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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다! (SO BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST Mod Squad!) Okay, so I'm obviously late. I could say sorry but will it do anything? Nope. Anyway! I missed last week cause I had a mental breakdown with the superhero theme. And even now, I can't find a superhero, or someone I feel comfortable putting my baby as. So he ain't no hero but he is a friend. You guys might not think Tokyo Ghoul's Kaneki Ken is a hero, but I do. So with that said.
I think Kikwang would be Hide. Kanekis best friend. I thought it made since when I thought about it, I don't know about you guys. They may seem carefree and maybe even gullible but they really do care about their friends and I'm pretty sure they'd notice if something was wrong. I mean, Hide did. I think Kikwang would too.
I agree with you about Kikwang being like Hide. Kikwang seems like a perfect friend to have. ❤
Yes he does ☺️☺️
I like how you handled this one. Great jon Kenya!
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Jon is Jon. 😂
I shouldn't have scrolled down! 😣😣😣 omo
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