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BtoB Fave Comeback
Hello Melody! As you might know, BtoB is having a comeback soon. So to get ready for it, BtoB community will share their favorite BtoB Comeback. Here is my Favorite BtoB Comeback.
New Men is my favorite comeback. It was the first one that I had to be part as mod support. So this comeback as a special spot in my heart. I have went back to their other comebacks, but New Men is the one for me.
'New Men' lyric video

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I love this comeback!!
9 months ago·Reply
I picked the same comeback! 😂💙
9 months ago·Reply
@jjrockstar me too ❤
9 months ago·Reply
@StephanieDuong Really? Awesome!!
9 months ago·Reply
Lol I think I'll be picking the same comeback too! lol
9 months ago·Reply