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Day 2
Plan the perfect date for you and BR member other then your bias.

The other BR member I would plan a perfect date with is this guy.
Yes That's right! It would be OneJun. Our date would a fun and relaxing one like a movie date.
Instead of going to the movies, I'll make an outdoor movie drive-in like atompshere. I'll get a large white tarpe or sheets to cover the back side of the house. I'll rent a projecter to play a film from my laptop. I'll also get two large kiddie pools, and fill them up with blankets and pillows. So we can be comfortable while watching the film.
Its a movie night, so I'll be serving snacks and fruit drinks. I'll make different fruit drinks with real fruit in them. I'll put them in ice tube that will be between the kiddie pools. The snacks will also be between the kiddie pools.
Besides having popcorn and candy to snack on, I'll be serving dessert like banana split but different. It is diced up bananas with chocolate, peanut butter chips and mini marshmallows mixed together. You stuff the mixture back in the banana peel. So don't destroy the banana peel.
To top the night, I'll be serving us some Root Beer floats. Who doesn't like Root Beer floats while watching a movie?

Well that would be the perfect date I'll plan for OneJunn.
Honestly tho...relationship goals af πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» like these date night ideas are so creative and sound like fun and it would be awesome to do these with a date...or even with a group of friends like I would do that if I wasn't so lazy πŸ˜… I love these tho!
@SerenaArthurs Thank you! I would also like to try them out too πŸ˜†