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A Jay Park Smut Story!


Warning::: Smut ahead...Dont get caught and enjoy ⬇


I played my brother like a perfect game of chess. Though I recognized he was more than a lowly pawn, I knew the next piece would be. Javier’s shift was a mere few hour away, and I had to dress the part to win his affection. The most important task, however, was not letting on how Darla’s death had disturbed me. It was obvious to me that a tragedy would befall her the very morning that she burst into the scene.

Though the sky was radiant with sunlight, all I could see were the heavy clouds looming ahead. Darla was not to blame; circumstance murdered her. I just needed to discover which of us had to do with it. Casually, I glided into the house where I saw the wing to Jay’s room had the door close.

He must have shut himself in after the previous day’s tragedy. I could only imagine if he witnessed the poor girl’s corpse. Though I wondered if it were he. Jay was only a gentleman when he wanted to be. In an instant, he could turn from sweet to sour; I’d seen it myself. Darla could have easily become another toy of his that he threw away like yesterday’s news.

Still, something about his wailing during her disappearance sent cold shivers down my spine. I knew whether or not he was involved, Jay felt the tragedy. Upon reaching my room, I swung open the door and found my way to the closet. Quickly, I changed into a red brazier with a matching lace thong. Searching through the bottom of the drawers, I pulled out a miniskirt, which I slipped on my waist.

Finally, an oversized jacket with a hood, and a little tease to my hair completed the ensemble. With only a half an hour to spare, I raced toward the setting sun above the trees. Birds chirped in the distance as I made my way through the path. Each step along the dirt brought back crisp images of Darla lying in the dirt. She looked like my twin inside of my riding attire.

Suddenly, my heart started to race. Taking in a deep breath, I let it out slowly to calm my nerves. The sky was nearly dark at the time that I reached the edge of the grounds where the security office was. The previous guard was leaving just as I stepped close to the small brick building. Quickly, I moved to the side and out of sight as the guard climbed into his car.

After the engine revved, and he sped away, I turned the corner and pushed into the office. The room was small, dark, and cold. There was a single window that faced the incoming main road. Impressively, a hundred small LCD screens lined on nearly each part of the walls. Looking down at his computer screen, I saw Javier sitting with his back to me. On his monitor was a video of a young, naked woman with her legs spread open. Her hair drifted carefully down her breasts as she moaned for the man who came into view.


I interrupted. Secretly, I was disgusted at the sight of the pornography. Mostly it was because, after seeing Darla, I couldn’t stand the sight of a helpless young woman.


Javier asked after he spun around in the padded chair.

“This isn’t mine; the old security guard always watches this shit and–“
“Shh…It’s okay, baby.”
“It is?”

Javier asked with widening eyes.

“Do you want me to leave it on for you?”

With his crisp, masculine jaw line, and deliciously full lips, he would be able to make a woman very happy one day. However, Javier was an ignorant fool, and just another man who thought about his cock more than he did his safety. Still, I needed him to play puppy dog for me. It was the only way that I could discover the truth.

“Turn it off,” I growled. “I’m going to give you a real show.”

I unzipped my jacket and slowly parted it away from my shoulders. Javier gulped as he watched me undress before him. The miniskirt was the perfect touch as his eyes transfixed on my waistline.

“Oh, wow,” he said, dumbly.
“That’s not all,”

I swooned. Reaching my hands back, I unfastened my lace brazier and threw it onto the floor in front of him. My exposed breasts were now the center of his attention. Javier seemed entranced by my flesh as I neared him.

“I’ve been thinking about you every day, baby.”
“You have?” Javier gulped.
“Of course,”

I said taking my finger and placing it against his full lips.

“I’ve been dreaming about you kissing me all over my body; tasting my most private, secret places. I just want to be yours, darling, all yours.” “Fuck,”

Javier moaned as he reached for my breasts with his thick fingers. I felt him squeeze as he slid his tongue up from my naval, and just under my breasts.

“Oh, Javier,”

I cooed. He was taking the bait. Soon we’d fuck, and then he’d do anything that I asked of him. He and I would roll over the tapes together, then I’d find out who killed Darla, and he wouldn’t say a word to anybody because he was under my spell.

Suddenly, the door pushed open. I turned my head to see Jay heaving in the doorway. He was wearing a gray ripped tank that hugged against his body and a pair of running shorts. Every inch of him looked fierce and crimson with angst.

Before I could react, Jay pushed past me and grabbed Javier by his jacket. I let out a scream as Jay shoved him against the brick wall.
Simon POV

For the next hour, I tried to shake the sight Darla spread out on the ground. No matter what I did, she continued to rear back into my mind, as though her impression were etched inside forever. I started to panic as I paced around my darkened room, wondering if I did the right thing in trusting my sister.

“I should have followed her,”

I said to myself. Jen was more devious than anyone I had ever met. If someone was up to no good, chances are, it was she.

“I can’t trust her!”
“Who can’t you trust?”

Lydia asked as she creaked through my bedroom door.


I whispered as she carefully closed the door behind her. She was wearing a long black-sleeved shirt with a horizontal striped skirt underneath. The shirt hung low; no doubt to purposely expose her massive cleavage.

“Why are you barging in here?”
“I thought we didn’t keep secrets, Simon,”

Lydia said as she stepped toward me.
“Whom were you talking about?”
“No one,”

I replied tersely as he raced her hands across my chest.

“Did you go riding with your sister this afternoon?”
“Yes, Why?”
“I was just wondering if she was the one you were talking about.”

I scoffed attempt to keep Lydia at bay.

“That’s the one,”
“You know– while we’re still keeping secrets– I never trusted her much.” “Oh yeah?” I grinned. “Why’s that?” “I’ve seen her looking at my Jay, It’s the same way that she looks at her father.”
“What are you implying? My father and my sister would never–“
“No, no,” she hushed me. “I’m just saying that I know those types of girls who enjoy manipulating men. Those are the girls I stay clear away from.”
“I see.”
“That’s why I think we should stay in here for the night,”

Lydia suggested as she grabbed my crotch. I was already full mast at this point, ready for whatever it was that she was willing to throw at me.

“Are you ready, monsieur?” “Shouldn’t you be looking for Darla?” “Oh, her?” Lydia laughed. “I knew she wouldn’t last.”

I wanted to address her comment, but Lydia’s hand was perfectly stroking my cock through my pants to the point where I became erect. There was no denying that Lydia was ripe and ready for action. I felt that something was wrong, but still, she was a voluptuous distraction from that twisted afternoon.

I stopped hesitating and reached my hands under her dress. The stripes only accentuated how full and succulent her thighs were. My lips met hers as my hand ventured up the fabric. The tips of my fingers touched warm, moist flesh. My stepmother wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I love it when you touch my pussy,” she purred.
“Oh yeah?” I asked. “How about this?”

My index and middle finger gently pushed inside of her warm cavity. As I twisted slowly around, I could feel the sweet juices emanating from her. Lydia moaned as I placed my thumb on her exposed clitoris and started to rub it while I fingered her.

“Fuck, yes, baby, Harder.”

My cock was so hard that it nearly hurt. She rubbed it viciously as I jerked her pussy lips with my hand. Suddenly, Lydia began unbuttoning my pants. As soon as they were on the floor, she pulled my hand from inside of her and fell to her knees. Her soft lips touched the tip of my cock. A tiny pooling of clear, sticky sap glistened on the tip.

Lydia’s tongue came forward and lapped up the juice. She continued to lick until all of it was gone. After a satisfying smack of her lips, I had had enough. Grabbing her by the arms, I shoved my stepmother onto the floor. Her face went first as she called out in pleasure from my dominant aggression. This is what she needed, a good, hardy fuck by my thick cock. With her ass in the air, I swung my hips, cramming my meat into her smoldering pussy.


Lydia screamed as I fucked her raw on the floor of my bedroom. She seemed to love being tossed around like a slut. I saw her full, ripe melons jiggle loose from her top with the brutal slams I sent into her. Her tits smacked against her throat as I ground her face into the floor.

“You like that?”

I asked as my meat impaled her over and over again.
“Yes, baby!” she cried.

Her saying this only made the matters feel more disgusting, wrong, and heated. I pushed harder, feeling my cock reach the farthest depths of her pussy. My hands went forward, grabbing her hair until she buckled backward. Sweat covered the both of us as I grinded her into the night.

“You want more?” I groaned.
“Give it to me,” she roared. “Fucking come inside of me you little bastard!”
“Fuck yes,”

I grunted as I felt the sensation filling the lining of my cock. Hot wetness had built so much inside of her that gliding in and out was faster than ever. Suddenly, I slipped out of her pussy and came all over her tender thighs. Pump after pump, I saw my juices collecting all over her skin. With one final pump left in me, I pressed my cock between the gap in her thighs and came into her naval. Looking down at Lydia, I expected her to be pleased with my performance. Instead, she looked heated.

“What the fuck?”

Lydia yelled as she glared at me through her dark eyes.

“Didn’t you like it?” I asked, baffled. “You were supposed to come in of me,” she scolded as she climbed off of the floor.
“I slipped, You were getting really wet there.”
“Fuck you!”

Lydia said as she slammed her hands on the floor.

“What in the hell is coming over you?”
“It’s okay,”

Lydia said as she changed her tone to a much calmer one. Then she leaned forward and hugged me.

“There’s a lot going on and Jay will likely stay until he hears from that little bitch who ran off. Won’t you stay a little longer, baby?”
“I can’t, I have work to be done.” “Just a little longer. We can fuck like rabbits.”

There was something about Lydia’s mood swing that was making me wary to stay near her. Out of the air, her motivations occurred to me.

“Why did you want me to come in you?” I asked.
“I just think it’s hot, darling,”

she said, and then she kissed me on my collarbone.

“Are you trying to get pregnant?” I asked.
“What?” she said becoming agitated. “At my age?”
“Admit it! Admit that you wanted me to get you pregnant.”
“I don’t,”

She said looking at me in the eyes. I glared back, and she let the current take her down to the truth.

“Fine! Your father had a vasectomy, and I have wanted another baby for quite some time. I get lonely when he’s working these long days.” “Won’t he get suspicious that the kid isn’t his?”
“No, no, Those surgeries heal all of the time and men get their wives pregnant. You looked just like him when he was your age; he wouldn’t suspect a thing.”
“You get lonely?” I laughed. “This is ridiculous.”
“It’s the perfect reason.”
“It’s also the perfect excuse,”

I snapped as I stood up with my cock still pointing in a semi-erection.

“I know how prenuptial agreements work, Lydia. And I also happen to know that yours had a clause for twenty million dollars per child bared.”

Lydia was sprawled out on the floor as gazed up at me like a defenseless animal. She was caught and there was no denying it.

“What are you trying to say?”

Lydia asked softly as she clambered to her feet.

“I’m simply bringing the facts to the light, There have been many people before you, Lydia, just itching to get at my father’s money. By now, he knows the game. In fact, he knew this before he married you. You should just be happy that after he divorces you for some younger, hotter woman that you’ll get a cool few million and alimony to live out the rest of your miserable days. You aren’t the first person to try to fuck him over, and you won’t be the last.”
“You’re right, Simon,”

Lydia laughed as I opened the door for her to leave.

“You sound all too familiar with the rules of this game.”

With that, she drifted out of my room and into the night.
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