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Author's Note: So this is my first fanfic that I am ever putting out there, and I'm actually a little nervous about it. I have so many other rough drafts of fanfics, but I am still working on them! I hope you enjoy what I have so far, and will try to add the parts as I go. There are going to be flashbacks all throughout this story, and those will be in italics to avoid any confusion. Also, please feel free to add suggestions for my writing in the comments, I would love to hear any feedback! I hope you enjoy!
Part: 1/?
Word Count: 1,339
You walk out of the coffee shop, which has always been your daily routine every morning before heading to work. You stop at a crosswalk and look across the street. You see him standing there and stare in disbelief because he looks straight at you and turns away..like you were a stranger, a nobody. You felt like your heart was just broken into a million pieces all over again. Was that really him? Or were you just seeing things again? You rub your eyes and look back up and anger starts to set in. It really is him. How could he? How could he have left you two years ago to just end up back here with her in his arms? It made absolutely no sense. You stumble back hitting the wall of the coffee shop.
You didn’t want to believe that was him. You shake your head covering your ears and scream, “No! No! This can’t be happening again!”
At this point there are tears endlessly coming from your eyes and you are heaving. You gasp for air while clenching your chest. You fumble in your purse to find your anxiety medicine. You yell in frustration from not being able to get the top open. It finally opens and you shake a bunch out to your hands and swallow all of them. You’re back where you started again…where you were two years ago when he left you.

“Y/N! Are you coming?” Jimin says running toward you.

“Yeah, sorry! I just have a lot on my mind right now.”

“We’re on vacation dummy, empty out your mind, and just live in the moment, live for right now.” he says laughing while grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the water.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming!” you say springing up and running after him. “Last one in pays for dinner!”

“Deal!” he yells running towards the water.
The memory only makes you want to drink more. After your breakdown you somehow end up at street vendor booth drinking. You look down in front of you and already see three empty bottles of soju but without hesitation ask for another one. The waitress reluctantly places another bottle on the table.
“Ma’am are you going to be okay? This is your fourth bottle and you have no one here with you.”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” you reply while twisting the bottle open to fill the glass up again.
You swallow the filled glass in one shot and feel the alcohol burning your throat. You feel numb, but alcohol was the only thing that could block you from feeling anything at all, and that was easier than feeling all the emotions you were going through earlier. You feel tears falling down your face for the hundredth time tonight, and are frustrated that you aren’t over this yet. It’s been two years. You would have thought you could forget him, but the memories always lingered, and that’s what made everything so much harder.

“You know that you’re mine right? No one else can ever take you from me.” he says while holding you.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Jimin, you already know how much I love you.”

You were in your backyard laying on a blanket just looking at the stars. It was one of your favorite things to do with Jimin, and he made sure he made time for it at least one time a week despite what the weather was like. Raining, freezing, or crazy windy, he was always there by your side.

“Y/N, I know I’m not in much of a position to ask you now, but when I’m more stable, and we’re older will you... marry me?” he says while intertwining his fingers with yours. You sit up and look him straight in the eyes.


“I’m sorry, that- I... shouldn’t have said that.” he says looking down.

You tilt his head up so that he was looking at you. “Do you even have to ask? You know what my answer is.”

He looks into your eyes his eyes sparkling like the stars in the sky. “I love you Y/N.”

You lean in to kiss him. “I love you too Jimin, and nothing on this earth can ever make me stop loving you.”
“Ma’am, ma’am.” You felt someone shaking you.
You groggily look up to see the same waitress come over to you. “Uhh...my head.” you groan.
“Ma’am, it’s four AM, we need to close now. I’m sorry, can I call you a cab or anything?”
“Noo, no, it’s fine. Thank youu, and sor-sorry to keep you here.” you say slurring some of your words.
“No it’s okay, are you sure you’ll be okay?” she asks again concerned.
“Yes, yesss. I’ll be fi-finee.” you say waving her off.
You walk out of the booth and feel the cold winter wind hit your cheeks. You shiver from only having on a thin jacket on. You stumble down the sidewalk with your head still pounding from the alcohol. Your vision starts to blur and the world seems like it’s spinning. You stop for a second to compose yourself. “God. Why did I drink so much…”
You decide that you aren’t in your right mind to try to make it home alone, so you call your best friend, Elaine to come get you. The phone rings but goes to voicemail. You look at the time, 4:25am, you also see five missed calls from your boss. You groan in response, “What am I doing...why did this happen?” You look through the rest of your contacts and see no one else you can call. After you developed anxiety and depression two years ago you lost a lot of your friends, a lot of them called you crazy and said you were overreacting over a breakup so they just stopped talking to you. You stop at his name. Jimin.
You start crying again, and shout to your phone, “Why me?! Why did you have to hurt me so bad...do you know...do you know what you did to me? I was doing so well. Why are you back? Why didn’t you just stay away forever?!” You couldn’t take it anymore. You needed to get out of here. You stand up and see two sets of feet stop right in front of you. You look up and see...him.
“Y/N?” he says with wide eyes not expecting to see you.
You look at him and don’t even know what to say. Everything that you wish you could say to him weren’t coming out. All the anger from the past two years melted away when he said your name. He looked different, less like the Jimin you used to know. His eyes almost looked lifeless, and his face was so pale.
“Oppa, who is she?” the girl standing with him asks with a scoff. Looking at her closely you recognize her from his pictures...the girl he was always with.
“She’s…” he stops not sure what to address you as.
You can’t take your eyes off of him, tears just fall down your face. You imagined this moment happening since he left, but now that it was here you didn’t know what to say or do.
“She’s just...a old friend.” he answers breaking eye contact with you and pulls the girl in closer.
You stumble back and mumble, “I...I have to...go.”
You back away and run, run as fast as you can out of their sight. You stop and your heart is racing and your head is spining, you catch your breath and try to convince yourself that this is all a dream and that you would wake up in your bed. No...it can’t be. This all felt so real. You head is still pounding and everything feels like it’s spinning 100 miles per hour now. You feel yourself blacking out and you fall to the ground before you hear someone screaming your name.
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