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the heir ( korean drama)
why is the tiger isn't in his cave?was he just pretending to be a tiger?was he a friad of the truth getting out? is that why he ran away?
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said by won bin... what was his name in this drama? and i just noticed that you put the enheritors (kdrama) on interest/party... is vingle creating interest for kdramas again.. ? i did ask for good dr.but they said that they are not creating at the moment.. i guess they are now..
@nylamrehs yeah I think vingle create one coz I found I so I added. the name of won bin choi yoeung do.u didn't watch this drama yet
i did.. i wouldn't let it pass me by without watching this...lol.. that's it.. i forgot for a moment there... thanks for your info @christy... ^^
@nylamrehs u r welcome friend enjoy and there r more dramas like answer me 1994. marry him if u dare . secret. and unemployed romance
yeah.. i'm on them and so excited for their next eps.. love.. secret... so intense and unemployed romance and marry him if you dare are super cute.. not sure of answer me 1994 though.. but i like how funny the girl and the man was...