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Day 1
Plan the perfect date for you and your bias

My perfect date would be with this guy.
Our perfect date would be a pool date.
A night under the stars.
I would send Sunwoo an invitation card first. So to make sure he will make our date. Plus it will add a special touch.
After getting the invitation ready, now is time to plan the menu. Its got to be something light and fun. Lobster rolls with French fries and Cole slaw is a good start. Plus some fun drinks like blue colored drinks would perfect touch. Also for dessert, some ice cream treats.
Now for the atompshere, Let's make romantic and fun. I will add glow in the dark air balls to add to the pool. I'm also getting a big sized kiddie pool. I'm going to fill it up with blankets and pillows. So we can float in the pool, while glazing at the stars together. To add some fun activities, I'll add in some pool toys. That way we can act like kids before relaxing in the kiddie pool.

Well that would be the date I would plan for Sunwoo. Do you think he would like it? I'm also sorry for being behind on this week's challenge.
@SerenaArthurs Right! They are a perfect touch for night time pool party. 😊
Ok those balloon lights are genius like who thought of that?