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Sorry its been so long! I went on a vacation ^^
Here we go!
Monday couldn't have come sooner. Lee showered and dressed before 7 am. She chose a comfortable t-shirt and some leggings. She went to the loving room and turned on the weather channel and went to the kitchen. "Cold and cloudy." Lee repeated to herself as she went into the fridge.
She wasn't too terribly hungry. Jin had mostly stayed home Sunday so he made sure they ate every meal together. She didn't feel like eating this morning but wanted to make sure her stomach didn't give that away. She pulled out a protein shake and went for a banana on the counter.
As Lee finished the banana, Jin walked out of the room. He was wearing pajama pants that hard Mario on them but not shirt, again. He has some nice bedhead and a half open eye. He woke up and walked.
Lee just watched as he went for the coffee pot and spent longer then normal trying to get it started. Lee laughed which made Jin jump and turn to look at her. "Oh. Morning." His voice was a bit deeper then normal and raspy.
Lee smiled and went to help him get water. She grabbed for the pot and smiled at him. "Morning sunshine." Jin's eyes opened all the way and he stared at her while she helped. Lee started the coffee and turned to see him going back to his room.
"Guess hes not awake just yet." Lee finished the shake and poured herself a cup of coffee. She put cream and sugar in then changed the channel to listen to some music. She felt good about going back to work and was generally excited. She was still nervous though.
"Did you eat?" Lee looked up from her cup and saw Jin was back in the kitchen. He had showered and put on a light blue dress shirt and kaki slacks. The shirts top two buttons were undone and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. Lee couldn't help but notice he was very handsome.
"Um, yeah. Its 7:30 so we need to leave by 9. Make whatever you want." Lee smiled. But Jin kept a hard face. "What did you eat?"
"A banana and protein shake. Why?" Lee didn't like his tone. "Okay." He turned to make a cup of coffee.
"What's with the attitude?" Her hand went right to her hip and she began to lean on the opposite foot. She wasn't going to have this be a normal thing. If they were going to be next to each other often she wanted for them to be at least decent with one another.
Jin looked at her confused. "I'm sorry. What?"
"You just left when I helped with the coffee and I figured you were still waking up. But just now I felt like you were trying to control me or something."
He looked down at the cup. "Sorry. I just need to make sure you're eating. Your mother asked me to do so. I didn't mean to come off negative." He looked up at her and his face had softened.
She let her hand go back to the cup. "I get that. I've been eating since you moved in. I wasn't too hungry this morning so I ate light. Sorry about that. I just want us to feel comfortable around each other."
Jin smiled. "I'll be normal then. Just remember, I am your body guard so I can't always be easy going."
"Not a problem. Now hurry up and eat. We need to leave by 9."
Jin made some eggs and toast and cleaning his dishes. Lee made a cup of coffee to go and by 9 they were gone.
Lee got to the store by 945 and she noticed it had opened early. Jin parked the car and they walked to the door. There was a big banner that said "WELCOME BACK LEE" Lee teared up a little and walked in the front doors. Many customers were there to greet her along with all of her staff. They all shouted "Welcome back!"
Lee felt a warmth cover her chest as she began to cry. Her assistant manager hugged her. "We know its only been a week or so but everyone missed you. We just wanted to show how much you were needed so The cashiers came up with this."
They all hugged her at once. Lee wiped her face and sniffled. "Okay everyone. Let's get this day going!" Everyone went to they're places and customers began to come in. She went to her office and went over the books. Her assistant manager came in and commented. "It seems we got a little more popular in the last few weeks. I've had to call in a cashier a few times to help out."
"That's good. If it keeps up we could hire a part timer."
The two women began discussing business while Jin made a nice cozy place to sit in the main lobby.
As 5 o'clock drew nearer Lee became tired. Day 1 was all paper work. But she didn't mind. Better then napping and having nightmares.
At 5 she said goodbye and left with Jin. They were quiet on the way home. Once they were inside Jin finally spoke. "How was the first day back?"
Lee smiled. "Paper work so nothing special. But it was good to be back. I'm a little tired so I'm going to take a nap. Do you mind cooking dinner?" He shook his head.
She went through her makeshift door and rest her head. They day seemed so innocent. Lee couldn't begin to imagine what was in store for her next.

Sorry if it seems plain! But I've something brewing. Promise!
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