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Till Death Do Us Part- Part Three

Just in case you need to catch up!

Part 3/?
Word Count: 1759

“Y/N, honey I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you went through.”

“Twelve years Jackie. I gave him twelve years of my life...and I promised him the rest of my life too.” you pull your knees to your chest and start crying again.

“Oh Y/N...I am so sorry.” Jackie says while pulling you in for a hug.

“How cou-could he have left me that easy? My heart hurts everyday wit-without him, but he’s doing just fine.” you say in between sobs.

“I know honey, I know. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that he did that to you.”

“I was doing fine...for a year I was doing fine. But now he’s back, and I don’t think I can deal with this anymore. He’s all that I had left. My parents passed away when I was in highschool. We...got in a car accident and somehow only I survived. It was a mess..I was a mess. Jimin got me through all of that, but when he left I was severely depressed, and developed anxiety. I wanted to commit suicide a lot during that time of my life, but I fought to live. Now I feel like I am back where I started all over again.”

“Y/N. You’re stronger than this. You can make it through all of this...there is a reason you’re still here.” Jackie says while pulling you in again for a hug.

“But...but what’s the point anymore? I feel like my life isn’t getting better. It’s like I’m living the same days over and over again with no purpose. I have no one by my side, and I feel like I’m walking on eggshells all the time.”

“Honey, let’s get some sleep okay? You’ve been through a lot these past couple of days. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

“Yeah...okay. Thanks Jackie...for listening to me.”

“Of course dear, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” she says while turning off the lights.

You toss and turn all night with a million things running through your mind. You decided maybe you just needed some fresh air, so you grab your phone and walk out of your room. You walk out into the little garden that is lit up by what seems like a million lights and find a bench to sit at. You breathe in the cold night air and look up to the stars. They shine in the night sky and tears start rolling down your face again.

“Where are you Jimin?” you say sadly.

You sit outside for what seems like eternity and decide it’s finally time to go inside. You walk back up to your room and stop to see the light inside is on. You swore you turned them off before going outside. You slowly approach your room and peek inside. There was no one there, but you did see a single red rose resting on your bed. You pick it up and see that there was a note attached to it.

Even if you can’t see me, or feel me I’m always with you.

You drop to the floor and start crying. You remember that Jackie said a young man called 911, and before blacking out the other night you heard someone calling your name. You realize after reading the note it could have only been one person. Jimin. You frantically run out of your room with the rose and note in hand. You run down the hallways looking for him. He couldn’t have gone that far, but where could he be? You run past Jackie and she calls out for you, but you keep running. You have to find him.

You run down every hall on your floor but you can’t find him. Your head starts to pound from the pain and you get dizzy. He’s probably gone by now, so you give up in frustration and go back to your room. You keep thinking of him, and why he would have left the flower and note after he was the one that left you. You fell asleep with thoughts of him circling your mind.
The next couple months go in by in a blur. You were released from the hospital, you were given an extra couple days off from work, and you lived your days doing the same things over, and over again. Since that day you haven’t seen Jimin again, and he was also MIA on all of his social media accounts. Although you hated seeing him post things online with other people, that was the only way that you knew he was doing okay. Now that he wasn’t posting anything, you weren’t able to see how he was doing, and you hated that even more. You tried living life normally and pretended that day never happened, but you had the now withered rose and note to remind you that it all really happened. You didn’t have it in you to throw them away, so you left them on your bedside table. You’ve also had to take more of your anxiety medicine lately because no matter where you were or what you were doing you always felt like you were in a panic.

You see that you got a text and open it,

Elaine: Hey Y/N! Did you want to go out to town with me and a couple of my coworkers tonight? We’re going to the dinner party for our company, and it’s at a really fancy restaurant! I think you would like it.

Elaine. You felt sorry towards her because you were acting distant these past couple months and she didn’t know the reason why. You’ve been meaning to tell her, but she’s already been through so much with you that you didn’t want to drag her into anything else. You didn’t feel like going out, but decided that you owed her at least that much, so you reluctantly agreed.

You: Yeah, thanks for the invite Elaine, just let me know what time I should meet you there.
A second later you get another text.

Elaine: Really?! Yay! We have so much to catch up on Y/N, we’ll meet there at 6 tonight! I also have a little bit of a surprise for you too. ;)

You knew you didn’t want to go, but you had to do it for her, she’s your only friend left, and you couldn’t lose her too. First things first, you needed something to wear. You opened your closet and see nothing that was dressy enough to wear to this dinner party. You decided to go shopping after work for something to wear.

You grab all of your things and head to work and before closing your door you get another text. You figured Elaine forgot to tell you something, but you opened it and read,

Unknown: There aren’t enough words in the world to tell you how sorry I am.

The text came from an unknown number. You read it and are confused, you figured they might have gotten the wrong number, and send back a reply to let them know while getting into your car.

You: Hey, I think you have the wrong number!

You get to work and it goes by in a breeze because you’re working on a huge project and you start to head to a boutique that’s close by.

“Hello, welcome in! My name is Vanessa, can I help you find anything in particular?” you see a sales girl with a bright smile say while you walk through the door.

“Hi, I actually need some help finding an outfit to wear to a dinner party tonight.” you explain to her.

“Oh, not a problem! Is it a fancy dinner?”

“Yes, it’s was a last minute dinner with a couple acquaintances at a high end restaurant, and I have nothing to wear.” you say while laughing.

“Okay, let’s see what we have…”

You sit down while Vanessa runs around the store pulling dress after dress from the racks.

“Alright so, I pulled a couple of styles, just let me know which ones you like, and which ones you don’t okay?”

“Okay, but just so you know, I haven’t been dress shopping since...like high school, so I’m not sure what styles I even like anymore.” you said while sadly laughing to yourself.

“That’s not a problem at all, I’m here to help you!” she says while smiling.

You try on style after style and don’t think you look right in any of them. You’ve always been insecure about how you looked, but Jimin was always there to reassure you that you were the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. At first you denied it and didn’t want to believe him, but after years of him telling you that over and over again, you finally were able to believe in him, and in yourself. Without him there with you, overtime you went back to being insecure all over again. Frustrated you pull off the dress you had on and throw it on the bench. You’re running out of time. Maybe this party was a bad idea after all.

“Hey Y/N, everything okay in there?” Vanessa asks from out the door.

“Yeah...everything is fine.” you say while sighing.

“I know dress shopping can be frustrating, but I am going to pull one more dress for you that I think you’ll really, really like.”

You stand in the dressing room and look at yourself in the mirror. “You’re beautiful Y/N. You’re beautiful.” Tears start running down your face because you want to believe yourself but it’s hard. You hear a knock on the door, you crack the door open and she hands you the dress. You look at it and you’re in complete awe. It is a beautiful burgundy gown covered in lace with a low back. You didn’t think you could ever pull off something like this but try it on anyways because it’s so beautiful. You slip on the dress with ease, and look in the mirror. You can’t believe how beautiful the dress is, how beautiful it looks on you. Tears are rolling uncontrollably down your cheeks and you smile to yourself.

“Y/N, how does it look? Do you like it?”

“Yeah...I do. I really do.”

You walk out of the dressing room and Vanessa smiles at you. “You look gorgeous Y/N. You are seriously going to turn bunch of heads at this dinner.”

For once in a long time, you actually believed her.

I am working on the next part now, and will try to get it out as soon as I can, I've just been a little busy with...life. haha. If you would like to be tagged when I release new parts, just let me know!
aww man its getting really good 💖👍...its okay if your busy we will wait patiently hahaha lol
Thank you for understanding! I'll try to get it out soon. (: