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My first virgin couch experience is in Korea with a ultimate friendly and amazing guy, Lee Kang Won. Got to know him via a mutual friend in CS. It is our first time couch surfing and it is also his "first time" as he have not host any one from overseas before. Well, i guess the culture of CS is to bring some gifts from wherever you are coming from so we brought him gifts from Singapore and also coffee from Vietnam during our transit. He was a stock trader which means he did not need to work or i would say he worked from home which means that he will have more free time to spend with us. This travel experience is very different. He taught us the things the locals do, eat, lingo and ETC. We went to the famous Korean sauna and he taught us things that Koreans do in the sauna. For example, folding a Korean style hat using the towel they provide. He taught us how to take the train because the train in Korea is way too big and messy. I am really thankful for that because without him we wouldn't have done so much. We spend alot of time together, from cooking from each other to going out to far away places away from Seoul. I felt that we were just lucky to have such a nice host like him and today he is not just a host to me but a friend that i will always remember.
couch surfing is so fun
Well you just have to surf with an open mind!
wow so this is the power of couch surfing... weren't you scared at all at first?