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Day 4 BR members as food items
OneJunn as as a sandwich. I think a sandwich fits OneJunn best because he seems uncomplicated and can have many layers to him.
Sunwoo as a cheese hamburger. Since Sunwoo is my UB and my bias from Boys Republic, then he should be my Ultimate favorite food like a cheese hamburger.
SungJun as apples. SungJun is always excerising and being healthy, so apples best suit him.
Minsu as a cutie orange. Like a cutie organge, Minsu is a cutie and everyone loves him.
Suwoong as sushi. Ever since I found out sushi is Suwoong's favorite food, I think about him when I see sushi.

What food item is Boys Republic members are to you?
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@SerenaArthurs Oh you noticed that! 😂
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