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Since I'm in such a happy mood I'm posting 2 things tonight (This chapter and a oneshot lol) So yey!
Anyway We are back to it being in the girl/Reader view.. . . Lets see where did we leave off at??? Oh I remember . . . . (Sadly there is no smut in this chapter fyi)

Chapter 6
U/N view once more
I was an idiot! I was not going to get close to him, I spent a freaking week like that and Now that I was upset about something, ugh the moment I had realized my breasts were pressed against his arm my mind roared. It conjured up the memory of him touching me under the table, of the kiss we had and than continued down that path. Namjoons hands palming my breasts as he kissed me, turning my body so I was sitting on his lap, I made lazy circles with my fingers as I held onto the back of his neck. I shook my head, the headphone falling out of my ear and I moved away from him.

I said some bullshit about needing to study and Namjoon went along with it. For about a page. I could tell Namjoon was upset again. He had walked in like that, than he wasn't, now he was back to acting that way.
All of a sudden he set his pencil down and shut his book.

“I'm going” he announced shocking me.
“What?” I said shocked, eyes wide staring at him.
“I can't concentrate on studying” he sad shaking his head.
“Oh why?” I asked.
“U/N” he huffed.
“Okay okay, so you just want to leave?” I asked softly, my voice was barely above a whisper.

That hurt he just wanted to leave. He didn't respond for a while making me look at him.
“Or do you just want to hang out, watch a movie or something” I offered hoping he would say yes. Namjoon thought about it for moment than nodded his head.
“Only if you sit next to me” he said making me smile. “And quit acting so nervous around me I'm not going to bite.” He teased.
The image of Namjoon biting my neck though, oh that sent a shiver up my back, a good one.
“I didn't know I was nervous” I said.
“Since the day we went out to eat with my friends. U/N you've been acting standoff since than” he sighed.
“Do you not like me?” He asked suddenly
“No, no i do. Your awesome” I said, thumbs up.
God U/N you suck at this.
“So kissing you and. . . teasing you. You didn't like that?” He frowned.
I slanted my eyes away.
“Its new, I um, I've never been in a relationship, I have no clue how to act around guys” I told him. Namjoon took a moment than burst out laughing.

Well shit, that hurt, just laugh at me, why doesn't he just call me chicken too.

“I don't believe that for a moment” he announced. “Look just uh, go back to acting like how you were before. You were fine” he said.
“How was that?” I tilted my head
“You know, like having fun” he sighed. “Like your best friend, you've had one of those before right?” He didn't sound like he was teasing, more like he was forcing those words out, but felt like he was trying to make fun of me.
“Yes I have a best friend thank you very much. And fine if you want me to treat you like I do her than I can do that” I grinned.

Yes the amount of innuendos we had and our crazy conversations he wouldn't be able to handle.
Gah this means he just wants to remain friends all of a sudden I just realized.

“Alright good. Than get your butt up here and watch a movie with me” he said.
With a laugh I did so. I threw on Netflix and put the first movie that showed up.
“Really? Magic mike?” Namjoon raised a brow.
“What? I've never seen it, have you?” I questioned.
“No” he said. “Didn't think I ever would either” he mumbled.
“Its either this or stand up comedians”, I offered.
“Comedy” he said right away making me laugh.
I searched through the list and finally just put on “Comics without Borders” it was short episodes of different comedians.

We got a minute into it when the first guy started talking. His first line “I'm single” well this was how it was going to start out. He started talking about porno’s and I swear, it fed into my dirty mind. Thankfully after that first joke they changed comedians and it wasn't as bad.
Namjoon had slung his arm around my shoulders and I leaned into his side.
We spent the next hour laughing at the TV.
I loosened up and relaxed. It was enjoyable to just hang out with him like this. He had a good sense of humor and made jokes and agreed with some of the things that were said. It was entertaining to see this side of him.

I Know there's no smut!!!! It's a short chapter to boot ;( It's okay the next chapter will make up for it, this . . . this one is just cute and yea I know what Namjoon did to himself, sigh that silly boy.


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ugh friend zoned THE RapMonster again! lol
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yeah but...he didnt.....he wants her to not be nervous around him so he said act like qe are friends he didnt say we would be friends