as she dodged trees and jumped over branches. She would glance back to see a light shining in the distance, encouraging her not to stop. And just when she found a street she fell as something had caught her. 

Jisoo screamed out in pain, and landed on her elbows. She glanced down to see what could have caused her to fall when she froze. It was a bear trap.

Jisoo started to break down, seeing the light come closer and the pain starting to become even more intense. She slowly sat up, trying to be careful as to not move her foot much and reached for each side of the trap. She used all her strength to move the two sides apart and grunted in pain. 

Within a minute, she slow opened it up enough to where she could remove her foot. She lifted it up slowly and after making sure it was out, she let go of the trap. She wanted to stop and rest but she couldn't. The light was only feet away and she had to keep on going. Keep on running. 

So, Jisoo got up on her feet and started to limp towards the road. Tears were now falling down her face, knowing that this situation was not looking well for her. She glanced back once more to see that he was almost towards her and she fell once more as the pain was too much for her to handle. 

He heard her fall and instantly ran towards the sound. He saw her laying in the leaves, blood dripping from her foot.

"P-Please," She whispered. "Please let me go..." 

"Let you go?" He said, leaning over to caress her face. "How could I let you go? You are my everything. My princess." She started to cry even harder, turning around to crawl away, even if it was her only option. 

"But, as it seems that you will only fight back, I only have one option." And at this time he pulled out what he brought with him earlier. A gun. He slowly raised it to where her head was. She turned around once more at the sound of it being cocked. 

"N-No. I will go willingly. I-I promise. We can be happy, right? We can-" She pleaded one last time. But he stopped her before she could even finish.



"All done~" He sang, holding up the dress with both of his hands, beaming at his work. He then turned around to look at Jisoo, lifeless with her eyes open. He went over and put the dress over her head and her arms through the sides to make sure it fit and looked well. 

He then sat her up straight and added up the finishing touches. Red lipstick, mascara, and even a little blush. He then backed up and looked her over once more. 

"Ah, I forgot! Gotta fix this up too..." He then grabbed a piece skin he took from her foot and put it over the hole in her head, smoothing it out so the hole looked practically non-existent. He then kissed the spot, happy once more to have her back in his arms. His princess.

His doll.


My heavens...what has Criminal Minds done to me.

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....I'm shook...that was...I'm having mixed feelings, it was good but creepy and...interesting and it was scary he turned her into the doll..dear lord...I loved it tho, poor Jisoo...
Wow!!!!! it's so intense and dark!!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!! Thank you so much, Lex~!! It's amazing ^-^ Oh, and tag me in your onesies and the House taglist too, by the way c:
Sure girl I gotchu~
Wow! I Wasn't expecting it to end like that 😲