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Pleeeeeease don't pop.... Anixity
Working out how to understand and love yourself can be the most tricky of things. Like trying to solve a rubik's cube when you're colour blind.
I hope that you are trustworthy, I suppose I'll just have to trust you to find out... So here's my key. Open me up, Look inside, I just have to hope you will like what you find.  
She is brOKen..
If it's war you want, it's war you'll get. I've played nice, but now I stand my ground. Don't underestimate me, I'll show you just how deadly my sting can be.
these are beautiful
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Definitely beautiful
This made me giggle because my boyfriend is colorblind and he loves solving Rubik's cubes
I love all these paintings! I can relate to them, thank you for sharing!