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Hey Journalists^^
I wrote another entry for you guys and I think you guys will like it!

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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WARNING!: There is minor language in this piece. Not too bad but what to give a heads up

Dear Diary,

I hope you had a fantabulous day because I actually had a good day.

So I went to work this morning, trying to tell myself 'Oh, it's fine. The whole company just saw your deepest secrets and thoughts but it doesn't matter. Everything will be finneee.'

Okay, well, it wasn't when I first got there. I literally walked in and it was like 50 pairs of eyeballs stopped looking at whatever they were staring at and turned to stare at me. It was like being an animal in a zoo to be honest. I felt so exposed.

 I quickly ran away to head up the stairs and ran into guess who? No seriously guess....

*Waits for i

Aha! You are right. The She-Demon herself. *put in dramatic music*

I really just wanted to go up and hit her you know like in one of those movies. Where the Heroine stands up to the evil doer and beats them up to where they can't fight back. 

Yeah...well the last few times I tried that it didn't go so well so I instead tried to move around her as no way in hell was she the first person I wanted to talk to today. But she kept getting in my way. I tried many times I tell you and I instead stood there, waiting for her to say something seeing as she wouldn't let me leave.

After a literal 2 minutes of silence, I told her I didn't have time for this and walked by her up the stairs. And then she finally called out for me to wait. Trying to be nice, I turned around and told her 'What.'. 

Yeah, that's right. I can be sassy. And very passive-aggressive (it's my specialty).

So it was then like she exploded. She started crying and spouting out words at the light of speed and I couldn't understand one bit of it. It was quite a spectacle.

It was like..

Hihhhh 'And jshdufh lsejlia' Hihhhhhh 'I shoulsfla hdslfkgjhsld' Hihhhhhhhh and lots more of that. It was all very, very confusing. 

I then told her to stop and take a breath before continuing to talk to me. She started to calm down a bit after that and she finally spoke like a normal person.

She must have apologized at least 50 different times and explained the whole situation to me. How Yongguk told her that he liked me so she was trying to get back at me for taking him, etc. etc.

I was honestly in shock at hearing this. Yongguk used me as the scapegoat for him and Himchan? Okay, I mean I can understand that he wanted to keep it secret but really? ME. WTF. It is like a new type of low. Lower than low. 

No wonder she hated my guts. She thought I stole her boyfriend from her when in all actuality, I did absolutely nothing. NOTHING.

Oh my lord, what strength I had to not go up and punch Yongguk's face. He was the whole reason for all of this? SCREW THAT GUY. How could I have a crush on a guy like that....GAWD. 

But, anyways, she then told me that she talked to the CEO about what had happened and he said that he would excuse it, only this once. She also asked him if I could change teams and he said only after the year was over.

I was shocked. She honestly felt bad. Trust me if you had eyes you would have seen it. She was on her knees, her make-up was all ruined, and it was nothing like how she had been acting lately. 

I was still taking everything with caution but for the last time, and I swear if she breaks it again she will die, I decided to trust her once more.

I know, I know. I must be the King of Idiots. But after hearing her talk, I kind of realized how hard this must all have been on her. The break-up, the lies - everything. So then I told her something that I never thought I would.

I told her that I forgive her.

She was so shocked. I don't think she ever thought I would but what can I say... everyone makes mistakes right? Just hers were A LOT worse than others.

But hey, you know what she did the rest of the day after that? She was practically following me around like a puppy.

Actually talking to me and helping me with whatever I needed. What a 180 change. I think the guilt really got to her Diary. 

I would even be going to the bathroom and she would be in the next stall asking if I needed toilet paper, which literally scared the hell out of me. It was really creepy to be honest.

However, I get to change teams at the end of the year so that is good right? I could get away from her and her possy. It is kind of sad to think about but, after everything that happened with those guys, it is probably a good idea to start over with a new team, get a fresh start.

Oh yeah! Before I forget too, the dance is only a few days away. Or the celebration for the company as they would call it.

I think I might actually go, despite all the humiliation. Show them that I am a resilient person and nothing will get me down! 

Yeah, right. BWAHAHA. 

Oh man, sometimes I crack myself up Diary. That was too funny. Me, resilient? Wooo. What a joke.

Anywho, got to wake up early tomorrow as we have to practice early for our performance tomorrow night. 

Wish us luck!



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Omg 😁
I think it would be hilarious if she told IU about Youngguk and Himchan 😂😂😂😂