You saw Jimin walk in and look at you for a little bit. After the long nap you were kind of out of it. "How was my stew?" He didn't answer and just looked at you. That's when he started walking his way through you and put both his hands on your face and kissed you. Your eyes widened and you didn't know what to do. Your hands were fidgeting in the air, not knowing what to do, and you took him off of you. "What's gotten into you? Are you drunk?" He shook his head slowly and kissed you again. But this time, you accepted the kiss. His tongue slowly had an expedition in your mouth and you did the same to him also. The kiss became deeper and his hands wandered through your body. You hugged his neck and the kiss intensified. You took his face off of you and smiled for the first time with him. He smiled too. You were so happy. Out of this world happy. It had been forever since you've seen that smile. The smile where his eyes look like a crescent moon, his nose scrunched a little, and his mouth ear to ear. "I like that." He looked at you a little confused. "Your smile." He smiled even harder making you laugh. You two were still close to eachother, almost able to feel eachother breaths. Jimin's eyes were focused on your lips and then looked up, interlocking eyes. He laughed and then grabbed your face making it a smiley kiss. You had a feeling that he found out what happened to you and all those shitty things that happened so you took him off of you and asked, "Who told you?" "Hmm?" He just leaned in eager for another kiss but you stopped him. "Who told you about what happened?" He suddenly backed out and looked at you seriously. "Hoseok.." You stroke through his hair and he looked at you. "Sorry y/n. Sorry for misunderstanding you." You shook your head. "I'm sorry for not telling you earlier." You two smiled in happy reunion, when your son had came out crying. "MOMMMMYYYYYY" You pushed him off of you and ran to Young Joon trying not to make the scene awkward. "What happened Young Joon?" "I WAS SCARED MOMMYY YOU WEREN'T NEXT TO ME!!!!" You laughed and went in the room with him trying to lullaby him to sleep. Few minutes later Jimin came in the room with a look, staring at you like, 'WTF was that push right there?' You put your finger to your lips and got up to talk to him. As he sat down, you saw that he already did the dishes. "Thanks for doing the dishes." He still gave you that look. You laughed at his ridiculous attitude. "I pushed you off then because if Young Joon saw us making out, do you think that it would be good for his education? Honestly, think about it." He rolled his eyes and said, "I mean.. it's not like he's not gonna do it about 10 years later. He's my son.. It runs in our genes." "What?!" You jokingly punched his chest. He laughed and went closer to you. You two were facing each other on the couch smiling and laughing at the happiness that you two were back together. He pecked your lips as you leaned back. Jimin held your back, supporting it and you made direct eye contact with him on top of you. "I love you y/n." "I love you too." And he kissed your forehead, your eyes, your nose, then your lips. The next morning, you woke up on the bed next to YoungJoon and Jimin. Jimin was probably exhausted from.. yesterday. You got up slowly, trying not to wake both of them up, and went to the bathroom. As you washed your face and got to your daily routine, you got a text message from Hoseok. 'Are you guys good now?' You smiled at the text Hoseok sent you. You were thankful that he told Jimin the whole story without having you to worry about. 'Yeah, we're on a roll~ Thanks to my best friend :)' He replied right away with: 'That's good... if you need any help with Young Joon don't forget to call me okay?' 'Of course!' You came out from the bathroom and there he was, the love of your life, staring you down with his majestic eyes. "Jimin? y-you're awake.." You couldn't help but stutter at his beauty. Especially in the morning, his bed hair and the wrinkled clothes. It was so cute and sexy at the same time you couldn't stop yourself. "Y/n.." He just fell down on to you and you held him with your hands. His head was on your shoulder as he kissed your neck. "Jimin, stop. You're going to wake Young Joon up!" "It's fine.." He leaned you on the wall and stared at you. "How was I yesterday?" You blinked terribly at the unexpectedly bold question.. "What do you m-mean?" "Oh.. you know what I mean, because you followed my lead real well." "Uh... Jimin.. about that, I feel really bad for doing that in our son's room. I mean just because he hasn't slept in that room for a really long time, doesn't mean that we can just you know.. have.. have.." "sex?" "DON'T ever say that word in this house mister. There is a small kid that doesn't need to know about that yet." "YET." You nodded. Jimin raised his eyebrows at you because of the fact you just scolded him like you were his mom. "Umm.. Y/n, I need a wife not a mom." "OMG stop reminding me." You tried to go and make breakfast, but he stopped you and put you back to the wall. "Where you going?" "Making breakfast." "Not without a kiss." You gave him a look and pecked him on his cheek. He shook his head and pointed at his lips. You rolled your eyes and pecked him on the lips. "Are you kidding?" Jimin got frustrated and slammed your lips to his. It was a deeper one than a peck, obviously, but it was playful and cute. His lips were heaven itself right there on the spot. You peeped a moan and that certainly turned him on. He started to go deeper and deeper as the kiss went. You wanted to stop, but you couldn't resist the sweet flavor of his mouth. You finally stopped him and pulled back. Jimin and you were breathless. You two breathed heavily at each other and made direct eye contact. You smiled and he caressed your face. "Now go make me some breakfast y/n." After you made breakfast for Jimin and Young Joon, you called them, "JIMIN! YOUNGJOON! EAT BREAKFAST!" Young Joon came out running to the table and Jimin came out with his suit and tried to tie his neck tie. "You need some help with that?" "Yeah.." You smiled and walked over to Jimin and he beamed a smile also. As you made one knot to another, Jimin watched your delicate face. The way your eyes sparkled as you tied his tie, and the way your lips came out a little bit when you concentrated, he wanted to just kiss you so bad. As you finished, you pulled on the tie closer to you, making Jimin a little flustered, you kissed his lips. He cleared his throat and sat down. "Daddy.. did mommy just kiss you?" "Yes.. yes she did." "BUT SHE ONLY KISSES ME." "NO. You're mom is my wife and I knew her before you were born, and that makes me qualified for her to kiss me." "NO YOU'RE NOT." "But she's married to me." "BUT I'M GOING TO MARRY HER WHEN I GET OLDER." "WHAT?" Jimin's jaw dropped as soon as he heard his own son say that. You started to laugh at their petty conversation, and the fact that Jimin was going to argue with his little tiny son. "You can't do that Young Joon." As Jimin tried to explain the logic of not being able to marry your mom, you got a call from Hoseok. "Hey what's up?" "Y/n.. I need you right now.. Go Hae Soo-" You dropped your phone and turned around to Jimin. "Jimin! Hoseok-" I want to write a smut to this but I don't know if I should.. 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Aww~ thank you^^ I'll try using my dirty little mind on it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚