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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Ju Kyung's POV The moment she walled put of the dressing room he wanted to pull her back in so he could have her again. She was getting bolder now, looking for him, asking for him and obeying him. She made up for what she did earlier, the hug she gifted his brother, took him by surprise but he adored that she seemed more like herself now. When he heard her ask someone what they were doing there, he happened to hear Minjun's voice. "I'm surprised to see you in a wedding store are you going to a wedding?" He heard him ask. Ju Kyung was quickly putting his clothes back on to get to her side. Fuck, Mark said he wouldn't give up. He started focusing on Taehyun he momentarily forgot about Minjun. "Sort of? What about you?" She asked "Perhaps a funeral." He said. Ju Kyung heard the smug tone in his voice. He quickly walked out of the room and saw Minjun standing in front of Y/n and very close to her. "Get the fuck away from her." He growled. Minjun looked up at him with predator eyes, she tried to look back at him but her quickly pulled her into him and kissed her. Ju Kyung came up towards him then he saw the flash of his knife by her back. She was trying to pull away but he held her tight. He couldn't move, he wasn't sure if he knew about the baby and he wasn't going to give him a reason to hurt them. She kicked him in the crotch that made him release her, he quickly grabbed Y/n and pulled her into his arms. "What the fuck are you trying to do?" He snapped at him. "Ju Kyung." His mother said coming over. "Mom don't move, dad take her outside Y/n. Go with them." He said. "No." She said looking up at him then back at Minjun. He grabbed her face and turned her to face him. "Y/n listen to me this is not the right time to argue against me. I need you to go." "No." She said. "Baby please." "No, I'm staying here with you." She said. He put his hand to her stomach and came close to her face, "He has a knife." "I'm not afraid." She said. He was, he was afraid he'd lose her. She turned around and walked forward. He grabbed her hand, "No, Y/n don't." He said sternly. "Shhh." She said lightly. She turned to Minjun and said, "Why are you trying to antagonize him Minjun? Back when we first met, you said he had a past but you do too don't you? So why are you doing this, why him?" "He deserves it, he deserves worse. You'd be wiser to leave like he asked." "Or what, you'll take me out with him? Seriously Minjun what's your driving force for all of this?" She asked. "It's Jooyoung." Ju Kyung said. She looked back at him and then back to Minjun. "You loved her?" She asked. "She was my best friend." "Minjun- I'm so sorry." "When he's suffered enough, when he's dead it'll be over." He said looking at him. Y/n shook her head and stepped closer to him. Ju Kyung's heart was racing and his hands were balled up into fists. This was so dangerous, she was in so much trouble right now and he couldn't grab her. He should've pushed her out of the store. His parents were still watching, holding onto each other but watching in some horror. "Y/n, baby please get away from him." He said. She held her hand back to him to tell him to stop. She only moved up a few steps to close in a little more space between them. "Are you as upset with Ju Kyung as you are yourself?" She asked. "What?" He said. She reached out for his free hand, "Recently, I realized I was more angry at myself for allowing men to run over me and beat with no fight. I thought I was angry at my mother for being weak and I was but it was more than that. I was upset at myself for following the same pattern, for being weak and being a victim. It was the reason I lost my baby. I was beaten and kicked until it was gone. I haven't forgiven myself much for that. I still feel the pain and the regret and the anger, like I knew I should've and probably could've done something to stop it from happening, to save my baby. I know you're upset at Ju Kyung for what he did but isn't it possible you hate yourself more for knowing the risk she was taking and you knew you should've and could've talked her out of it but didn't. That guilt is eating you alive," How long will that guilt eat away at you until there's nothing left? "You knew everytime she stole from him and every time she crawled into bed with him the risk she was taking-" she said. "Y/n stop." Minjun said. She shook her head and stepped closer. Her hand held his tighter, "You know you should've stopped her just like I know I should've stopped Taehyun, the man that took my baby from me. Neither one of us knows how to deal with our powerlessness or the fact that we missed the opportunity to save the one we loved," How far would revenge drive you? "A few years back I put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger expecting to end it all. I was at the lowest point in my life with no where else to go. Depressed, battered and addicted to being beaten. I pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. When I pointed it to the wall and fired, it shot a bullet into the wall. When I put it to my head again, it jammed. I wasn't meant to die then and honestly I'm happy for once in my life that's not where it ended. I know what he did was terrible but somewhere along the road our tortured souls met. I couldn't lose him and he couldn't lose me. It does not excuse what he's done but sometimes the only way to keep moving forward is to stop looking behind. Killing him, killing me, even killing yourself doesn't bring her back. Please don't let this sense of revenge end your life right here. There's so much more to find, there's another happiness out there for you, just like there is for me." She stepped even closer and Ju Kyung felt himself going crazy. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach. Ju Kyung struggled to keep himself contained. He was losing himself. She was talking him down, his anger had melted slowly but still somehow melted away. He was looking down at her and he looked more regretful than angry. "There's a baby in here, perfectly innocent with no idea what evil is. Innocent. It's my job and Ju Kyung's to protect it. To give it a life much better than our own, to make up for the mistakes we made in our life. Ju Kyung isn't the same as he was then, you can see it and even feel it. Minjun end this, start your life over again. If you kill us you're no better than him and if you die without a fight you're a coward. Don't be either of those things. Let it go." She said. She slowly slipped back, until she was with in Ju Kyung's reach. He grabbed her and yanked her back into his arms. He held her close, he felt her grip his shirt. Minjun stared at Ju Kyung holding her, even when he kissed her head and sighed with relief that she was okay. Minjun turned and walked away. His men stopped him by the door but Ju Kyung said, "Let him go." They moved out of the way and he walked off. Ju Kyung looked at Y/n. "I need you safe Y/n. I need you here with me." He said. "Ju Kyung I'm fine." She said. He grabbed on to her body and held her tight, "Ju Kyung." She whispered confused. Her hand brushed his hair he felt so weak and so out of control. If something had gone wrong, if he had hurt her or killed her Ju Kyung would've lost his mind. He wouldn't have been able to function he would've lost everything and so he held her tighter. She made him weak. "Y/n." He said into her neck. "Yes?" "I love you so much baby, my sweet little bunny. Please don't ever do that again. You're the one thing I can't lose. I can't." He said. She moved his head to look at his face. She could see the slightest wetness in his eyes, he'd never been reduced to tears but he'd never felt the tightness he felt in his heart and the anger and the need to protect. He felt so much at once he was only reduced to this... "Your bunnies aren't going anywhere. I need you too." She said. He kissed her, his hand wrapped around her cheek and brought her to his lips. Their lips meshed and played together. Their tongues locked together and the kiss became deeper. He lifted her into his arms like a princess. "We're going home." He said. "What about the store you wanted to go to?" She asked. "Later." He said. She smiled softly and kissed his cheek. "Wait pay for your suit, you got the one you wanted right?" She said. He nodded and set her down and grabbed the suit out of the dressing room. Her and his parents came up front with him. They didn't talk about what happened, either finding it inappropriate to talk about at the moment or not wanting to even discuss it. "Ju Kyung and I were talking about the engagement party you wanted to throw us." She said. "Oh don't tell me you don't want one." His mother said disappointed. Y/n chuckled, Ju Kyung's hand came around her shoulders to rest and bring her close to him. "Actually we want you to just turn it into a wedding." He said. "Wow really?" His father said. "Yeah, we don't want a big wedding and of course I'd help. If we could do it next month I'll still be able to fit in my dress." Y/n smiled. "Oh yeah the baby will take up some space if you do it later. Oh of course I'll throw your wedding for you. You'll need a dress come on. Let's go look." His mother said reaching for y/n. "No mom we're going home now. When she has the weekend off you two can go shopping." Ju Kyung said. "You're so stingy I hope he's not like that with my grandchild." She said. Y/n laughed at him. He took her back to his house, despite having left some of her clothes at his parents place. He carried her up the stairs and laid her in the bed while he went to go draw her a bath. Ren was right if he kept up this life he'd lose her and their baby. He'd be just as consumed as Minjun and he wasn't even entirely sure Minjun was done or if he was just looking for another way to hurt them. He got the water nice and hot for her and added bubbles and lit candles. He dimmed the lights for her and came back out of the bathroom and picked her up. "Ju Kyung what are you doing?" She asked. "The doctor said I had to lessen your stress." "I'm not stressed." She said. "That doesn't mean I can't help you relax." He carried her into the bathroom and set her on her feet as she looked at the bath. The atmosphere of the bathroom had her in a trance. He pulled her dress down past her shoulders and helped her wiggle out of it. He unhooked her bra and let her slip it off. He brushed her bangs out of her face. He took in the features of her face one by one. She looked calm and then she smiled at him. "You know I just realized he kissed you and you had no panties on." He said. She burst out laughing, "That's your fault Ju Ju." She said. "It's not like I knew he was going to show up and kiss you." He said. "I know but if it makes you feel any better Master, you're a much better kisser." She said wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed her when she leaned in for a kiss. His hands moved down her naked back to her bare hips. "Not now baby." He whispered in her lips. "Why not?" She smiled. "Take a bath." "We both know you're going to attack me later and I'm going to need another bath so just save me a step." She said. She kissed him again and his hand came to the back of her head to pull her in. He led her back go the bath and let her step in to feel the hot water. She hummed into the kiss loving the warm sensation of the water at her feet. "Do you want to be my pet?" He said lowly. She nodded with a smile. "Good girl Velvet." She twitched her nose and he gave a small grin. "Sit bunny." He said. She lowered down into the tub and he grabbed a wash cloth and handed it to her. "Take your time and enjoy your bath." He said. "But Master-" "You've disobeyed me a lot today Velvet, just do as I say." He said. She pouted cutely and he lifted her chin, "Don't pout bunny you're too cute." He said. She smiled and leaned back and began to wash herself. She relaxed a bit after a while simply letting her fingers run along her belly. "Did you really try to kill yourself?" He asked. She brought her hands to her knee and let it run along her skin slowly as she spoke. "Yeah it was before I met you or the others. I just figured with everything going the way it was there was no point in living like this anymore. My boyfriend of the time had a gun and I know where he kept it. Anytime I pointed it at my head it stopped working but if I pointed it to the wall it fired. Someone wouldn't let me die." "Good thing too." He said. She chuckled lightly, "Yeah." "Y/N look at me." He said. She looked up to see his serious face. "I don't ever want you to feel like that again. I want you to be happy and safe." "I will, I promise." She said with a smile. "I have some things to finish up tomorrow and after that I'll leave everything behind." "What do you mean?" She asked. "There's certain things I do and people I deal with that put you and the baby at risk and if I don't detach myself from them I'll lose you both and I can't take that risk." He said. She stared at him before sighing, "I won't argue with you." She said. He kissed her forehead. "You were right." He said. She looked up, "About what?" "I am going to attack you." He smiled. She grinned happily and he kissed her while ridding himself of his clothes. Y/N's POV The next morning greeted you with an empty bed and a note on the pillow. Bunny enjoy your day at work. I'll see you later on tonight. Be safe and don't get into trouble. Make sure you eat, Your Master. You laughed at his note but not because of how sweet it was but because of the note on the back: Be ready to get dirty tonight. He was an idiot but he was your idiot. You were sure he hadn't forgotten about Taehyun and that was what he was talking about last night. You got out of bed and got dressed in your new clothes and washed your face. You brushed your teeth and you were ready to leave until you realized your car was at your place. You didn't have a way to get to work. You called your second choice, "Catlynn can you pick me up at Ju Kyung's. I need a ride to work." "Sure I'll be there in a moment."she said. "Great you're a life saver." You said. It took her about fifteen minutes to arrive but at the very least you woke up early enough that you'd still be to work on time. You hopped in quickly and then had to jumped right out and run to the garbage to throw up. You came back to the car with a sigh and Catlynn handed you a bottle of water. She got you to work on time and you thanked her for the ride. You went into work and your boss asked you a million questions about if you were healthy, she heard your house caught fire, she wanted to know if everything was alright down to your hair cut, which you still hated. Your desk was piled with files and endless finance papers from the week you missed. You sat at your desk with a sigh, "This is not good." You said to yourself. You looked at the chaos that was your desk, "How could I have missed so much work? I'm going to kill Ju Kyung." You said. The ding on your phone came from your assistant at front on the phone; you answered the phone. "Yes Yuri." "Kim Minjun is here to see you." She said. You stalled for a second, yesterday he had a knife to you and kissed you in front of Ju Kyung just to antagonize him. It was Monday though and he was always scheduled to come in to discuss Mr.Lee's business account. Everything you said to him yesterday you meant, just like you were going to protect your baby but he walked off without a word. Was he just here for work purposes? "S-send him in?" You said unsure. "Okay."she responded just as unsure as you were. Your door opened not long after and Minjun walked in, handsome as ever. His face was dark but not menacing more like sad, around the same amount of gloom you had in your face a few years back. He walked in a little deeper but chose a safe distance for himself. He didn't even sit he just stood there looking at you and you could see the gun in his holster that had your breath picking up. Your hand went to your stomach, you couldn't be afraid right now. You had to be as strong as you were yesterday. "I sent Taehyun after you." He said. "What?" You said horrified. He nodded silently. You let out a short exhale in disbelief. You felt sick all over again. "I was so focused on hurting Ju Kyung that I didn't care about who I hurt in the process. I thought if you died, he'd feel it like I did. He loves you so damn much; he won't let anyone hurt you. Men can't even touch you." He said. "Yeah cause men have a habit of hitting me for no reason. He wants to stop that." You said. "How can an abuse victim fall for a sadist? You'll never be free of it." "That's true but maybe I don't want to be free of it. He's the perfect sadist and apparently I'm a masochist so we're the perfect pair." You said. "Perhaps but is that going to continue with the baby?" He asked. Your eyes narrowed on him wondering why he was asking the question. You gifted him with a small smile, "Is there a reason you care Minjun?" You asked. "Taehyun took your first baby, a fact I was unaware of until yesterday. You can call him the devil but you settled with his favorite demon. How can you expect to move on from one hell if you're just building a life in another?" "Minjun I love him. What you see as hell is really my heaven. I don't know what will happen when the baby is here and you know what, right now I honestly don't care. All I care about is getting to the birth part. Ju Kyung had been my best friend for three years and there are still things that I don't know about him that I want to learn. I've never understood what love is or how to love anyone. What I knew was that I was attracted to Ju Kyung but I honestly knew he was different by the way he touched me. Ju Kyung needs me the way I need him, it's not some sexual fueled desire of sado-masochism. I needed him to love me and he needed me to give him a reason love again. What happened with him and Jooyoung will never disappear and it will never stop being a fact that Ju Kyung is a killer but even killers find redemption. Maybe me and the baby will be enough." "What if you're not?" "Well then I'll deal with it then." You said. He shook his head just taking it all in. It was like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "She was my best friend Y/n. - I loved her." "Minjun I'm so sorry." "I know but that doesn't bring her back, nothing brings her back and I just keep thinking he doesn't deserve this- he doesn't deserve a family and a life. You do though and you're right killing you makes me like him, it makes me like Taehyun and I couldn't be either- Ju Kyung's put an immunity seal on you." "A what?" "An immunity seal. It's an agreement between two party's that neither side can hurt, go after or seek revenge on the other or the people close to them. If it's not honored the Circle gets involved and he knew JYP wasn't going to risk involving them." "Who are they?" You asked. "You don't want to know. Just know you're safe, I can't touch you or JYP will kill me before Ju Kyung does." "Are you here to work then?" "Mr.Lee has removed me from your account. Here's the last report." Minjun stepped forward to place the papers on your desk. You looked down at them. You looked back up at him and he placed something else on your desk. It was a medal medallion with intricate lines swirling and intertwining with each other. You picked it up and the weight of it was surprisingly, something so small but heavy. You looked at Minjun confused and saw him bow down before you. You stood up, "Minjun what are you doing?" "That is a token of debt, should you ever need to use it you can cash it in with me and I will do whatever you ask. I suggest only using it for an emergency you only get to use it twice." He said. "Okay but why are you knelt down like that?" "A sign of submission Y/n. Only to you and perhaps your baby. My debt is to you, not Ju Kyung." "Why me?" You asked. "I was the one that almost got you killed, I even showed up yesterday prepared to hurt you just for the sake of hurting him. I brought you into something that had nothing to do with you. You said killers can find redemption, well- here's mine." He rose from the ground and turned to leave. You watched him leave in shock. What just happened? Honestly some kind of miracle because his gun had you nervous but talking to him had been easy. He regretted what he'd done to you and he wasn't able to touch you because of some immunity seal Ju Kyung used. So now he was in debt to you? It sounded weird in your head. It sounded weird when he said it. It sounded weird because it was. You weren't exactly about to tell Ju Kyung about it but then again he probably already knew considering he has eyes everywhere. Either way you got back to work so you could get through everyone's reports. You were making phone calls and setting up meetings both breakfast, lunch and dinner, you had at least ten clients that you had to check back with. You ended up asking your assistant why no one had called you about any of this and she said Ju Kyung specifically requested that no one disturbed you because you needed to de-stress. She said he was truly worried about you and you figured he was right since he found you passed out in the women's room at Jay's party. Everything going on with Taehyun mixed with work would've risked the baby. But at this point, your stress was going to go up. Not to mention you were hungry, it was already lunch time. You expected Ju Kyung to come by just because he'd made that a habit for a while. You tried calling him to see if he could get away to have lunch with you but his phone was off which annoyed you and when you called his office they said he wasn't in. What the hell was he into now? Either way you had to eat even if it was alone. You quickly headed out to grab something to bring back to the office. You hated eating with papers on your desk but with so much piled up right now you couldn't afford to care. You made it a block away from the office and to the shopping center that had endless food chains hanging around. "Mrs.Y/n?" You heard. You turned to the side to see a beautiful girl with her hair in a ponytail and wearing scrubs. She was a nurse. She wore a warm smile as she walked up to you and you said, "Hi." "Oh you probably don't know me yet. You were unconscious when we met." She chuckled. "Wait are you Ren?" You asked. "Guilty. He asked me to talk to you, he said he told you to call me." You nodded, "I've been- hesitant." You said. "Don't worry I understand. How are you and the baby? Are you keeping the stress low?" She asked. "Yeah, Ju Kyung's been very serious about me de-stressing." "Ju Kyung wanted me to be your mid-wife I'm okay with it as long as you are. Dr.Lee also does house calls. I was thinking a water birth might be more suitable for you. Most women say it eases the pain." "What is it?" You asked. "We sit you in a tub or like a small kiddie pool and we fill it with water. The water soothes the pain and all you have to do is push. Of course every birth is different but most women I've helped deliver prefer water birth and have said the warm water helps with the pain." "Do you know what Ju Kyung expects me to learn form you?" You asked. She stopped by a food stand to order a smoothie, " I think he wants you to have someone to talk to about being a pet." "He mentioned there's a side of him that's kind of dark. Did you know how to handle that?" She looked up at you a little seriously and sighed with a cold breath caused by her smoothie. She looked to the side for a moment, "Ju Kyung had moments- or at least he used to, where he'd want to inflict pain for seemingly no reason. He has moments where he doesn't even seem like himself any more." "I've seen those moments there has to be more." "I don't know why he wants you to know that side of him. He seems much better now." "He believe's he'll be like that again." You said. "Is he thinking about quitting?" She asked. "He said he was finishing something's today." She looked at you strangely then began to look around. She grabbed your hand and locked fingers with yours. She walked you down the road holding your hand just like that but you were even more confused. She pulled you to a ramyeun shop and ordered you something to eat. She had you sit and face away from the road. "Eat don't talk just yet." She said. When you tried to turn, she turned you back to face away from the road. She spied behind the two of you and her hand came to your back and she leaned over, "Anytime Ju Kyung tries to quit he relapses. That's because his job brings him back in and feeds his fetish. Right now you've got men stalking you and they're not his men. You need to be careful." She whispered. "They must be Taehyun's men. They can't find out about my baby." "They won't." She said. A man in a black suit came up to you and touched your shoulder, "You." You said. He'd taken your bags yesterday at the store. He nodded to get you to move along with him. Ren paid for your lunch and hurried behind you. It seemed like they were hurrying you though, step by step they became more hasty in their movements. Before you knew it they had you running, Ju Kyung's guard had you running with Ren while he shot bullets behind you. "Ren what's happening?" "Just keep moving." She said. You two ran down between two building's. You looked back to see Ju Kyung's man running behind you. Screams from scared civilians filled the air because of the gun shots. When you turned back, you two were coming out of the ally but a black car stopped in front of you making you stop in your tracks. You and Ren caught your breath and you winced at the pain in your stomach. Please be good for me baby. Just stay with me. Your mind pleaded that you didn't lose a second child to Taehyun. The beautiful sight of your stomach growing with your baby inside would be lost because of him. Men got out of the car and aimed their guns all at you. Ren grabbed your hand but you felt her slip something in it. The men opened the door and one of them said, "Get in." You looked at Ren and she nodded. You slipped what she gave you into your sleeve and climbed into the car. They pushed Ren back, keeping her from coming with you. Ju Kyung's man couldn't do anything. If he had more than one it was too late to take a shot. You were Taehyun's now... Ju Kyung's POV This morning, before Y/n got up, Ju Kyung had called in Jay and Chase. Taehyun's flight would arrive this afternoon. He planned out the garage scene, Jay's men covered the eagle's eye while Chase's stayed in the back. Ju Kyung was going in himself, guns blazing and with the main purpose of killing Taehyun as soon as possible. He had everything planned out, Jay's unit set up on the roof's of the building's just outside of the garbage. Chase's men covered the back perimeter which was far more guarded than Mark's. He'd use the cars to get into the garage after killing the guards at the front. Almost everything had gone exactly how he planned. Until two things happened: Taehyun came out with his own gun held up at Ju Kyung. His men filled the garage just as Ju Kyung's did. Their guns shot off at each other going in loud pops, each side taking cover however they could. Ju Kyung was just behind a pole that didn't provide much coverage but just enough to not get directly hit. The second problem was the announcement Taehyun had given. "Figures Jai Er would find a loop hole. He's afraid of you Ju Kyung but I'm not." He said. "You should be." Ju Kyung screamed. "On the contrary you should fear me. Just like your little slit. She's on her way right now." A shot got fired at Ju Kyung and it bounced off the pole but he ducked. He looked out and fired shots to kill one of the men poking out to shoot back at him. Y/n was with Taehyun? What happened, why wasn't Elo watching her with the others? He cursed and tried to get a better shot at Taehyun. They shot at each other, missing the other while boxes explode by them. They ducked and took cover again. How he ever considered Taehyun a friend he'd never know why, the devil had many faces and could turn his back on anyone at the drop of a dime. "You son of a bitch, you keep coming after her!" He screamed. "You told me to, remember? I thought you'd bring me a war Ju Kyung, show me why they fear the devils favorite demon." He laughed. "Fuck!" He said to himself. Ju Kyung looked to see his other men. "Ju Kyung we've got a problem." Chase said. "What?" "Y/n is here." He said. They really did get her, they must've known when she'd go to lunch and got her. At this point he had to think fast. The back door opened, Chase and his men didn't dare shoot with her and the baby in the way. Ren's words were all that came to mind. He should've stopped this sooner to keep her safe. "Come on Ju Kyung come see your whore." Taehyun teased. He came out to see Y/N standing beside Taehyun and looking at him. He wanted to apologize but he couldn't at the moment. His face turned hard. She looked at Taehyun and he smoothed around behind her and kissed behind her ear. Ju Kyung could see her face wretch in disgust at Taehyun's taunting. He kissed her neck and his hand visited the hem of her shirt. She looked from the floor to Ju Kyung and he could see the glimmer of tears in her eyes. She tried to keep her shirt down then he heard Jay say, "If you can get her to move over just an inch or two I can take the short." The same way he felt when Minjun kissed her was coming back to him. He looked at Taehyun wanting to kill him. "Even if you made it out of here you'd still have to go fighting." Taehyun said. "Baby, I love you." he said. "I love you too." She said back with a broken voice. "Sweet. Now drop your gun," He pulled out his gun and held it up to her head, "Or I'll kill her right now." He said. He saw her eyes close and tears fall down her face. She looked back at him, he dropped his gun. His men dropped their guns and Taehyun's men came out of their spots and closed in on Ju Kyung's. Ju Kyung stared Y/n in her eyes. "Velvet." "Master." "Will you be a good girl?" "Yes." She said still crying. "Close your eyes bunny." She sniffed but her eyes closed, he saw Taehyun smirk. He pointed his gun at Ju Kyung. " You know, it's good when a man knows when he's been defeated." Taehyun said. "Velvet if you're good you'll get a bite of the strawberry marshmallow." Her eyes snapped open. Come on baby, you're a smart girl. You know what I'm saying. "Say goodbye to your master little bunny." Taehyun said. He kissed her check but that brought his hand up just enough to be by her mouth. She quickly used her hands to push his hand up and she bit down on him hard. Taehyun screamed in pain releasing her and she backed away but he pointed his gun on her. She stopped in her tracks. Ju Kyung grabbed his gun, "Put it down Taehyun." He said. "I'll kill her." Taehyun said. "Wait!" Y/n said. "Y/n stay there." Ju Kyung said. "I'll do whatever you want Taehyun, do what you want to me but leave him alone." She said. "Y/n." Ju Kyung said in a warning tone. She came closer to him and knelt down, Ju Kyung exhaled while his heart beat furiously. Taehyun smiled and pet her head. Ju Kyung could only see red. Jay take the god damn shot! Taehyun turned his gun back on him Ju Kyung and fired. Ju Kyung looked at his chest and saw the bullet hole and dropped. "No!" She screamed. He saw her get up but Taehyun grabbed her and yanked her back. "Ju Kyung!" She screamed while crying. Y/n. "Let go of me!" She screamed. "Keep fighting slut. I'm not done playing with you. Do what ever I want right?" "You were supposed to leave him alone first." She said furious. "So he could come back and rescue you? No way. Now you're all mine again and nothing turns me on than watching a weak bitch like you down on all fours." His voice only burned Ju Kyung more. He was still alive, still conscious just looking for a way to help her. "Make sure he's dead." Taehyun said. "No!" she screamed. Ju Kyung moved in enough time to knock out the one guard close to him and see her Y/n being covered in blood. His eyes widened seeing her hand pulling back a knife from Taehyun's neck then stabbing him in the stomach, she took back the knife and dropped to her knees crying. Her hands were shaking and Ju Kyung said, "Chase get in here now!" He quickly shot one man coming towards her and Chase and his men rushed in through the back with guns raising hell. His men reclaimed their guns and helped take out Taehyun's men. He grabbed Y/n who was crying so hard her voice disappeared for a moment. She gripped onto his shirt and wrapped her arms around his neck, "I'm sorry." She cried. "No, shhh it's okay baby. Calm down bunny it's okay." "I thought I lost you, how?" She said looking up at him. "I'm sorry baby I was wearing a vest I was trying to give Jay an opening. It's over baby. It's over." He said. She was wiping away endless tears, "You're alive." She said. "Of course baby, I have to marry you." He said. She nodded but was still crying. He picked her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He carried her out of the garage and saw Jay driving over with his car. "Where the hell were you?" He said. "His men found us on the roof. I'm sorry. Is she okay?" Jay said. "Yeah. Taehyun is dead, I need to take her home. Can you get the cleaners to take care of this place?" He asked. "Yeah of course go take care of her." Jay said. He ran into the garage, his snipers were probably still up on the roofs. He got her into the car and drove off. He headed straight home with no stops. She walked in on her own, she hadn't said a word since he got her out of the garage. She went up the stairs, slow but just quiet. Her mind was replaying what she'd done, he knew it was. It was the same for him when he killed someone for the first time. This one was in self defense though, it wasn't something she'd ever do again unless it was her only option. It was a fight or flight response and, at the time, fight was all that came to mind. He followed her upstairs and she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and walked in. She was in her work clothes and in the shower. She was so out of it. She leaned against the back wall and slid down and sat there letting the water hit her. Her eyes were dark but the kind of dark that said her mind was no where near present on her surroundings. She was just letting it sink in. "Baby that's not how you take a shower." He said. She just sat there, Taehyun's blood ran off her clothes, her white button up shirt went from blood red to an orange-ish hue, the remnants of blood that wouldn't completely wash away until she washed them. He sighed, she wasn't present at all. He took off his shoes, just about the only thing she took off before walking in and he walked in the shower clothed as well. He left his suit jacket on the sink counter but in full dress clothes he walked in the shower and knelt down in front of her. He parted her legs so he could come closer to her. He closed the distance and brought his hands to her face and she came out of it. She looked into his eyes but hers still told how she felt. Hollow. If only for the moment. "It's not proper to take a shower like this. You won't get clean. Let me help you." He said. She gave a slight nod and his hands moved slowly to the collar of her shirt. He took off each button, one by one. Her hands came to his chest and did the same as his hands. She didn't say a word, for a moment he hadn't either. He smoothed her shirt off her shoulders and then he pulled off his shirt as well. He took off the wife beater he had under and put it with their wet clothes. He wrapped his arms around her body to unhook her bra. He kissed the top of her head as he did. Her arms wrapped around his body and pulled him close. He hugged her back, his hand in her hair and the other on her back. "He used to tie me up and suspend me in the air for hours. He did it for an entire day once, I couldn't eat or drink or use the bathroom. He thought it was funny." She said. "It's over baby. He's gone, he can't touch you ever again. It's over." He said. She looked up at him and he came close to kiss her soft and slow. He slipped her bra off her arms and then lifted her to pull off her pants. He hooked his fingers into her underwear, making sure to pull them off as well. She was completely naked under him. She reached for his pants and undid them, he stood her up and rid himself of his pants. He grabbed a wash cloth and got it soapy and started to wash her. He washed the places that still had tints of blood on her. He got around her face, very gently and her neck. He kissed her neck and shoulder once the area was cleaned. He had to cover up that Taehyun was ever there not just for her peace of mind but his own. He gave her the wash cloth to continue washing while he came behind her and grabbed the shampoo. He washed her hair for her, his hands were tender on her body. He was so gentle to her. He wiped every sight of blood off of her and made her clean. He had her face him and he cupped her face before capturing her lips, "I love you." He said. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, "I love you too." She said softly. "I'm going to marry you. We're going to have a happy healthy baby. I'll never put you in danger again bunny." He said. She nodded and hugged him tighter. He held her close and long. He eventually turned off the water and dried her off and got her dressed before carrying her to the bed and laying her down to sleep. "Goodnight my sweet little bunny." He said. He kissed her forehead while she went to sleep.... Y/n's POV *One month later* You sat down in front of the mirror in the room. Your hair had grown a few inches but it was still short. It was just long enough to do a nice up do though. There was a band of rhinestones in your hair that was connected to your veil. You were nervous but that was to be expected on your wedding day. Catlynn walked into the room behind you and smiled, "The blushing bride." She said. "Is this real or am I dreaming?" You said. "I'd definitely say this is real considering your soon to be husband is loosing his mind in the other room." She said. "What? Why?" You asked worried. "Oh no don't worry, that's just Ju Kyung but you know that. 'I can't wait to see her, mom keeps saying she looks beautiful, can we begin I want to see her already' he's the most clingy groom ever." She said repeating all the things he'd been saying. You smiled, you really wanted to see him too. His mother had you two sleep in opposite rooms even though you didn't want to. Instead of a bachelor or bachelorette party, they were going to throw you two a groom and bride party and fuse them together. They planned that sometime down the road because things at work were still hectic. You got everything back on track but after what happened with Taehyun you had been distracted for a long time. Ju Kyung started you in therapy sessions and he kept his promise and went with you. Now, you were in Busan on the beach, ready to begin the wedding any minute. Your dress fit perfectly, you picked it out with his mother a while back. It had a silver lining that glittered set just mid way. The bottom half was was bright white, soft and long, it would definitely trail behind you and the top was strapless and had a sheen type of look to it. There weren't any patterns, nothing too decorative, just simple but that's how you wanted it. Simple. You stood up, Catlynn and Hyun Jung had become your bridesmaids. Catlynn walked you to the door, Chase was going to walk you down the isle. She led you to the opening to meet him. He was dressed up in a black tux, the weather was warm and pleasant. She left you to take her spot with the others. You looked up at Chase, "You look good Cha Cha." "You look beautiful Y/n. I'm surprised he let me walk you down." "He didn't a get a choice in the matter this time." You laughed. "I'm happy for you kid." "Thank you." "Are you ready to go get married?" He smiled. "I am." Chase turned with you and you two walked to the doors. He opened it up and the bright sun over the beautiful beach greeted your skin in warmth and at the end of the isle Ju Kyung awaited...
One Last chapter guys and it's gonna be good.

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Craig I have told you before and I'll tell you again: you need to be writing for money. this was brilliant. Again.
lol thank you and I am working on it it's just slow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Having Taehyun die by her hands makes such a fitting ending for the hell he put her through. A life for a life. Taehyun took her baby's life and she in turn made him pay with his! Total roller-coaster of emotions, seriously a exciting read. πŸ˜†πŸ€—πŸ’–
Aw thank you so much I'm super happy you liked it.
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@FromBlue2U @BabydollBre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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