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Hey Otakus!

Its Man Crush Monday! Today's theme is Sword users! So pick a Hottie who knows how to cut a bitch xD

My Pick Is Gintoki Sakata❤ (Even tho he is seen using a wodden swrod most of the time do not underestimate its power!)

Anime : Gintama❤

Who is your Man Crush?

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@NatsuMasamune I always just type the name I hear more first xD
a year ago·Reply
Yes!! So yes!!!!! This is the first or one the first ever of Sakata Gintoki for a MCM ever. He is by far my MCM 😍😜 haha. White yaksha or should say SHIROYASHA!! By far the sickest outfit and the most badass sword of any samurai anime!! Haha
a year ago·Reply
@LuffyNewman OMG RIGHT!?! When they finally were letting us in on the backstory I died of happiness and yass I think (probably not) But he has been on my list od Man Crushes ever since I saw this Anime❤
a year ago·Reply
There are too many man crushes with swords that it's too hard to choose!
a year ago·Reply
@LuffyNewman @AimeBolanos Me too!! i think so!! this is the first or one the first ever of Sakata Gintoki for a MCM ever!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍 my favorite anime character is Skata Gintoki♡♡♡ i'm so happy because i saw this card!!! thank you! AnimeBolanos😍😍
a year ago·Reply