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Paintings by DestinyBlue~~

Pleeeeeease don't pop.... Anixity
Working out how to understand and love yourself can be the most tricky of things. Like trying to solve a rubik's cube when you're colour blind.
I hope that you are trustworthy, I suppose I'll just have to trust you to find out... So here's my key. Open me up, Look inside, I just have to hope you will like what you find.  
She is brOKen..
If it's war you want, it's war you'll get. I've played nice, but now I stand my ground. Don't underestimate me, I'll show you just how deadly my sting can be.
This made me giggle because my boyfriend is colorblind and he loves solving Rubik's cubes
I love all these paintings! I can relate to them, thank you for sharing!
these are beautiful
Definitely beautiful
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