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Hello Beautiful ARMY!! I hope you've been having a nice Sunday! ♡~ So for this week our theme involved non-title BTS songs and what it would look like if they had MV's for those songs. But as the week progressed i realized, maybe there is a reason these songs don't have a music videos. BTS have SO many songs that speak to people with beautiful lyrics, amazing melodies, and are equally as amazing as their title songs. I love all of Bangtans songs but here are a few of my favorites!



"Let’s move Goodbye to this place, that we grew attached to Let’s move Now to a higher place While taking the last box out of the empty room I looked back for a moment Times we cried and laughed Goodbye now"

Miss Right

" How can a person be like this? I start to feel like I’m the only one living in this world You pass by my side A sweet wind called you is blowing in my heart Even if you don’t put on makeup You’ll put on your perfume called Attraction I never believed that there was a god But now you make me believe because to me, you’re a goddess Whether you’re young or old, whether you have a hidden child I don’t care because I love you If I’m with you, anywhere we go is a flower garden"

Hold Me Tight

"I empty my drink but it gets filled with loneliness I should’ve just given in, why did I argue all the time? Even the trash bag thrown away on the street Makes a lonely sound in the wind All I did was color you in my white, blank paper But then I realized, it already became a finished picture You and I are like cell phones When we’re apart, you know we’ll be broken Only your scent completes me Hurry and hug me"
And as i reached the end of this card i realized that all their songs in general are made for us to interpret in anyway we'd like.*Which is why i didn't add descriptions to the songs* Bangtan tell stories, comfort and relate to ARMY. There are so many amazing Bangtan songs, so if you have the time to look and listen i promise it's worth it! ♡♡


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And that brings me to the end of this weeks card! ♡ What are some of your favorite Non Title songs ?!


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