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Since MVP is on their way to debuting soon, here's their members profile!

First up is KangHan!
Real Name: Jo Youngbin(조영빈)
Stage Name: KangHan (강한)
Position: Leader, Vocal
Birthday: January 16th 1993
Blood Type: O
Dislikes raw food
Hobbies: skateboarding, composing and is a b-boy
*Known as "Multi-Leader"
*Skilled at using his body
*Got his stagename KangHan because he has a strong personality at first (looks scary when expressionless)
*Believes he would be able to survive in an uninhabited island on his own becuase hee can do various of things.

Real Name: Kim Yoon
Stage Name: RaYoon (라윤)
Position: Rapper, Dance
Birthday: August 21st, 1994
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Taking Pictures, Collecting Figures, and Exercising
*Is known as the Mom of the group
*Is humorless and "painless"
*Can impersonate a Raptor (dinosaur)
*Former Backup dancer for BTS
*Irises are larger than average size.

Real Name: Oh Gitaek
Stage Name: Gitaek (기택)
Position: Main Vocals
Birthday: December 11th, 1994
Blood Type: O
*Enjoys Reading
*Ryu: Ex member of
*Strong finger flick
*Has a mole on his chest named 'James' (he had gotten over being teased about his mole by giving it a name)
*Wrote children's songs in ballad style.
*Fennec fox look-a-like.
Real Name: Park Myung-Kyu
Stage Name: P.K (박영유)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: December 26th, 1994
Blood Type: AB
*Enjoys watching movies and bowling
*Best at making choreography
*Two-Faced: Gets called that by members because his stage appearances are way different from what they usually see.
*Natural under-eye fat (appear more when smiling)
*P.K stands for Park Kyu. (Since he's a rapper, their CEO wanted him to have an English stage name. Which is why it became P.K)
*Looks like comb pattern pottery, because of his strong features (if you look closely)
*Can imitate Zico (fast rapping part in 'Her')

Real Name: Park Youngbin
Stage Name: Been (빈)
Position: Sub Vocals, Dancer
Birthday: February 6th, 1995
Blood Type: AB
*Has a twin brother, Jin
*Was part of a dance crew named Speed
*Enjoys watching MVs
*Youngest Twin
*Has mole on his nose
*Double eyelids (can get rid of double eyelids on both sides)
*Can do a jazz turn in an elegant way (then turn into a Raptor)
Real Name: Park Young-jin
Stage Name: Jin (진)
Position: Sub Vocals, Dancer
Birthday: February 6th, 1995
Blood Type: AB
*Has a twin brother, Been
*Was part of a dance crew named Speed
*Enjoys drawing
*Oldest Twin
*Has mole above his lip
*Assymetric eyes (double eyelids on one eye which is the right side) He sees his assymetric eyes as a flaw
*Can do jazz turn (then turn to a Raptor)
Real Name: Kim Sang-yeop (김상엽)
Stage Name: Zion (시은)
Position: Maknae, Lead Vocals
Birthday: October 17th, 1995
Blood Type: A
*Enjoys playing soccer and listening to music.
*Allergic to metal (can only wear earrings, otherwise he can't wear any nickel-based jewelry)
*Good at voice impressions
*Loves his skin

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Please give them lots of love and support as they make their way into debuting soon! They have been working so hard, I'm very very proud of them.