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Que tal peeps!

I have been looking around in the fanfiction community looking at other writers that are not mis amigas. Mis amigas from E Squad are awesome writers you should follow the collection!

Link here

However, I've come across some good ish that may have been looked over.

JHOPE: Memories of a broken Heart Pt 1

This story is full of drama! The main character gets prego by Hobi and when she about to spill the beans she catches him cheating!
She decides to move on but then Hobi shows up and still doesn't know he's a baby daddy.

Shame on you Hobi!

Another one! I couldn't help it lol!
Another good fanfiction is +19. However if you love detail and the combination of fantasy with Jackson from Got7 this is for you.

He came from Narnia pt3.

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