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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

I gave a heads up to my attire staff that I would be out of the office here and there. Since we had scored the most epic wedding to plan in 2017. Everyone was so excited and cheering for everything. They even all volunteer to help me when ever I needed some assistants. Which made me so happy to hear from them.

I was entering Simon's family cafe, feeling a bit guilty. I was betraying my favorite cafe to make my business more infamous. I looked around for Seonghwa and Simon when I heard someone signaling me. "Psh~... Dava-ah~" I turn towards the counter to see Simon waved at me to come over.

I could help but giggle at seeing the Rapper playing Customer Servicer. "Tell me what you like to drink. Its my treat." I raised an eyebrow at him, as he picked up a cup and marker. "How about you surprise me. I love fruit and chocolate. Basically have a mega sweet tooth."

Simon just blinked but had a big grin along his lips. "Oh you are in for a treat. I got a sweet tooth myself." He pointed to a table where Seonghwa was sitting and eating his meals. "Go ahead and grab a seat, I'll meet you over there when its ready." I nodded my head, before going over to join Seonghwa.

He looked up at me a bit started, but smiled warmly at me. "Hey Dava-ah, want some?" He offer me some of his pastry to me, but I held up a hand. "No thank you. Simon-ssi said he would make me a surprise drink." Seonghwa squinted in Simon's direction.

He then smiled my way as gave me back his attention. "You do know its gonna be hella sweet?" I giggled whilst nodding my head. "I love my sweets. Oh and if their lollipops that makes it even better."

Seonghwa covered his mouth as I noticed he was looking past me. I turn to see Simon joining us and place a small dish down, than a mug on top. I knew my eyes had widen as my jaw dropped open. My eyes were completely locked on the drink before me. He had made me Unicorn Hot Chocolate, and the colorful marshmallows were starting to melt over the side.

He then place a wrapped lollipop on the edge of it. I looked up at him before looking back at it. "Damn haven't seen a woman's face light up since the day I proposed to my lover." I finally snap out of it the moment I felt a bit unsettled." Ah, haha, sorry its just this is a dream hot coco."

I looked up at them both and gave a small smile. "Thank you Simon-ssi, promises to happily enjoy my drink." He smiled and nodded his head, before looking me over. I glance over at Seonghwa and he just shrugged. I dressed more professional this time, so I wouldn't hear his mouth this time.

So, I don't know why he was looking at me like this. "You look more professional today. I see you came to take care of business like a true boss." He smirked, resulting in me rolling my eyes. "Has anyone told you that you play too much?"

Seonghwa was covering his mouth this time, but his breathing gave away he was holding a laugh back. "Actually yes, I'm hoping to marry her." I gave a soft chuckle and shook my head. "Did you get the info I need so we can actually have the perfect ceremony for this wedding of yours." He turn to pull out a paper from his pocket.

"Yes, we talked last night and we made a list together. We didn't put anything about her Bachelorette or the dresses or her gown. It seems she already has all of that done." He handled over the list, which had the date they wanted to get married. I was starting to think this was odd how the bride had her stuff together already.

My red alert was confirmed when I saw the date for the wedding they want is exactly in one month from today. The news article had said he just proposed to her a week ago. It seem to me that they were rushing a bit, and that Simon was being tricked into something permanent. I read over the list and the brides wants out weight the grooms as well. Her wishes were a bit extremely expensive too.

I looked up at Seonghwa who was finishing his pastry. He glance up to make eye contact with me, before I turn to look at Simon. "You want me to give you all of this with in one month?" Simon looked confused as he look at his phone, and chuckled.

"Wow it really is in one month. Than yeah, she picked the date since its the date I asked her to be my girlfriend three years ago."

I looked Seonghwa and noticed he gave a quick judging glare. "Then I best get started right away. Seonghwa let me know when you are free so we can work together to getting his Bachelor party together." He looked my way, and hummed that he understood. "Actually we can talk right now, which means you go away."

Seonghwa waved at Simon, as he held up his hands in defense. "Okay you can have her now, but tomorrow she all mine." Simon winked at me, while he got up. "Enjoy you're sweet chocolate." He pet my head before leaving us, leaving me feeling a bit unsettle again.

Seonghwa clear his throat to get my attention, which wasn't hard since Simon was no longer in sight. "I noticed you got a red flag about all of this too." Seonghwa said in a serious tone. "So I'm not the only one that thinking he is getting played here?" I finally started drinking my hot chocolate, and saw Seonghwa nod his head.

"To be honest with you, the only reason why I'm his best man. Its because Jay, his brother Ki-hoon, and even his former band-mate E-Sen voiced that they don't approve of this wedding. I don't approve of it either, but I didn't voice it cause he hard headed. Simon hyung will only learn the hard way."

I just rubbed my temple, and drank more of the hot coco. I then picked up the lollipop and got up. "The weather is nice, why don't we go for a walk and talk. Not wise to talk about this subject while he in the same building." Seonghwa didn't argue as he got up and join me for a peaceful walk towards the beach.

"Does anyone plan to try and stop this wedding?" I asked as Seonghwa shook his head. "Anyone suggest that he at the very least get a prenuptial agreement?" Seonghwa just looked at me and seem to frown a bit. "You did?"

He sighed heavily and hung his head. "He's against it too. He said he marrying for love not money. Though he agrees my defense was good, since I told him he didn't really have a say in the matter. He's the Co-CEO of AOMG. We don't want his marriage to hurt the company. So he had agreed to talk to her about it, but it seems she talked him out of it."

I just rubbed the back of my next, feeling a bit uneasy about this wedding now. "How about for now we focus on the Bachelor party for now. Is there a location you had your heart set on?" Seonghwa nodded his head before looking up at the sky. "Not really, I haven't even try thinking of anything. Like I said, not really for this wedding, she playing him like a drum."

"Do you just want me to put it together." He glance over at me, but he seem annoy about it. "Okay, so the thing about Bachelor parties is that you are suppose to show him all the things he is giving up by getting married. Its when the groom has his guard down the most. You all can lay it on thick to make him see the light on his own."

Seonghwa thought about it as it seem I had peak his interest. "Okay, but I am still lost on stuff like location for it." I looked over the paper and saw that the bride was making a whole weekend before the wedding be her Bachelorette party. I held the paper out to him and pointed it out. "Lets take a page from the bride play book, and make it a whole weekend.

He arched an eyebrow before looking over at me. "Okay but that just a date and time." I read over the list and remember how the wedding, it will be too warm for anything winter like. Then an idea clicked inside of my head. "How about we fly everyone Alpensia Resort for the weekend, before the snow melts."

Seonghwa blinked as he thought about it, before giving me a small smile. "Actually that's a great idea. But he tends to be a snow bunny. Likes to stay inside, so you will have to come and help me make sure we all have a good time." He said, whilst I nodded my head in agreement.

"Not a problem with me, cause right now I am helping you. If I'm going to plan a wedding for someone from AOMG. I rather it be true love, not one of you being stubborn and getting screw over." Seonghwa laughed at my comment, while shaking his head. "Is this why you can claim that you haven't had a divorced come up among your clients."

I just winked at him, making him chuckle again. "Wow, I think you might be a bit more sly than Adina is." I faked a gasp, before covering my mouth. "Now now Seonghwa-ssi no sweet talking me or else I'll tell Adina what you just said." He looked at me shock for a moment before he realized I was playing with him.

He laughed and patted my head lightly. "Yup you are Adina's bestie... oh and stop with the ssi, you can call me oppa. I know you are younger than me, since Adina and you are the same birth year." I press my lips together make a duck face, making him grin at me.

"Oh man, I got my hands full here. But at least you won't be much trouble." I just glared at him before sticking my tongue at him. Seonghwa laughed as I looked back over the list.

"Okay, so lets get to business on setting up this Bachelor party, a.k.a slap Simon with reality."

Seonghwa and I started sharing ideas, as I booked the hotel room and the flights, after Seonghwa got me a confirmed head count.

This Bachelor party was really going to be a wake up call for Simon.

It wasn't fair to Simon to let him fall into this obvious trap he was blind too.

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