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Hello everyone!
For this week, the BTS Mod Squad are celebrating Min Yoongi's birthday by doing a countdown. The countdown runs from today (Monday; March 06) all the way to March 12. Therefore, today is the first day!

The theme for this today is;
Seven Reasons Why I Love Min Yoongi

Without further adeu, let's get to talk about this charismatic and cloying man!

1. His Gummy Smile

Yoongi has this smile that just automatically makes me smile. Sometimes it's rare to see this grumpy man to smile, and when he does; boy is it beautiful.

2. Agust D

Yoongi was able to finally express his feelings through Agust D. In my opinion, this act is very brave and obviously took a lot of effort and time. Yoongi perfected every beat, every stanza, every single line. He put his everything into his mixtape and showed us who he really is. I respect him so much for telling— for showing the world who he is.

3. Such A Dork

Min Yoongi can go from "I'll send you to Hong Kong with my tongue" to "the biggest fluff in the world." I don't know how he does it, but he definitely has my heart and Min Yoongi is just overall idyllic.

4. Min Yoonji

Yoonji... is just my overall idol. She's sassy and very hard to pinpoint. Yoongi as a female (Yoonji) is very reliving and he is very beautiful. I can't help but fall in love with Yoonji's/Yoongi's straight forward words.

5. His Love For Music

I have probably never seen someone so passionate about music just as Yoongi does. His backstory on the piano makes me feel all warm on the inside. His music, every time I listen to it, gives me a new sense or respect and love for him.

6. His love for the members

Yoongi is known for being the "cold member" of the group. He's a very savage and blunt person, but underneath all that, he cares so much for his members. He looks out for them and makes sure they don't get hurt.

7. Min Yoongi

Yoongi is just very important in my life and I am proud of this man. This man who went through many hardships... This man who became a Phoenix and is now souring the sky, still wanting to fly higher. Yoongi will forever be in my heart.

Thank you guys for reading this card! It means a lot.
yoongi trying to take mi papi chulo's spot! lol
I understand! He's trying to take over Seokjin's spot. 😭😭😭