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K-Drama Cliches
Nevermind the cover picture I just had to use it cos Choi Minho is my current love he's so adorable \(^o^)/ ^_^ There's something or say several things I've noticed in korean dramas Its present in almost every korean drama,here are a few things I've noticed -Jerky Chaebol,would it kill to actually have a well mannered and kind chaebol,LOL I guess not -Poor Main Lead Girl,apparently it won't make sense to have a rich main girl who isn't being chased by loan sharks -Sophisticated 2nd Female Lead,who is always mean to the main girl and the annoying thing is the main girl never stands up for herself -Love Triangle,Rectangle,Quadrangle,Pentagle,LOL apparently its impossible to have a boy-girl relationship without having someone else liking the girl -Loan sharks always after the main lead's family -Back Hugs -the male lead's mother is always against the relationship -Almost Kiss in Ep 5 or 6 before the main Kiss -Drama mostly ends with kissing btw the main characters -someone must be sick with cancer or have heart attack -Flu or Fever at the slightest rain -Main Female Lead mostly behaving like and airhead -Upper and Lower class dissemination -Main Male Lead sporting a front swept hairstyle -Main Female Lead having Tons and Tons of Part time Jobs -The Main Male Lead's Family always appearing all dressed Up at any time of the day -Using 'ottokhae' in almost every sentence And lots more I'm kinda blank atm Feel free to add yours to the list
hahahaha..it's so true, but ottokhae...
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