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Sungkyu! I get butterflies in my stomach!!!!!!!!! Don't look at me like that! I'm trying to save myself for someone special!
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@Helixx yes, yes he is! Indeed!
With Dongwoo, I would probably stare at him back until one of us blinks or looks away from the intensity of the eye contact (him) and a winner is declared (me). I would probably get a little flirty with him in the process to get him all nervous and shy in order to ensure my victory... I have no shame!
With Gyu on the other hand... I wouldn't want to back down and giveaway my true feelings, but I may blush a little if he continues to stare. Again though, I would be the victor of the starring contest.
@Helixx Woah! So brave! 😊
Are those new pics? Recent I mean? Because DONGWOOS HAIR