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Que tal peeps!


Yoongi's POV

The thunder roars like a conflicted lion
Flipping side to side
Back and forth and crashing like semi breaking glass.
A view that was once pleasing to
Eyes...body...mind...and soul
Now turns into a deadly storm
Was this always it's true form?

It was our 9 month anniversary. Most couples would be out enjoying the world in celebration of their union. You know thanking God or whatever being they believe in for bringing them together. However I'm here with y/n in the ER. Everything was going great. It was like we were living the dream and we always got each other.

Some may say that I saved her but really she saved me....She saved me right? I'm biting my lip until I taste some metal like salty taste. I look down and see a drop of chrry fresh blood on top of the old dried blood on my white tee shirt. Suddenly Jin handed me a tissue.

"Your lip is bleeding bro." Jin said.

I was happy to have him here with me...with us. I didn't need the others worrying and Namjoon talking shit. All of that drama would push me over the edge.

"What happened?" Jin asked while placing his hand in my shoulder.

"I really don't know. I was in my room studying with Andi. You know usually Jessamine helps me with my English assignments, but she was busy with Jimin doing some dance routine for their finals. Andi offered to help me. Anyways in the middle of studying I felt like I was being watched. My door was cracked because I did want anyone thinking I was doing anything else but studying. I thought I heard some breathing at my door but all I saw was a shadow moving. I heard Jungkook and Tae passing by so I assumed it was them. Anyways towards the end of my study session y/n busted through the door. She was like you all are the same! You are cheating on me! No one cares and she began cutting her wrist with some broken glass. I instantly got up and fought with her to take the glass away from her. I got cut during the struggle. That's when you and Hobi stepped in."

Jin pressed his lips together as he looked down at the small stiches on my cheek. It was a small cut but the doctors wanted to make sure it didn't get infected. They ran a blood test to make sure I didn't catch anything from the crossing of blood and from that random piece of glass.

"Does she always act like this?" Jin asked

"No...yes...I don't know. She hasn't been suicidal like this since she took those pills. As long as we have known her she has been normal." I said while rubbing my eyes.

The doctor asked me a few questions. He informed me that I was lucky and my test results came back negative. He said the team wanted to keep y/n over night for observation. He said that she was resting and encouraged me to go home to get some sleep.
The saltwater rushes against my skin.
It is rough at first but after numerous brushes my skin becomes raw.
It becomes exposed and sensitive.
Opening me up to many infectious things....
Like reality.......

I guess y/n was released after two days from her incident. I went to the hospital to visit her and they said she was discharged. Now a week as passed by since then and I haven't heard from her until today.

I walked into the apartment and Namjoon had this weird look on his face that's when I knew she was in the area. I walked into my room and she was naked sitting on my dirty clothes and fingering herself. I almost chocked on my spit. Wtf is going in here? Is this real? She pounced on me kissing all over me and rubbing on my dick. I fought against my primitive will and pushed her away.

"Baby wtf? Where have you been? How are you doing?" I said.

She ignored my questions. She approached me again. She pulled at my pants. "I'm so ready for you baby. Fuck me." She said.

"No." I said. I couldn't believe what I was saying.

"Namjoon would never turn down a fuck. He would have fucked me. So I'm not as good enough as Andi?"

"I'm not Namjoon. Y/n Andi is a gay. She like girls. She helping me with my English assignments." I said.

"You think I believe you. Jessamine helps you all the time. You wanna fuck her? I bet you." She paused and began putting in her coat. "You all fucking think you all can fool me? You and Namjoon are the fucking same." She yelled.

"Look. You can ask Jessamine. She was with Jimin. Andi is the LGBT president Macie is her girlfriend. You are jumping to ridiculous conclusions. Where are your clothes?"

"YOU ARE JUST LIKE HIM! SO WHAT YOU ARE CALLING ME CRAZY? YOU THINK I'M STUPID?" She yelled while attempting to walk out my room.

I grabbed her arm. "I love you. I'm nothing like Namjoon. Please don't compare us. Let's just forget about all of this."

She looked me dead in my eyes. I swear I was looking at a stranger. Who was this woman I once loved? me back my baby.

"You will all will pay for what you have done to me." She said and left my grasp.

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