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You smile at Dongwoo,
Dongwoo gets embarrassed that such a pretty girl smiled at him while he was walking down the street. He wants to say something but all he can do is scratch his neck, blush, and turn around walking away.
Art class,
You're the model for a college art class. You show up ready to get sketched by art nerds. That was til you saw this man. You focused in on him as he sketched your silhouette. After he was done, you saw that he only drew a stick figure of you.
Prom night,
You and your date get crowned Prom King and Prom Queen. The more you think about being up on stage accepting the crown, the more you think Dongwoo should go alone. He is the only one close to royalty.
Hi Insipirts, this is a day late. I was working all day. Note to self.....don't work 12 hrs in a day. You end up sleeping 12 hrs that night too. Hope you all enjoy these 3 smol, cute, scenerios. I'm off to go get me pizza before work now.


I Love them all ❤
THE FIRST ONE CRACKED ME UP SO MUCH. I can so see him doing that.