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“I’m sorry.” Jiho laughed as I glared at the cast on my arm.
“Shut up…” I muttered. “It’s all your fault.”
“Hey, you’re the one that took the bet.
“That’s because I’m badass.”
“Yeeeeaaah, so badass. You broke your arm.”
“Correction: the fall broke my arm.”
“Well…you fell on your arm, breaking it. So yeah, YOU broke it.”
“Whatever.. are we still going to the boys’ dorm?”
“Yeah, I wanted to see the boys. Haven’t seen them in a while.”
“Have fun dealing with Jin oppa scolding you for breaking my arm.”
“He’ll scold you for breaking your arm. I didn’t do shit.”
“It was worth it.”
We both laughed as Jiho drove away from the hospital to Bangtan’s dorm. Jiho and I spent the last couple hours roaming around town, with him wearing a mask and a snapback. Then he bet I couldn’t climb a tree and jump out of it and land on my feet. Well…the limb I was standing on broke and my arm broke my fall. Jiho almost had a heart attack but then wouldn’t stop laughing because apparently the look on my face was hilarious.
“You don’t have to pay me the money now.” He broke the silence.
“Why? Feel bad about making me break my arm?” I smirked.
“I didn’t make you do shit. I suggested it as a joke.”
“Alright, fine. We’re both at fault.” I laughed, sticking out my non-broken hand, causing him to look at me.
“Fine.” He sighed, shaking my hand. “Did you really have to buy those though? I’m sure they won’t make fun of you…too much anyway.” He pointed at the large mittens that I bought to help cover up the cast. At least the part on my hand.
“Oh you mean like you and Yukwon oppa didn’t? Laughing for half an hour straight while I got a cast on my arm really didn’t help.” I said, pouting.
“That’s what happens when you break your arm while I’m on the phone. Although Yukwon did apologize. At least I think he did. I couldn’t really understand him through the laughter.”
“Yours or his?”
“Both, to be honest.” I slapped him chest, causing him to laugh as he pulled up to Bangtan’s dorm. “Alright, get out.” He joked, unbuckling and getting out.
“Hey!” I yelled, unbuckling and pulling the mittens over my hand and fumbling out of the car without using my hand. The pain pills made my head slightly fuzzy. “Promise that you won’t tell them.”
“Yeah, yeah. I promise. You okay?”
“I’m fine.” I laughed as we walked to their dorm room. Jiho knocked on the door and Jimin and Taehyung opened the door, smiling hugely when they saw the both of us.
“Hyung! Mingi!” Taehyung yelled, causing Jimin to hit his arm.
“Shut up, Jungkook is asleep.”
“You’re right.” They closed the door in our face and I could hear them walking away. Jiho and I looked at each other before he knocked on the door. Hobi opened the door and I could hear Jungkook yelling as the 95 line began messing with them.
“Wow. Two halves of a whole idiot.” I laughed.
“Oh my god that describes them so well.” Hobi said as we walked in.
“I know. That’s why I said it.” I said, laughing at the look he had on his face in response to my sarcasm.
“Where’s everyone else?” Jiho asked.
“Uh…I…honestly don’t know.” Hobi said, scratching the back of his head and pulling out his phone.
“Noona! Tell Jimin hyung and Tae hyung to stop bullying me!” Jungkook yelled from his room.
“Uhhhh….sorry Noona isn’t here, please leave a message at the beep.”
“Beeeeeeep!” Taehyung yelled as Jungkook yelled out in pain.
“You’re evil.” Hobi laughed.
“I learned it from the best.”
“So Jin hyung is on his way back from seeing his girlfriend, Namjoon hyung and Yoongi hyung are outside the studio and are coming back now.” Hobi told Jiho.
“Ah okay.” Jiho said, taking his coat off and sitting on the couch.
“Aren’t you going to take your gloves and coat off?” Hobi asked me.
“No, no. I’m..uh..cold.”
“I can turn the heater higher.”
“It’s fine.” I tried to laugh it off.
“Alright…” He looked at me strangely as he followed Jiho in to the couch. I rubbed my cast as my arm started to hurt again. Glaring at it, I sighed as I started to get hot.
After half an hour, Yoongi and Namjoon came home and joined us in conversation. Yoongi kept staring at me as I fidgeted uncomfortably.
“You alright?” He asked, causing several pairs of eyes to land on me.”
“Yeah I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” I laughed awkwardly.
“Because you’re really pale and sweating.”
“I’m always pale.”
“And sweating?”
“I’m home!” Jin yelled as he walked through the door.
“Mingi broke her arm.” Jiho said.
“WHAT?!” Everyone chorused.
“Oppa!” I yelled at him. His only response was a shrug.
“What happened?” Jin asked, walking over. I sighed and took the coat and mittens off.
“I fell out of a tree.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
Several minutes of jokes, laughter, and snarky remarks passed until Jin pulled me aside and became Eomma Jin. He kept asking if I was alright, if I needed anything. Honestly, my arm started to ache and the pain pills were in Jiho’s car. I was also getting really drowsy. After telling him this, he ran down to Jiho’s car, got the pills, then made me lay on his bed in his and Yoongi’s room. After like another hour of talking, I fell asleep when the doorbell rang and her annoying voice asked where Jin was.