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Park Shin Hye updates on Twitter 19/10/2013 @ssinz : "냠냠쩝쩝 몸 보신 했던 날.. 힛.. 고마워요^-^.. 덕분에 건강히 열심히 촬영하고 있어요!! 아!! 쌀화환 사진도 봤어요.. 늦었지만 정말 감사해요.. 늘 앞장서서 봉사에 힘써주시는 그대들이 진정한 천사♥"
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i think she is loving the food my unnie :) <3
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@saharhyunjoong, thank you :)
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So wonderful of the fans to provide food for the cast and crew :)
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I put it in Googgle translate it says like this... "Rummy Chop saw that body ... hit me .. Thank you ^ - ^ .. I'm hard shots healthily thanks! Ah! Rice wreaths I've seen pictures .. I'm late, but thank you very much .. I have always focused on serving prior you are a true angel ♥ "
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