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Just joining? Click here for Part 1 onto the story....oh wait first some warnings.

"Sooo, Hows things with Bambam?" Maria asked

"There fine. We are going on a date tonight."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah but, I don't think anything can come of this."

"Why? He's available." Maria was confused.

"I just...don't see him more than a friend. I....sorta kinda like someone else."


"I can't tell you. Plus I want to see if after tonight I see Bambam more than a friend."

"Ugh really I have to wait till later tonight?" she whined

"Yes." I laughed and then there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" Maria yelled and the door opened revealing Mark.

"Hey." I said with a smile

"What do you want Mark?" Maria asked

"I was just wanting to hang out with someone Hana can't come over till later." He sat down next to me.

"How are you doing (y/n)" Mark asked.

"Oh yah know."

"She's got a date with Bambam." Maria said with a laugh.

"Oh that's good. Bambam is a great guy."

"Yeah....I hope so...."I whispered

"Why do you hope he is?" Mark asked making me look at him. I thought I said it quiet enough that he couldn't hear me.

"I...." Should I tell him the truth?

"She thinks Bambam is a good friend, she likes another guy. " Maria blurted out.

"Maria!" I snapped

"If you like someone else then go for that person don't waste his time." Mark said obviously upset with me.

"I can't go for him he's with someone....and Bambam is a great guy. That's why we are trying a date...I'm just hoping great guy equals great boyfriend material."

"Don't string him along if you don't like him. Tell him upfront you don't want to be more than friends he will understand."

"Ok." Sure enough I had pissed him off with what Maria had told him.

"Listen I'm not mad at you...ok, I just hate when people play with others." Mark was talking in a calmer voice.

"No....I get it....That's like how I was until I broke up with my Ex."

"So you know it hurts, so I know you won't drag it out with him if you don't like him." Mark patted my head and I looked up at him.


"I'm sure it hurts to like someone you can't have, and you seem nice enough that you wouldn't want to try to take him away from her. The best thing is to...." He stopped and was thinking about it.

"I say stick around him, eventually they might break up and if your friends you can spend a lot of time together so when they do break up he'll see what a great girl you are." Maria jumped in. I smiled. If only these two knew who I was talking about.

Over the next hour or so we all hung out. Mark got a text and left and then I looked at my watch and left as well. I had to get ready for my date with Bambam.

I paced around my room...Why was this so hard...I could easily fall for Bambam tonight and I was hoping that would happen. There was a knock on the door and I quickly ran to it and opened it.

"Hi (y/n)" Bambam said with a smile. causing a smile to spread on my face.


"Alright let's go I have some good stuff planned." I shut my door and he placed his hand on the small of my back. My stomach did a flip and I started wanted something else. Once we got in the car he placed his hand on my knee and started driving. He would rub up a bit on my thigh then go back to right above my knee.

"Bambam" I said breathily

"Yeah (y/n)" he had a smirk on his face. He knew what he was doing and before I could think he slipped his hand farther up my thigh and moved the dress with his hand. My core was pulsing. I wanted him to touch me there. As if he knew what I wanted he slipped his hand towards my core. My breath caught in my throat and i bit my lip.

"Want me to continue?" He asked as i looked at him and nodded. Once i nodded he ran his fingers over my clothing covered core.

"Oh you are so wet for me." He said and then he swiftly moved the cloth and slipped a finger in causing me to take a breath. He moved his digit in and out for a few pushes then slipped a second one in.

"Oh god." I let out and he pulled both fingers out. He quickly pulled into an empty parking lot and took of his seat belt.

"Lean back." he commanded and I did as he said. I reclined the seat and he pushed my dress up and pulled my panties down. He smiled and shoved 3 digits in me causing a moan to come out. He didn't do it long before he pulled them out and licked his fingers.

"Move up a bit." he said and again I did as he asked. Then his face went down to my core and I felt his tongue on me. I closed my eyes and tried to contain all the noises I wanted to let out. He stopped licking me and looked up from between my legs.

"(y/n)....Do you want me to go inside?" He asked

"Yes please!" I answered

"(y/n)" I turned to the door. Bambam was standing right there holding out a hand to me. I looked at myself I was fine. Underwear still on and dress at the right height. I looked at him. That was all in my head!

"Let's go, You said you were ready to go inside." Bambam said and I could feel my face get pink. I coughed then got out to the car. He held my hand and walked me into the restaurant.

Tonight was going to be a long night.

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I just can't look at Bambam that way. No, no, no...