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As Prince Jackson lead the group through a few winding corridors and a large hall full of weaponry, lavish rugs and curtains, vases and other pieces of art from various counties in Narnia and one grand fireplace with a massive painting of the Prince himself hung candidly for all spectators to see. Jessica paused briefly to sneer at the painting of the self righteous Prince with his jeweled crown and winter fox fur lined robe. Yugyeom noticed this and walked up behind Jessica giving her a hug and placing his chin on her shoulder.

"What are you thinking?", Yugyeom asked. "Are you ok?"

"I despise the very site of him," Jessica said sharply. "He gave up his friends to become this? I will never understand nor want to understand what kind of douche would sacrifice his friends for the power to rule a kingdom."

Yugyeom kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand leading her back to the group where they all walked into a grand dinning area with a gorgeous rosewood table with a red velvet table runner edged in gold and 3 golden tassels at each end. The table was large enough to seat 20 with a beautiful china place setting at each chair. The white china was adorned with gold edges, ice blue flowers along the rim of the plates and inside of the bowls and a large lion's face in the center of the plates. Each silver goblet was etched with the Prince's crest on one side and a lion head on the other. Prince Jackson gestured us to all take a seat as he rang a large bell near another massive fireplace with yet another large painting of himself hung above it; the servants began to bring in platter after large platter of some of the most delicious smelling food she'd ever known.

The main course looked to be a giant boar with game hens lining the platter. There were vegetable kababs of brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and onions, a large green salad, something that looked like pudding, and various bowls of gravy. Jessica couldn't figure out why there were so many kinds of gravy!

"Your Highness," Jessica said. "Why are there so many bowls of gravy? And what is that pudding stuff?"

"My dear Jessica," the Prince started. "Gravy is my favourite thing! I have the traditional gravy in the center, duck gravy for dipping your bread in, spicy mustard gravy for the kababs, a sweet and sour gravy for the game hen..."

"And a vinaigrette gravy for the salad, I suppose?" Jessica said annoyed and cutting the Prince off.

"Ewww...gross!," Jackson jumped and gaged at the thought. "NO! That pudding stuff! IT'S PUDDING! My mother's own recipe for double chocolate and marshmallow pudding. No one puts anything on their salad here, we just mix in more vegetables."

"So I have to eat my salad naked?", Jessica asked still annoyed.

"Jessica," Junior tugged at her skirt. "Putting anything on a salad or uncooked vegetables is considered desecration of the land and what Narnia has provided for us. Anything that comes to us fresh from the ground is sacred."

"Then why cook the brussel sprouts and potatoes?" Jessica asked confused. "Isn't that bad too?"

"No Jess, it is purifying them," Junior said shaking his head. "You will understand in good time."

After a quick prayer of thanks for the food everyone dug in. Yugyeom went straight for a game hen and some gravy. Jessica dropped a plate down for Junior full of bacon pieces and pieces of Boar thigh. Doodle just wanted the kababs and salad while JB wolfed down a boar leg leaving only the hoof behind. Jessica ate her naked salad and dipped the kabab in the mustard gravy as instructed by the Prince. She smiled and let out a squeal of enjoyment; Jessica had never tasted anything like it! Back in California, gravy was this gross grey lumpy stuff that was only made during the holidays and usually tasted horrible. Mark watched Jessica with amazement:
"I see you're enjoying the palace food, Jessica," he said. "Just wait till you try the pudding, you won't want to stop."

Jessica swallowed hard to get the sweet potato down, "I'm looking forward to the pudding. I love pudding!"

Everyone finished up their main course and then a big blob of pudding was dropped into everyone's bowl and pilled high with whipped cream. As the large empty platters were removed from the table, 2 pies and 2 cakes replaced them. Jessica's eyes got wide with her mouth full of chocolate marshmallow pudding and whipped cream on her face. Yugyeom giggled and wiped Jessica's face clean as she swallowed the last bit of pudding and staring in awe of the large red velvet cake sitting before her.

A servant woman came around to refresh everyone's goblet with a delicious sweet red wine and cut a slice or two of whatever cake and/or pie each guest craved.
"The red velvet cake please!", Jessica blurted out excitedly. "And a piece of the cherry pie!"
"I've never seen you eat like this, Huntress," Mark said confused. "Did you miss Narnia food that much?"

"Not much to miss if I don't remember ever eating it before," Jessica said with a mouth full of cherry pie. "However, when I return home I will miss this food very much. I've never had anything like it!"

"If you pledge your bow and arrow to me, Huntress, you may eat like this all you want," the Prince said snidely. "You may even have your own room in this very castle and lead your own army of archers."

Jessica put her spoon full of cherry pie down and wiped her mouth, "What's in it for you if I stay in the castle and raise my own army of archers?"

"I have an amazing army of archers with an amazing leader of course," the Prince said leaning in and folding his hands under his chin with an eyebrow raised and crooked smile. "Lidia, show Miss Jessica to her room. I will be up shortly."

Jessica looked wide eyed at Yugyeom and shook her head sharply almost refusing to leave his side. Yugyeom nodded at Jessica to go and to not argue with anything the Prince asked of her. 'You don't know what he's capable of my love. Do as you're told.' Jessica had no idea her and Yugyeom could speak telepathically! 'I'm scared! I don't want to go!' Jessica said looking behind her at Yugyeom as Lidia took her out of the dinning hall.

"Do you love her Yugyeom?", Jackson asked his friend.

"Yes Prince, I do," Yugyeom responded annoyed and gripping his wine goblet. "Don't harm her." Yugyeom's eyes began to glow as red as Junior's in a fiery anger.

"I'm not going to hurt her, my dear friend," Jackson said. "I'm merely going to make her feel wanted and accepted. Something you've failed to do from the beginning. Not sure why she's clinging to you now after years of you giving her the cold shoulder and your cold heart."

"You want to talk about me having a cold heart?", Yugyeom gripped his chair arms snapping one off. "Try taking a look in the mirror. You're as cold and self centered as the Queen before you." Yugyeom's red hair stood up like a cockatoo's mohawk and his arm muscles bulged as he broke the other arm on his chair while throwing the chair across the room and watching it splinter against the stone wall.

"Did I hit a soft spot?", Jackson said softly giving Yugyeom the sad face and then immediately going back to his normal poise. "I think you need to go back to your tree house and think about what you've just done. Swing from a few vines and talk to the trees for some comfort."

Yugyeom snarled and stormed out of the dinning hall, breaking things on his way through the great hall and throwing guards against walls on his way out of the castle. Once he hit the dirt path right before entering the forest, Yugyeom dropped to his knees, closed his angry red glowing eyes and let out a bone chilling howl.

Jessica was sitting on the bed in her new room and jumped at the sound of her lover howling in anguish. She began having flashbacks at hearing that horrid sound of an elf in deep sorrow. Jessica remembered her first warrior cry when Yugyeom was stabbed in the side by an ice dwarf and was only half alive when she found him. The memory was so vivid and clear she began to cry and once again her warrior cry came out in the fear of losing Yugyeom again, only he wasn't dying, someone who called himself friend was attempting to steal her. Yugyeom's ears wiggled as he listened to Jessica's cries, he hunched over sadly and walked back into the dark forest alone.

"Why did you do that?", Doodle asked angrily slapping the table. "Now they are both howling! No one will get any sleep!"

"Calm down, YoungJae," Jackson said calmly stroking his fur robe and admiring the silver goblet of wine in his hand. "They will be fine! They just survived 200 years without eachother, I think they can survive another week."

"We're leaving," JB said bluntly. "Yugyeom needs us now. Let's go guys."

"I promise, the Huntress will be happier here," Jackson said confidently.

"She belongs in the forest!", Junior said jumping up on the table waggling both tails wildly. "She's the Huntress and the forest needs her! Jessica doesn't belong behind thick stone walls, she's a free spirit!"

"She promised me her bow and arrow AND an army!", Jackson angrily slammed his hands on the table challenging the little red eyed fox. "I'll send her back to the forest when she's done training them."

"How long with that be?", Doodle asked snearing at the Prince.

"I dunno," Jackson said once more gazing at his wine goblet. "A week, two weeks, a month, a year? Depends on how truly capable she is of raising an army of archers to defeat the Queen."

"If you don't have confidence in her, why are you keeping her?", JB asked.

"Because I want her here," Jackson said a bit bewildered. "I like her, she's changed from a wildling to someone more....sophisticated. I want her here with me."

"Your Highness," Mark said sternly. "I will escort everyone back to the forest. I think they've heard enough."

"Yeah sure," Jackson waved his hand. "Whatever." The Prince sighed heavily setting down his goblet, "Safe travels back to the forest. Come and visit again." He said escorting himself out of the dinning hall and heading up the steep stone steps towards Jessica's room.

Jessica was pacing back and forth in her nightgown and playing with her hair. She couldn't sleep in this cold place with a Prince who was handsome and yet made her so angry! While she hated him so much she was also wildly attracted to him. Should he make an advancement, she may not refuse him out of pure temptation. There was a knock at Jessica's door and the Prince entered her quarters.

"Is your room to your liking?" The Prince asked pretended to be worried.

"My room is fine," Jessica scowled sensing his fakeness. "Why are you here? Why did you enter my room without my permission?"

"I am the Prince," he said. "And if everything goes my way, your room isn't the only thing of yours that I will be entering."

Jessica began to panic, sweat and become slightly aroused at the thought of this happening. She backed into one of the bed posts and was startled at the sudden beam of rosewood smacking her head and the heel of her left foot.

"OW!", Jessica let out a yelp and rubbed the back of her head.

"Let me take a look at that," Jackson said making an advance towards her.

Jessica froze in place becoming fearfully aroused at the handsome Chinese muscle chiseled man walking toward her. He wasn't wearing his robe anymore so she could see every muscle definition showing through his skin tight shirt and pants. Her palms became sweaty as Jackson wrapped his muscular arms around her waist and cupped her face in his hand. Jackson rand his nose along her jaw line and breathed heavily into her left ear while slowly beginning to kiss her neck. As his lips found hers, Jackson's fingers also found her nipples through her cotton nightgown. Jessica's hands gripped the bed post as Jackson fondled her breasts and slowly took his hands down her body and around her butt. Jessica's mind began to run wild with all the things they could do in the next 5 minutes or more, all of a sudden, the sadness of Yugyeom not being at her side was lost. Jessica was lost in Jackson's kiss, in his touch, lost in his muscular body that was over dressed. She began undoing Jackson's belt and running her hands up his chiseled chest to help him out of his skin tight shirt so she could admire what was underneath. Scars, there were several scars on his chest from the great battle against the Ice Queen. Jessica kissed the scars, one-by-one: the scar on his right peck, the scar on his left rib cage, the recent wound just above his belly button.

Jackson lifted Jessica up and pushed her on the bed, straddling her and running both hands up her legs and body while bringing her nightgown up over her head, revealing her tan fit body and teal panties. Jackson took every part of her in with his eyes and soon with his mouth and tongue. Jessica felt like she was going to explode, her mind was completely blown that a man this handsome wanted her this badly. Jessica removed the Prince's belt and peeled off his skin tight pants, revealing all. He had nothing on underneath those pants, that explains a lot! He removed Jessica's panties and crawled on top of her.

Jackson made love to her for hours: Jessica didn't care what people thought of her back in the "real world", she cared less about what they thought of her here. In Narnia, everyone was still a stranger to Jessica. While she felt badly that Yugyeom was about to get his heart broken, he did say to do what she was told. Being lost in ecstasy was not a demand in Jessica's mind, especially when she had Prince Jackson inside her. Jessica had no complaints during those hours they were in the throws. The complaints and tears would come later.


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