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Que tal peeps!

As you may know the E Squad will be having a White Day Marathon of our fanfictions. This is our thank you to all our supporters! It is from March 5 through March 14. White Day is March 14th! It will sneak up on us!

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Let's get Into dis....

I was getting over accepting the fact that Taemin was this super busy Kpop star. If I wanted our relationship to work I had to be strong but realistic. It was bitter sweet having to mail him his Valentine's Day present and watch him on Skype opening it up. I mean at least we did get 15 to 20 minutes together. I'm missing him so much these days.

I know it's stupid but I would love it if my baby could be here at least for White Day. I'm so dredging this day. I was just shopping with my bestie and she was looking at couple outfits for her and her boyfriend. I was a bit jealous and I found myself approving all the ugly outfits low key (lol). I knew then I had to go home to be alone.

When I finally get to our empty apartment I a sigh and flop on the couch. I was lucky to have an apartment with Taemin. Housing can be expensive in Seoul. But ya know ya girl got the best since Taemin is her boyfriend. Anyhow I look at my phone to see I missed a face call from Taemin.

Oh fuck me! The mall was so loud I didn't even hear the ringer.

I quickly text a bunch of kiss emojis and apologize. I just knew he was busy so I took my time typing a long text. Suddenly in the middle of my text I get a random ass text from Taemin.

If you want my forgiveness baby send me a picture of you in your panties and bra.

I almost I did. When did he get so idk... I typed back.

Taemin baby is this you? Are you serious lol?

Taemin sends me a picture of him in the bathtub. So I knew it was him.

Yass baby I need some help to relieve this stress so strip!

I quickly strip and I'm standing alone in the living room in my baby blue lace bra and panties. I brush my hair with my fingers and quickly reapply my cherry lip tint and pucker up as I take some pictures. Taemin sends me the water squirt emoji and the lips emoji.

I miss you so much baby. I just wish...I wish I could be with you. Besides I would have forgave you anyways. Let me um...get the soap and pet this one eyed snake. love you

Taemin baby. I love you too! No worries I'm glad I could help in some way and when you get home leave that snake to me!


Ah it's White Day and I have been a bitch all day. I miss Taemin and all I see is couples together. I had to log out fb and twitter since all I seen was people happy and together. Here I was alone and pissed. I mean even my boss had a date and she has to be about 55! I finally made it home from work. I was at the desk all day editing articles and pictures for the fashion magazine I work for.

I walk into the elevator and reach my floor. I walk into the apartment and see rose petals all over the floor and candles lit. The place smelled of roses and hot chocolate.

Maybe Taemin paid an intern from his company to do this for me while I'm gone.

I walk following the trail of ruby and blush roses to the bathroom where the smell of chocolate was super intense. I opened up the door to see Taemin slowly getting into a tub full of melted chocolate. He grinned and waved for me to get in.

"I know you love chocolate so I figured let's bathe in it." Taemin said while undressing me with his eyes.

"I don't know what to say baby" I gasped while looking at the beautiful rose and gold decorations.

"Don't talk. Strip." Taemin said in a deeper tone.

I smile and take off my shirt and pull off my skirt. I stopped at my undergarments. I grinned at Taemin and I walked over to the tub. I stuck my finger into the tub and then licked it slowly. Taemin growled.

"Ah so sweet." I said then I wagged my butt at him.
He quickly smacked my butt leaving a chocolate hand print on my left cheek. I jumped and he grabbed me into the tub. I laughed loudly and he sat me on his lap.

"You are such a bad girl." He said while shaking his finger at me.

"So punish me then!" I said while attempting to get up.

Taemin grabbed me and sat me in his lap again. He grabbed by left cheek and smacked the right. I gasped and collapsed onto him...our chests meeting. He unhooked my bra and pulled off my panties. Know there was only melted chocolate between us.

The chocolate was super warm and smooth. He cupped some chocolate and rubbed it on my breasts. I softly moaned. Then he began sucking on my nipples. I threw my head back and moaned louder as I played with his hair.

"Mmm so good." He said while grinning.

Suddenly I felt him slip right inside me and he began moving underneath me without warning. I dug my nails into his back leaving chocolate marks. I gasped so loudly as he moved beneath me. He stood up with me wrapped around him. He was still inside me and he began lifting me off and on him. He was so deep inside me hitting all my spots.

He grunted "Shit you are so tight baby."

I was so lost in bliss I couldn't respond in words. I guess all that dancing got him in real good shape to maintain this position. He stepped out the tub to walk into the shower and turned on the shower. I stood in front of him.

"Let's rinse off shall we?" Taemin said
"Yes Oppa." I said.

I grabbed the shower head and rinsed him off. I began rubbing all over his arms and chest then his hard stomach. His thighs and then I began stroking his manhood allowing the warm water to drench him. He moaned as I gripped him harder.

"White Day is about the ladies baby." He moaned.

He took the shower head and began rinsing me off. I could see the chocolate rushing off. Then he bent down and angled the shower head just right on my nub. I gasped as the warm jets hit me below and he slipped his fingers inside me. The teasing was making me moaning like crazy.

Suddenly he turned me around and bent me over. He entered inside me and began pounding me so hard just like I love it. I moaned out his named so loud as all I could hear was him grunting and our flesh slapping.

"Yass Taemin yass Oppa!" I screamed.

Suddenly I could feel a rush of liquid leave my body and Taemin pulled out and showered me with his love juice. He caught me before I fell. I could feel my insides pulsing. He smiled.

"Happy White Day baby." He said.

"Thanks oppa. Now you know I can never get enough of chocolate...and I can't get enough of you."

"You want another serving baby?"

"Yass Oppa please!" I squeal

"Round two I hope you called in for work. You want be able to walk." He laughed.

"Let me call in now." I laughed as he carried me to the bedroom.

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