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Yey! Kicking it off with The house of Exctessy Special event for White Day.
I'm starting off with A Chanyeol oneshot! It Sweet, its Tart, its sexy! lol Okay here we go!
(Sorry not inventive title )
Warning (It'll also come right before the smutty scene just in case!)


I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I had an amazing dream that I got to spend an entire day with my boyfriend with no interruptions. I hadn't gotten to do that with him in a long time. I know I saw him everyday, especially since I worked at the company, but I was in the offices rather the studio's. I sighed, I needed to get ready for the day.
I turned to my clock to see it was just a little after 6, I had less than an hour to get ready and get to work.
Moving around my apartment I found a suitable outfit to wear, meaning it was clean. A black skirt and blue blouse, it matched, it worked. It took me longer to do my hair. Twenty minutes to loosely curl my hair and pin the sides back.
I was about to throw on my heels and walk out the door when there was a knock and someone yelling delivery for U/N. Confused I opened the door, a man stood there with a box in his hands.
"Are you U/N?" He asked repeating my name.
"Yes, that's me" I smiled.
"Sign here please" he said handing me a pen.
His clipboard was on top of the box and I signed for it. He took his clipboard and handed me the box. When I closed the door I looked at it, there was nothing but my address and name on it. Wasting no time I opened it up. Inside was another box and nestled in between the sheets of tissue paper were a beautiful pair of shoes. A note was sitting on top of them.
"When you walked into my life I knew you were the one" I read out loud.

There was no signature, but I knew who it was from. A huge grin showed up on my face. The shoes were sexy and red. With a smile I quickly took them out of the box and put them on. They looked so good on me. I couldn't resist, pulling out my phone I took a picture of them on my feet and sent it with a couple emoji hearts to Chanyeol.

With my message sent to him the time of the phone showed it was already 6:40, I needed to rush to make my train to get to work.

At work I walked in feeling confident and sex. A couple people stared at me as I passed and when I got to my desk I was just on time. 7:30 on the dot.
"Well don't you look happy" the girl next to me said.
"Hi Yuki!" I leaned over to look at her.
"Nice heels. Are they new?" Yuki asked making me smile.
"Yes, my boyfriend got them for me" I told her.
"For white day?" She asked.
"Hmm?" I stared at her.
"That's right, you're american, you don't have the holiday over there. White day is like Valentines day, except the men confess to the girl or give them something special" Yuki explained to me.
I was a transferee, in the language department, only been here 6 months.
"Oh wait I have heard of it, but that's the 14th of march isn't it?" I asked.
"It is the 14th of march" she laughed at me. A light blush tinted my cheeks from embarrassment. I lost track of days.
"Well looks like your guy treats you right" she said. "How long have you been with him? It cannot be long now" yuki said.
"Just over 2 months" I said as our supervisor walked in.
Me and Yuki quit our conversation as she started talking about work.

It wasn't until lunchtime when I got a break again. I was starving and wanted to go out, yuki had invited me to lunch with her.
"Are you done yet?" Yuki asked.
"Just about, have to send these translations out first" I said hitting a few keys and emailing it out. "Done" I pushed away from my desk.
"Right in the dot" I laughed seeing it was 12:00 on the corner of my computer.
"Is there a Miss. U/N here?" Someone in the doorway called out. I turned to see a delivery man there.
"That's me" I said standing up. He turned and walked over to me. I signed for the package and he left.
"What could this be?" I questioned setting the bag on my desk.
"Open it up!" Yuki was next to me eager to find out.
Eager to find out for myself I took the box out of the bag and opened it up. Inside laid a pair of matching bra and undies in a shocking red, Like the shoes.
"Oh wow!" Yuki sighed next to me. "Look at the name brand! Victoria secret!' Yuki whispered as I stared at it.
Her words had me looking, it was. There was a note pinned inside the box. I took it out and read it.
'To the one who makes my heart flutter, you'll make it beat more in this'

Oh he was getting brave! That man was sweet and turning sexy on me now. I was going to give him a show later tonight I decided.

"Is there a Miss U/N here?" Another delivery person was there looking for me. I quickly covered up the items in my hand and put it back in the bag.
"Right here" Yuki said.
The delivery man came over. I could smell the food. He handed the bag over and nodded.
On the bag was a note.
'Since I can't make lunch with you, have lunch with a friend :)'

I quickly opened it. Inside was sushi and Maki rolls.
"Well I guess we're going to the cafeteria to eat this" Yuki said peeking in. "I love your boyfriend" Yuki exclaimed.
"I do too" I giggled.

We both went to the cafeteria, I spread all the food out on the table between us. Before either of us ate anything I took a picture and sent it to Chanyeol. Along with a message.
'I wish you were having lunch with me. I can't wait to see you after work.'

"You ever going to tell me who he is?" Yuki asked as we ate.
"It's a secret. It's so new I don't want it to go south fast" I sighed.
"Better to not jinx it" she nodded. "He know maki rolls are your favorite?" She moved on.
"He knows my favorite foods. This being my all time" I sighed "I only get sushi on special occasions" I added.
"He must know that" yuki grinned.
We fell into conversation as we ate.
I was a little confused with all the gifts, I still hasn't gotten a call or text from him all day.

When my work day was over at 3 I headed out to go home. I got an idea in my head halfway there though and decided to go see him at the studio. I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted to see him so badly.
I stopped off in the bathroom at the studio since I had another idea. He got me that sexy underwear and I hadn't even mentioned it yet.
Quickly I went into a stall and pulled my shirt off and put the new one on. It was snug and lifted my boobs up making me show more cleavage then I thought I ever had. I slipped the panties on and put my old ones in the box in the bag.
With a last look down I pulled my phone out and took a picture of the bra on me and sent it to Chanyeol. No message to go with it.
I waited for a few minutes hoping he saw it by now. I left the bathroom and looked for the room he was normally in. No one stopped me, but I got a few curious looks.

At the door I knocked before I entered. Chanyeol was in there with one of his friends.
They both looked at me.
"U/N, what are you doing here?" His friend asked, I couldn't put a name to the face so I just smiled.
"I just stopped by to see Channie" I said.
"Heh, came rushing after all those gifts" he laughed standing up. "Well I should get going anyway" the guy said getting up and passing me as he left.
Chanyeol was sitting there looking at me. A haze in his eyes.
"Hi honey" I grinned. His eyes roamed up and down my body.
"You're wearing it all right now" he mused.
"You bet I am" I grinned walking over to him. "You are the sweetest man" I said leaning down and pressing a kiss to his lips.
His arm curled around me pulling me down to sit in his lap, I did so willingly. When we broke apart I got comfortable in his lap. I could feel him strained in his jeans.
He looked so adorable with his hat on and his hoodie up, his face peaking out. There was a huge smile on his face as he looked at me.
"Have you been here all day?" I asked.
"Yes, working on my latest song" he said. "How was your day baby? " he asked.
"Amazing. I got a few surprises today." I lifted my leg up to show off my new shoes. Channie looked, his hand roamed over my leg and stopped at the strap.
"They look good on you" he commented.
"I also got an amazing lunch from my boyfriend" I added. "I thought of him all day" I continued talking and commenting until he chuckled.
"You love your boyfriend?" He asked.
"Hmm I am definitely going to show him how much if he follows me home tonight" I said as his Hand curled up my leg and under my skirt. His fingers outlined the lace on the new panties I was wearing.
"He sure is lucky" he said. I either had to get off his lap now or end up going at it right now.
"But he does have one more thing planned for you" he said.
"Really? You do?" I broke the whole third person thing.
"Yes" he hissed as his fingers retreated. I chuckled at his retreat. I wanted his fingers back on me, but he was looking like his focus changed.
"I just got done with it" he said as his hands were moving over his pad. I wrapped my arms around him and moved so I was blocking his way of seeing. When he grabbed the headphones he turned to me and smiled as he put them on me. My hands went to them instinctively, a moment later there was noise.
I listened for the first couple seconds to the beat before I heard his beautiful voice. I melted in his arms as I heard his voice and the words.

It was a freaking love song.

Okay Sexy time!!!

I was giddy with excitement, my eyes squeezed shut as I giggled and bounced on his lap. When it was over I turned to face him. A huge grin on his face.
"U/N, I really like you" he said as I took the headphones off.
"I really like you too Channie" I said before kissing him.

"I don't think I can wait" I whispered in his ear. I pushed out of his lap and stood up. I locked the door and turned back to him. He had pulled his hood down and took his hat off.
"What do you have in mind?" chanyeol asked looking at me. "You going to show me how that bra looks on you?" He asked.
"Yes" I hissed out then lifted my blouse off. I was about to undo my skirt but he told me to leave it on.
Oh, but I had other plans.
"I'm going to show you how much I loved the gifts you got me today" I said as I put my heeled foot in between his legs. His eyes went wide when he got my meaning.
My hands cupped my lace encased breasts and squeezed once before moving down. My body and to my skirt, I undid the zipper at the side and removed my foot from in between his legs so I could pull the skirt off. I was left standing there in the matching underwear and sexy five inch heels he bought me.
"Do you like?" I asked.
"Yes" he sighed as his hands moved to touch me but I stepped back.
"Ah ah. No hands " I grinned.
"Then what can I do?" He huffed crossing his arms over his chest, mostly to keep a his hands to himself. I had found that to be one of his habits.
"You can sit back and watch" I said.
"You tease" he laughed.
"Damn right, I'm going to let you enjoy what you got me" I said. I did a full circle on the tip of my heels to show off.
All of a sudden music was playing, Chanyeol had turned it on. I smiled at him and stepped closer, in between his legs. I rubbed my chest with my hands as I let my body move to the beat. His eyes roamed over me as I moved. I circled and set my ass in his lap, giving him a lap dance.
His hands gripped my hips stilling me from moving my ass against him.
"U/N" he groaned out my name.
I smiled and turned out of his grasp and went to my knees in front of him. Unbuckling his pants I pulled out his member, he was already hard. I licked up the underside and started teasing the tip of his member. His hands went to the back of my head and pushed so he fully entered.
"Baby I can't hold back. Your so hot" Chanyeol breathed heavily as he spoke. He rammed his member hitting the back of my throat several times. When his breathing picked up. I stroked his thighs through his jeans and I felt them flex even under the material before he came in my mouth.
I stared up at him as he stroked my hair.
"Fuck me" I hissed.
"Get up here" he instructed letting go of me. I positioned myself so my legs dangled on either side of him, forgetting to take the undies of Chanyeol grinned and touched me there through the fabric, he massaged my core before slipping a finger in as he moved the material aside. He fingered me until my hips were moving on there own.
"Channie. I want something bigger" I told him. His fingers slipped out of me and he replaced his fingers with his member, teasing my entrance with the tip before He entered fully. His pumped into me, sliding against my g spot every time. My breathing picked up and when I felt him swelling I came fast and hard, my body shattering. Chanyeol pulled out in time to come against my stomach. My hand went to his cock, rubbing him up and down, squeezing that last of his orgasm out.

"Baby, your kinky" he commented making me chuckle.
"For trying to do a lap dance?" I asked.
"No for coming here and doing it at my work" he said leaning in to kiss me. "And every time I sit in this chair and remember what we just did, I'm going to be thinking of you" he whispered against my lips.
"In my lacy undies and red shoes" I added with a chuckle.

After a couple minutes I got off him and started to get dressed again, cleaning myself off with a few tissues.
"Can we get dinner before we go to my place" I said when fully dressed. Chanyeol nodded.
"I haven't eaten all day" he said. "And I need to refuel my energy for round two" he whispered in my ear.

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