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AUTHOR NOTE: It's been awhile but a few people have recently been liking Secret Of A Noona and You Are My Everything. I found myself rereading the whole thing myself. I kinda left it where it was. I wanted to let it sit before starting anything more on that storyline but I didn't intend to let it go this long. For the last couple days, this has been brewing ... Lets get started! Happy reading!

It's been a couple weeks since that night. He called her often, like twice a day, they would talk a little and then say good night or good bye. His phone calls seemed more like he was checking up on her, checking to see what she was doing. He didn't text her as much either, not like he used to. He would come by her apartment, have sex and he would leave. He had only spent a couple nights there. She felt that familiar feeling behind her eyes, that feeling of tears about to burst. She pinched her nose as if she was going to sneeze and tightly closed her eyes. There were too many people around for this to happen here. She tried to gain control of herself...

Her heart was breaking, she wanted it to be the way it was before. Before everything, before she became his, when she didn't feel like this, when she stayed away from this kind of situation. The situation that was making her feel that emptiness in her chest, a pain inside the growing hole. She longed for those days when she stood behind him and admired him from afar. With tears threatening to overtake her, she couldn't help but think, her baby god was slipping away.

Even the other one wasn't speaking to her. She caught eye contact with him but he quickly looked down and away. She understood. She loves him, he loves him, they both love him and would do anything for him, even putting distance between themselves to make him happy. She heard laughter and chattering coming down the hall. She quickly wiped the moisture from under her eyes.

"Unnie, are you okay? You look pale." her friend said as they walked over to the dressing room.

"I'm fine. Just been tired lately." she replied. She and her friend stood next to a girl that was all dressed in a glittery mini skirt and matching top. Her friend eyed her for a moment. "Really, I'm fine."

"Hello? are you going to get started on me or not?" the young singer snipped.

"Sorry..." they both said in unison.

As they teased and curled her hair, another female singer came trotting over, sitting in the chair next to her group mate. She giggled looking at herself in the mirror.

"So... are you going give it a try? I heard they're going to be here soon." she said to her group mate, plumbing her lips with more gloss, "He's not seeing anyone."

"I don't know. He was being very flirtatious at the concert but I think it was because they were kinda drunk. His friend, the dark one, kept pulling him away, trying to discourage him from doing anything stupid." she lifted her head to high and Noona pushed it back down.

She tried not to listen to their conversation and tried to hurry applying her make-up and re-brushing her hair. Her insides started to twist. The only other group coming to do a photo shoot with these ladies was her baby gods' group. She hoped it wasn't Him they were talking about.

"Go for it." another singer said from across the room.

Then another spoke up, "Grab his hand and hold it, if he let's go and moves away then don't bother."

"But they're always like that... especially those two, especially that one." another said, sitting behind noona.

"I think I will... OW!! WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!"

Noona looked down and realized she was brushing her hair too hard and had pulled it hard with the brush, "I'm sorry. You're done."

The girl glared at her through the mirror and softened her expression, "Didn't you go with them on their last tour?"

Noona scratched a non-existant itch on her forehead, "I did, why?"

"Who did he screw around with? I heard a rumor their maknae was messing around with one of the staff members. Do you know who that was?"

She looked around the room, they all seemed to be looking at her, waiting for her answer. She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. I only heard the same thing but I don't think anyone knew."

The young singer snapped her eyes away, looking at her other friend that was sitting behind noona.

"That shit happens all the time, why are you asking about that?" her friend asked. "Are you jealous?"

"Me jealous? I don't think so. I just don't want some obsessed, JEALOUS one nighter coming after me when he and I start dating." she gazed at herself in the mirror. "You do nice work."

"Thanks" Noona said.

She put her stuff away, thinking about what she just heard. Her crew left the dressing room and walked out into the studio. The other group had just arrived, dressed and primped for a photo shoot. She stood in the back, out of the lighting. She so badly wanted to leave. She slumped down the couch, with her back to everyone and everything. She didn't want to see who that girl was going to try to hold hands with, she couldn't bare it. Her little friend came and pulled her off the couch.

"Come on, let's see who she was talking about..." she stopped when noona jerked her arm away, she looked at her surprised. Noona shook her head, "but why?"

Just as she looked to where those nine guys stood with these girls standing in-between every other one and that singer standing next to her baby god, she knew then. She watched as that girl slipped her hand into his smiling up at him. He laughed. He hadn't even looked in her direction, or if he had she didn't notice. But he laughed, nodding his head like he was accepting it. Noona's heart sank, she suddenly felt the room spin. She looked over and seen her little dark god staring curiously at her. She angled her head in her baby god's direction and he looked that way as well.

She turned and walked out.

Once they were outside, her friend grabbed her and turned around. Tears were trickling down her face. Noona wiped her face. "If anyone asks, tell them I had an emergency, tell them my apartment burnt down... my cat died too."

"What's wrong? What's going on?" she asked, "And don't tell me, nothing..." her friend looked back at the studio doors and seen the camera flashes going off every few seconds. Her friend realized what just happened, "Just tell me... how long has it been going on?"

Noona bit her lip, breathed in deep and blew it all out, "Since the last show, before Japan."

Her friend sighed, "Wait right here." she ran back into the studio and came back out with their bags and coats, "Let's go."

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