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If you missed part one, you can read it here!

Part 2/?
Word count: 1422

“Y/N, promise me you won’t do anything this stupid again?” he says with a sigh.

“No promises Jimin, you know how accident prone I am.” you say while laughing.

“You jumped off your roof..that’s not really something that happens from being accident prone Y/N.”

“Elaine dared me to jump from the roof to the huge tree in my backyard...I didn’t know it was going to be that big of a jump.”

You couldn’t grab the tree in time and fell 8 feet off the roof, and suffered from a broken ankle.

“I’m fine Jimin, really. I promise, just a broken ankle that’s all.”

“Y/N, I just don’t want something worse to happen...do you know how much I panicked when I got the call from Elaine this morning?”

“I’m sorry…” you say while rubbing his hands in yours. “I promise I’ll be careful from now on.”

He looks up to you and says, “You better...I don't know what I would do without you."

Beep, beep, beep.

You slowly open your eyes and see a blinding white light. Your head is still throbbing, but where are you? You slowly look around and see that you are in a hospital room. Your heart starts racing because you don’t know why or how you got here. You start to sit up but you feel a piercing pain on your head which causes you to lay back down. You lift your arm up and feel a bandage on the side of your head. What happened? A nurse comes in the room and smiles when she sees that you are awake.

“Hi sweetie, my name is Jackie and I’m the nurse in charge of you. How are you feeling honey?” she says while coming over to check the monitor.

“I’m okay...but what happened?” you ask while trying to sit up again.

“You passed out on the street and hurt your head really badly. You had so much alcohol and medication in your system that it could have caused a lot of damage. Luckily a young man called 911 for us to help you in time. You’ve been out for about a day and a half.”

You thought back to that night and remembered drinking bottle after bottle of soju and seeing...Jimin, but that was all. You look down ashamed of how you must have looked coming into the hospital to be treated...like some crazy, alcoholic, drug addict.

“Thank you...for saving me...but how did I hurt my head?” you ask curiously.

“When you fell, you hit your head really hard on a bench. You had to get stitches to close the cut back up. It should be all healed up in about a month.”

Stitches. If only you had been a lot more careful that wouldn’t have happened...if only he didn’t show up again everything would have been fine. You get lost in thought again about why he came back. Why now? Your thoughts are interrupted when Jackie asks,

“Y/N, is everything okay? I don’t think you heard a word of what I just said.” Jackie says while letting out a little laugh.

“I am so sorry, I just have so much on my mind right now.” you say with a sigh.

“Do you maybe what to talk about it?” she asks concerned.

“It’s a really long, complicated story.” you say sheepily.

“Well hon, I got lots of time, so why don’t you tell me about it?” she says while pulling a chair up to sit next to you.

“It all started twelve years ago…”

You start telling her the story about how you and Jimin first met when you were eleven years old. He moved in right next door to you and was the new kid in middle school. On his first day you remember him standing alone at the bus stop, but because you were really shy you didn’t say anything to him. Weeks passed and you never said anything even though you really wanted to, for some reason even at eleven years old there was something about him that pulled you towards him. Finally after about a month Jimin stands right next to you at the bus stop.

“You know, I don’t know your name, but I always see you looking at me. Why don’t you ever say anything?” he asks quietly.

“Um...” your face instantly turns red because he caught you looking at him all this time.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. My name is Jimin, it’s nice to meet you…” he stops and waits for your response.

“...Y/N, my name is Y/N.” you say while reaching out to shake his hand.

“Okay, Y/N. You’re going to be my new best friend.” he says without a second thought and with the biggest smile.

After that day you two were inseparable. No matter what he was always by your side. He joined your soccer team, you spent nights at each other’s houses doing homework, projects, and had movie nights all the time. He was the best thing that could have happened to you. He made your life feel so much brighter, and you felt like you were living life to the fullest. It wasn’t until towards the end of highschool that you two started dating. Things just...happened, and you wouldn’t change it for the world. It just felt so normal with him. You thought you would spend the rest of your lives together.

One day he just started acting differently. He wasn’t as cheerful as he always was, he had less energy to do the things that you’ve been doing for ten years...it just seemed like he loss the meaning of life. You always tried to cheer him up, but he always told you that he wanted to be alone. You kept replaying everything in your head and couldn’t think of anything that you did wrong that could have upset him so much. Your world came crashing down one day when he just left with no explanation. No reason, nothing. He just left. He ignored all of your phone calls and messages. He never explained himself to you. At first you gave him space because you were afraid that something happened to him, but one day you see a post on his Facebook that caused you to lose it. It was about five months since he left, and he posted a picture of himself partying with some girl...who wasn’t you. He was smiling at her the way he use to with you, and you didn’t understand what was going on.

After that day you called him over and over trying to hear from him why he was doing this to you. Why he just left you and why he was continuously posting pictures with this girl. You kept calling him over and over again, and one day he finally picked up the phone.

“Hello?” you hear him say, clearly agitated.

“He-hello? Jimin?” Now that he actually picked up you weren’t sure what to say to him.

“What do you want? Did you call me a million times just to stay silent?”

“Jim-Jimin. What is going on? Why...why did you leave without saying anything to me?”
There was just silence on the other side.

“Jimin...please. Please just give me a reason. This past year has been hell for me...do you know how it feels to just be abandoned without any explanation?!” you say through sobs.

There was more silence.

“Jimin...say something...please.” you beg.

“I have nothing to say to you Y/N. It’s just over. Why can’t you have accepted that already?” he says coldly.

“Is it because...of her?”


“The...girl in the pictures...was I not goo-good enough for you?” you force out.

“Y/N. I’m not discussing this with you.”

“You owe me at least this much Jimin! I don’t care if we’re done now. I just want to know why! Why did you do this to me...do you hate me that much?!”

“I’m done...it’s over.” You thought you heard a hint of hesitation in his voice. “Don’t try to contact me again.” he says before hanging up the phone.

You clench your phone to your chest and let out all of the tears you’ve been trying to hold back. You rock back and forth not wanting to believe that was the Jimin that you used to know. The one that you use to love.

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