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PART2 Hey everyone both B2uty and all other great fandoms. For the past few weeks the Beast Mod Squad has been knee deep in trying to pinpoint personalities especially our own. After extensive research we found out how to see what's going on in our heads and why. Yes, I'm sure many of you already know what I'm going to say. Thats great! But we do have some people that don't. Any who if you haven't heard of the Myers Briggs Mbti then now you will. This link right here is a test for your brain. If your curious then take it and read as much as you want of it. I read the entire thing. If you already know your Mbti then skip down to see the compatibility chart and the bands. Also we have a bonus link for you to keep reading. Please keep in mind that the results for the stars are opinion mainly. A bunch of curious fans with a passion for the MBTI and kpop worked hard in these. Please enjoy. AHHH WE HAVE GIRL BANDS TOO .....since I can't fit every single band I found on this card I'm gonna do another card or two. RELATIONSHIP TEST
Alrighty guys so now you know who you are categorized as. I took this test like 5 times and it never changed. After reading my strengths and weaknesses I was convinced. Also please keep in mind that these results for the stars are based off of opinion mainly. OK enough jibberjabbber let's see who YOU are compatible with shall we? BTS
BEAST/ Highlight
Yay Yugy and Jimin are perf for me
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Oooooo nice. I'm ENFP
this was an awesome and creative idea BTW πŸ’•πŸ’•
Thanks. I figured people would love it. I loved it
G-Dragon πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• We're compatible in so many ways #ABiasMeantToBe lol 😍😍
Same with me and Dongwoon. Haha
Im ISTJ. I got some one sided matches with most of my biases and good chance with Bambam lol and a match with Jackson lmao
wow so we had to take this quiz at work to see how we would connect as a team. I'm the exact same as GD from Big Bang. We are commanders. As a female this can be difficult cuz we are viewed as itches or bossy. As for BTS I'm okay with all them. No perfect matches though 😒
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Thats great. Hey I'm lazy and I need people to remind me of what I have to do. I'm ENFP
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