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Let's play a fun game~ it'll be interesting what everyone says and what not ^^ I'll go first:
1.not counting Gangnam Style, but it was Mama by EXO 2. My mom would actually be listening to it, but I didn't really pay attention till I heard EXO. 3. My first and only bias is Amber from f(x) 4. Suho from EXO 5. EXO (they were the only ones I knew) 6. I don't know it to it's entirety, but I love dancing along to Call Me Baby. 7. Bangtan and EXO 8. Weekly Idol 9. Bangtan, Got7, Romeo 10. EXOs Exoplant 2 in Seoul and Xiumin's Bluetooth speaker. 11. Still the same how it is now. 12. Not as drastically where I worship Kpop, I still love my screamo/alternative music but I'm happy with all the friends I've made. ------------------------------------- My Kpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock ----- My Luhan♡ @BBxGD @evieevelyn @RochelleRose @KpopBias ----------------- Kpop Crew: @twistedPuppy @EverieMisfit @callmemsdragon @EvilGenius @VixenViVi ------------------ The Readers: @stephany123 @TracyLynnn @jyesung72 @makidabebe @VeronicaArtino @lopleaf19 @Babydollbre @chenisbaekasy @KeraDeletorre @ImHayley @CarolSilva @YessicaCardenas @tiffany1922 @ShinoYuki @tinathellama @MaritessSison @KassandraSosa @makidabebe @Orihemay @koinii @EleanorKriegel @Defy24601 -EXOplanet Crew- @KaiLuhan4ever @missjackson2635 @amethystiperez @Hawaii5oh @kandle779 @mitchix5 @senia @fallchild @mellyortiz @Kiambrixx @TheEnlightment @unrefinedhan @CamrynCherry @kpoplover492 @HayleyYates @KpopQueen1 @KellyOConnor @BetseyBleau @Kpossible4250 @Jasminep96 @michellechristi @EverieMisfit @ShinoYuki @ScarletMermaid -WeRBulletproofCrew- (BTS Fam Taglist comment below or go click the name to follow the collection)
1. Lucifer- SHINee 2. I was on YouTube looking at J-Rock videos and I ended up stumbling across SHINee's Lucifer M/V 3. Ailee (she's still my #1) 4. Chen- EXO 5. SS501/ Girls Generation 6. Mind Your Own Business- Ailee 7. BTS and many others lol 8. Weekly Idol 9. EXO, 24K, Monsta-X 10. BTS Wings Album (all 4 versions) 11. It was filled with Anime and J-Rock 12. K-pop is all I listen to and I'm on YouTube 24/7 watching kpop videos. It's taken over my life 😂😅
Yassss Amber's everything lol