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This may be one of the most difficult things I have ever had to decide. Literally, D.O/Kyungsoo has a nickname called "Satansoo", Suga is a kitten in human form and we all know how cats are, Junior is sassy as all can get out because he is the mom of GOT7, and Key knows he's fabulous and lets that be known by flaunting it. I don't even know, they're all savage to me, but I would pay tickets to see a fight between these four guys trying to decide on who is more savage though.
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LOl!! seriously, before I finished reading it.. I was already saying to myself 'they are all saveges' that's what they have in common..😂😂😂😂
Same 😂😂
I think key is more savage than the others.
I have to say jinyoung 😂😂
D.O is awkwardly savage Key is more intimidating than savage jinyoung is jokingly savage SUGA is straight up fucking savage and is the human embodiment of irony. I mean who the fuck thought to give such a salty human the stage name SUGA?
I agree with you completely, but I think Suga is the perfect stage name for him because he is straight up savage but he can also be one of the calmest people. I also think that his real name would have been a great stage name for him too lol
Heechul is probably the winner of savagery but he's from a different era if savagery than the others like they be his minions in training that will eventually inherit the title from him or over throw him
Most accurate thing I've seen all day. Lol