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Stage Outfits I Would Totally Rock in Real Life

Stage outfits can be a little over the top in the entertainment world, but some of them I would totally wear in real life! Below are a few of my favorites that I think would exist in the real world :)

f(x) - Four Walls

The bell bottoms and pink pastel theme is totally the opposite of what I usually wear but I am so in love with this look. Granted, it would be helpful to have Krystal's long legs...

BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire

Jisoo's ugly cat shirt with the glitter turtleneck underneath is everything. Something about it is so wrong but so right. I would seriously love to wear this every day. (Rose's outfit in the actual music video though is my favorite thing ever)

Oh My Girl - Liar Liar

The little sailor shirts are SO ADORABLE plus the 50s style writing on the front is the cutest. The skirts are super short but overall this is totally something I would love to wear for a cute day in summer :)

Gfriend - Navirella

I looooooooove these outfits so much, especailly the tan skirt/shorts (I called that a skort or coolots when I was young, is that really what they're called?!) Either way I would totally wear any of these daily!

BLACKPINK - Boombayah

Oops, Blackpink again :) I loooove every single one of their outfits, especially Jisoo and Rose's!!!

What are some of your favorite stage outfits/stylings?

Those Boombayah outfits are bomb 👌🏽
blackpink!! I love their outfits especially Jisoo's!!!
Nice card. I like it allot and maybe make one too. The outfits are great
I love these, a couple of my favorite stage outfits are the I got a boy street clothes and the feminine suits for mr. mr. that snsd wore.
I really love f(x)'s stage outfits
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