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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
I am loving this show!!! It's freaking hilarious!!! If this came out before Hwarang, I would have had major SLS I am falling for Park Hyung Sik even more with this show. I need more shows with Park Hyung Sik!!!! I also need more Ji I need Ji Soo to be the lead...
This show has it all, drama, comedy, romance, suspense....It's another one where I regret not waiting until it had a few episodes out so I have to play the waiting game every weekend to see new episodes...
Can she be any cuter! She's so adorable!!!
Can he please stop being so amazing!!! My heart can't take another hit...
Ji Soo...I'm not liking him in this role very much, but he's still cute

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Oh wow! I was having the same exact thoughts about this drama. I Should've waited to start watching it too. And I totally agree with you about the actors and their characters. I'm already loving it, and only 3 episodes
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Where are you guys watching it?
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@RKA916 I'm watching it on Viki
9 months ago
I'm loving it too.
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the actress character is very lovable. jisoo is awesome as always! and park hyun suk has yet to impress me. he's a good actor but I don't like his characters
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I love this drama so far. it's a great watch. I watched it last night my gods I was laughing so much.
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