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Hey guys I know I posted this game up a few days ago but I got bored and decided to upgrade it. As always please feel free to comment and make cards for your results. Us mods love seeing new cards up. Alright now here it the's kind of long so bare with me. ___GAME___ Hey. How is work going? Ahh yes. Your very busy making that paper. I know you have bills and other things you want to buy but don't forget your empty fridge.
Wait. Whats that sound? Why is the building shaking? Is the roof collapsing? AHHHH. Its time to Dodge falling objects and get out of here. Come on pick up the pace or you'll be crushed. Cant you hear the screams of people? This is not how you expected to start your day. There!! That door. Go around that big slab of cement to get to it. Come on come on. Slow poke. Be careful as you try not to slip on debre. Thats it go slow but precise. Thata girl. OK almost there. Now.....oh sh$%!!!! Thats not your coworker. Who...what? Don't tell me this is a dream. Just look at that face.
OK I think we need to get out of here. This guy doesn't look friendly. Yes. Good idea. Lets turn around and head back while we still can. Thats it just turn your body and start.......never mind something has your arm. Owww owww owww. Does he have to put so much pressure? Don't look at him!!!!! Just close try to get free. You have to get free. You have to live. This is can't be your end. BOOM Ahhh after shock!!! That guys still hanging on to you. Man his grip is painful. Don't cry. Keep those tears in. Look for a way out. Lets see if we can......oh wow who is that?
Please don't kill me!!! this heavan? Hahaha open your eyes and find out. Ahh your arm is free. Wait where did that evil guy go? Look over there. Wow. He is fighting that other guy. Oh snap it looks like you have a hero. Hmmmm is he your type? Well....OK now's not the time. Lets get somewhere safe. You can size guys up later. Owww That jerk amsot took your arm off. Your gonna need a sling later. Ok now let's find a safe place. Those two are breaking everything. That door you were headed to. Yes that's your way out. Come on. BOOM Back up back up. Something big just blocked it. Ahh curse you rubble. Stop falling allover the place. I wanna live!! OK new plan. Find another door or a nice big hole in the wall that will lead you away. Oh wait is that guy who saved you winning?
Oh wow look at that! This is insane. Should you help him? Hmmmm let's weigh the odds. You have one arm but both feet and that guy just saved your life. OK let's see what we can do. If you wanna get out alive we need a plan. Hmmmmm oh is that wall about to fall? Ahh *Whistle* "hey you ugly!! I'm right over here!!!" OK you got his attention. Lets run. Ahhh he's fast. Come on live bait let's not actually die. Pick up them feet. OK OK that's far enough now stop. Look look look!! Ah he's almost there. Thats it. Don't get too cocky but it looks like it's working. BANG BAAAAM BOOOOOM Did it work? Oh? Someones shielding you. Who is it?
Oh my. Thank you. Thank you. ...wa wa wait. Why are to grabbing peoples arm? That hurts really bad. Owwww. Wait did he say the bad guy was still alive? But that wall fell on him? He's that strong???? Fine let's run. Lead the way. There should be an exit around here somewhere. OK just take down the wall. You should follow him. Ahh OK he is touching your waist. Don't let go. Nobody wants to fall here. OK now that we are on the ground let's breathe. That was aweful. I mean who bashes through buildings and tries to kill people? Lets calm your heart down. It feels like it's about to burst. Or you can get dragged again by the same guy. OK understand. You still have to run. "Can we out run this guy?" We can't? what's your plan sir? This person really dowant wanna die. Wait....what's that in the sky? He called his minions?!?!?!?! Ahhhhhhhhh time to Hyde. Oh crap. This bad guy means business. Omph. Your now a sack of potatoes on his back. Well at least we know he's strong. And now we stopped. Whoa look around you. We are out numbered!!!! Oh their on their way? Ahh OK I see them now.
Thank goodness. We get to survive now. OK let's get to them fast. Hang on to this guys neck so we can get there faster. AHHHH we're getting shot at!!! Keep your head down. Close your eyes and pray. Oh wait. Someone just gave you cover. DAAAMN
Alright. I feel safe. Thank you kind stranger. OK you can put this body down sir. This person can stand. Ah yes holding hands is much better as we run but let's be careful with the injured arm OK. Everyones fighting off the bad guys. This place is going to be leveled. Ahh look at her go.
Man Oh man. Somebody needs to hit the gym more. Yes you!!! Your arms are like over cooked spaghetti. That chick is amazing. Look how fast she is. Taking out 3 evil minions at the same time. Pshhh OK stop gaping. Wait where is the guy that was just with you? Wasn't he protecting you? Hmmmmm......BEHIND YOU! Look out. FUMP Ohhhhhhhh. Your head must be pounding. That was a hard hit. Not only is your arm in pain but your head hfeels like it got cracked open. Why do you feel something wet running down the side of your head? Who hit you?
Seriously??? Cant we just get along? Oh man why can't you get up faster? Come on move. Ahh don't stumble!!! Are you feeling weak? WOOSH
Ahh your hero!! Wow look at him go!!! He is kicking some major.........FUZZY FUZZY....and goodnight. Zzzzzzzzzzz............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................zzzzzzzzzzz Ugh. Is that a bright light? Be careful your head still hurts. Whose voice is that?
This was so creative! Great job on it! ❤
Thanks Melissa
Oh my! I need to go find my phone so I can play.