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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Game Night Friday. Its been awhile since I last posted a game for Boys Republic. Thanks to my wonderful Royal Squad for covering for me. This week we are doing a Boys Republic trivia quiz. How well do you know Boys Republic?
1. Who is the leader?
2. Who is the Maknae?
3. Who has the sexy personality?
4. When did they debuted?
5. They debuted with what song?
6. What song did they sang for Jeju Airlines?
7. What Kpop boy group did they replace for Jeju Airlines?
8. What Company did they work for?
9. What variety show that SungJun and Minsu participate in?
10. What is OneJunn's ideal type?
11. What is SungJun's real hair color?
12. What does Suwoong liked to do when he has time?

Good Luck Everyone! I can't wait to see how well you know Boys Republic.