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I'm planning to do a Q&A video soon about living in Korea, studying here, or just any questions you might have for me^^

You can leave your questions here or ananymously on Tumblr and I'll try to answer them all this week in a video!

Thanks as always for supporting me, I was having a really rough weekend but some of you guys helped me out a lot :)

If you haven't already, you can check out my YouTube channel here!
Is it really different living in Korea from USA? I am always curious about how much of adjustment you need to live there?
Hmm , I guess I've always wondered, Is korea expensive? (Grocery, housing wise)
How much Korean did you know and understand when you first moved to Korea and how much has it improved since you've lived there?
Hello, I enjoy your videos so much! It's great that you share information with us! My question is how did you learn to speak and write korean? I am in the process of trying to learn, wish me luck!
I love all your videos :) sorry for all the questions haha I feel like I'm interrogating you XD Do you prefer taking the subway, taxi, or bus? When you 1st moved to Korea I'm sure you had some culture shocks. Do you remember any that stuck out to you when you 1st moved there? Is there still some things (culturally) you can't get used to? How do you usually make new friends? (i.e through mutual friends, work, talking to random people? Out of all the cafes you discovered which one is your favorite? O.o Any advice to those of us applying for a work visa in SK? (The paperwork is definitely a headachešŸ˜£) What's currently on your playlist? Do you ever feel weird video blogging? (haha I tried to video blog a couple of times but I get weird stares then I put my camera down XD)
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