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Hello everyone! Today is day 1 in our Seven Days Of Suga event! Today's theme is 7 reasons to love Suga! Now there are 194773290 reasons to love this amazing human but to sum it up here are 7 reasons why you should love Min Yoongi ! ♡

1). Suga is extreamly TALENTED !! He writes and produces music and has participated in many BTS songs and wrote ALL the songs on his mixtape. He has been writing music since he was very young.
2). Suga is hardworking. He is definately one of the most hardworking individuals i have ever seen! For example, when he first entered Bighit he was told that he didn't have to dance but now that he's in BTS he learned to dance.
3). Suga is caring. Even though he may not show it, he always takes care of his members. Whether it's quietly handing them water bottles to sharing his food with them like a real family. ♡
4). Suga is a strong performer ! The passion he has while on stage is amazing. He really puts his everything into his performances. Even though he'd rather be napping, he never fails to give us flawless performances!
5). Suga is straight up adorable! Don't let his badass on stage persona fool you guys ! Suga is quite the aegyo genius!! His cute gummy smile, they way he'll play around with the members. TOO CUTE!
6). Suga is relateable! I don't think this one needs much explaining. LOL.
7.) Suga can pull off various hair colors ! (i mean all the members can but lets focus on Suga) He has had over 6 different hair colors since debut!! And they all looked amazing on him! *But i'll go into more detail in another card later this week*

And that brings me to the end of this card! There are SO many reasons to love this beautiful human! But as the event calls for i'll have to settle for just 7. See you all tomorrow in our Seven Days Of Suga Birthday Event!!


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Aww this is too cute!! I love my Sugabear too much 😍❤
*slow clap* so beautiful so amazing oh man you got some of the main reasons in there lol..how can someone not like this man 💖💖💖💖🔥
My biggest reason for falling for him was his deep voice, stage performance, his cuteness, and his sweetness to his members. That's why he's my bias for this group
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