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This fanfiction is a texting/regular one so yeah.
-- "He-" Minah dragged me into her car before I could say anything else "Not even a hello?" I asked and I rolled my eyes "No, but you have to get his attention today" Minah told me and I nodded, then finally we got to school and as always girls were crowding around Jungkook, but something was off "Weird..." I said under my breath, then we walked over to Soomin "What happened?" We asked her and she looked annoyed "That brat Jenny asked Jungkook out and he said yes" She told us and Minah and I stared at each other "This. Is." "Bad." Minah finished my sentence then I decided to walk over to Jungkook "Heyyyyy" I said and smiled at him "Heyyyyy (y/n). Guess what happened?" He asked me and I was truly hurt now "You're going out with Jenny?" I asked and he nodded. He's happy now since he is going out with her "Oh. Maybe I should go" I walked away back to Soomin and Jenny "It's true they are going out" I told them and Minah comforted me and we told Soomin what happened this morning -- Oooooo. Looks like things didn't go her way. :/ Tags- @KaiLuhan4ever @Mavis2478 @NicoleFireRose @BetseyBleau @KaelieShearer @Michelle305 @MariaMontoya1 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MelissaGarza @FromBlue2U @SaraHanna @KeraDelatorre @VIPFreak2NE1 @Twisted Puppy @CarolSilva
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