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Hey guys as you know we have been showing our boys as superheros based on their personalities. Here is Dongwoons hero and why.
Alright so first things first. Dongwoons personality is quite different then what we are used to. Especially for a male of his age. In fact for the Mbti (Myers -Briggs)test most would feel that Dongwoon has a personality that is super rare. What personality is that you may ask? It is the INFJ that many believe he has. This personality is actually considered rare with less then five percent of the population. Isn't that crazy? There is more then one name for this type but one thing us for certain. Dongwoon has many traits that coinside with "The Protector" personality. Alright let's get into the traits that even place one in the INFJ corner. (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging). These are the basic parts that are considered to be the outline of this personality. People classified as the INFJ usually are very kindhearted and put others first. They tend to go out of their way to please others and take care to not hurt peoples feelings. They are also perfectionists that work hard to put things in order. They are quite protective of those who they have affection for as well. They pay attention to detail quite well whether it's how a person acts or if there is a line out of place. INFJ's tend to be wise and show that grandfather side of them. They are considerd quite close to being empathetic. Also they are super creative. Saldy sometimes they feel that they are always right. Its also hard at times to say what needs to be said which puts a damper on relationships. Sometimes they are too busy relying on their instincts and they can dismiss others opinions. Because they pay so much attention to detail they prefer to work alone so that they can finish a task their way. INFJ's hold themselves and others to high standards.
Alrright. Its time to get down to business. Just who would be a great personality match for this INFJ? You may be wondering if just any leader would do but in truth I've looked and searched until I could find a personality that fit the bill.
Mr. Charles Xavier also known as Professor X. This man built a school to help young mutants to learn how to control their powers and use them properly. He is both kind and intuitive. His dream is quite big but he sticks to it and makes sure to work hard to achieve it. As well all know he dies but this amazing mutant with his telepathic powers would do everything he could to help others. His mind is filled with secrets and ideas as he moves forward in the Marvel Universe. Ideas are almost limitless and backup plans are always ready in case something were to happen. This man also always believe in the good of others.
Do you guys see the similarities between the two? Don't forget to like and comment. Also here is the link for that snazy personality test. Take it and let us know how scary accurate your results are.
wow. this is really good. you put a lot into this card!
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She did put a lot into this card. Great job Tabby.
Professor X does seem to fit Doogwoon the best ❤
Dongwoon and I have so much in common. Our personality types are just on letter apart and mine is rare too. I think we would get each other.