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He closed the door behind him and the room fell into darkness from the lack of light the hallway had provided. He turned around to see a young woman, her eyes dark, her smile bright, and her hair dark. He gestured her to sit on the white colored couch in the center of the living room. Soft music soon floated through the air. “Call me Jimin,” he told her as she sat down. He was sitting directly across from her. The way he looked at her made her feel so submissive. “Ji-Jimin.” She stuttered out while looking down. “Look at me when I talk to you.” Jimin ordered with low and monotone voice. She gasped out. “I’m sorry!” Her face looked upwards into his eyes. “Don’t forget that I’m in charge here, sweetie.” Jimin just stared at her for several minutes until he said, “Undress.” A smirk played on his lips. “Excuse me?” “You heard me,” he told her and she nodded. “O-okay.” She responded quietly and stood up. Her hands found the bottom of her black tank-top and pulled it over her head. She made eye contact with him and he could feel his pulse quickening. Jimin licked his lips and swallowed. His brain was mush from alcohol. His eyes glanced her way, looking mildly interested as she only in her red lace bra and matching panties. His cock was starting to harden by the view. She took a step closer until he could feel her body heat. She unclasped her bra. Her hands flung to her waist, her fingernails grazing her skin, tracing towards the hem of her panties. Slowly pulling them down. She looked up to him, caughting his intent gaze. A second later, his strong arms wrapped around her easily and lifted her onto his laps. She stretched her neck to kiss him, but he leaned back with a sly smile on his lips. “No kissing.” She nodded as she putted her tiny hands on his clothed chest and began to trace the outline. He pulled back slightly to unbutton his shirt. Jimin slowly licked her collarbone, marking her with hickeys. She yanked his trouser down, revealing his monstrous dick, she was a bit taken aback by how big he was. It was so big, long, and thick. The most perfect dick she ever seen. “Have you ever sucked a cock before?” he asked her while stood up. Her face was perfectly in line with his cock. “Yes.” “Good. Now, kneel.” And she kneeled immediately with her ass off the ground. “Give me blow job.” But being the innocent person that she was, so she kept just giving light touches by her tongue. “Open your mouth as wide as you can.” He told her and she quickly obeyed him. He moved his dick towards her as she opening her mouth wide. She even opened her jaw another few centimetres until it hurt badly, so he could place the tip of his cock in her throat. He aggresively gripped her hair and bucked his hips straight into her throat, moaning by how good it felt. She bopped her head back and forth, making him tilt his back as he felt the pleasure overflow inside him. She hollowed her cheeks, sucking him. The most erotic voice escaped from his mouth. Her tongue explored everywhere. That time, he knew was about to cum. He quickly pulled out and second later he spilled all over her. The milky white fluid spurred all over her face, dripping slowly to her breasts. She felt the warmth of his fluid. “Good girl.” He told her kindly as he lifted her up bridal style to his bed and laid her down with her legs wide open. He spreaded her legs and circled his tongue around her clit. “Ohh…” she moaned softly. His tongue dip inside her. Jimin slowly lifted her legs and placed them gently on his strong shoulders. He continued to rub his tongue back and forth on her clit. “I’m going to cum.” He pulled out his tongue. “You taste so good.” And smirked at her. Before she could complain, he started sucking her hard nipple. He covered her nipple with his saliva and his other hand started pushed one finger inside her. She let out a moan as he putted one more finger and pushing them in and out crazily. She moaned loudly. “I’m going to cum again,” she breathed out. Again. He pulled out his fingers and his tongue. “Fuck me, Jimin. Fuck me so hard!” She was whimpering sadly as the feeling left her, but then gasped as he suddenly plunged his dick in her hot cunt. “You’re too big.” She whimpered as she felt his huge member try to move inside her. “Oohhh…” she moaned, feeling the tip of him slipped inside her. “Oh fuck! You’re so wet!” Jimin aligned himself with her entrance and slowly pressed into her warmth, spreading her open inch by inch. He held her hips and started thrusting inside her pussy harder and faster. Each thrust pushed deeper until it hit her sweet spot deep inside of her. His mouth was open in pleasure. “Name… Name!” he whimpered hoarsely, becoming fierce when her expression held confusion. “Scream my name.” “JIMIN! JIMIN! JIMIN!” Pulling his cock almost all the way out, he slammed back inside of her, causing her entire body to buck as his massive length pushed her. “So tight!” He then repeated the movement as he reached out and grabbed her hair roughly. “Mmm, I like that.” She smiled, giving Jimin all the encouragement he needed. “JIMIN!” She screamed as he whipped her breast as well as pinching her clit. She grinded against him as fast as she could. With every forward movement he hit her sweet spot deep inside of her and with every backward movement her clit brushed against his trimmed pubic hair. Both sensations were making her moan joyously. “I bet you do, you’re a horny little slut aren’t you?” Jimin growled as he pulled her hair back and kissed her neck when she nodded along with her moan. “You’re going to cum aren’t you?” Jimin asked her. She groaned. “Oh god! Yes, I am!” She screamed in ecstasy. Jimin then reached his arms around her and lifted her ass as he kissed her earlobe. His thoughts were all about the sexy and horny woman he was touching. He moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her. “Bend over!” Jimin barked commandingly on her ear. He ordered her triumphantly as her body started to shake. She turned around and bent over, presenting her tight asshole to him. She was filled with a pure lust desire. She would prove that she was better than the prude he was with now. “Open your ass for me.” Jimin told her as he kneeled behind her and guided her cock into her ass. She moaned as she reached back to hold her ass cheeks open for him. Jimin then pushed his cock deep into her tight ass and groaned. She felt her ass expand over the head of his cock and then realized she had managed to fit the entire mushroom shaped head of his member inside or her ass. “I’ve been wanting anal sex for so long! You’re such a naughty slut!” he moaned as began to bounce slowly on his dick With each thrust more and more of him slipped inside of her. She felt him pushing deeper and deeper. “Oh yes, Jimin! Fuck my ass! I’m your slut!” He then spanked her ass hard, leaving a red mark with a white hand print. “Oh god! Spank me, Jimin!” She yelped. “You dirty little slut! You like it rough, don’t you?” Jimin groaned as he spanked her ass again and again. His muscles flexed aggressively with every move and his mouth was open in pleasure as he gasped. “Oh yes! It’s so good!” She cried out as Jimin then grabbed her hips and started to thurst faster in her ass. He was fucking her frantically and she was shouting his name at every thrust he made. He pushed harder as he was close to cum. She was also going to cum soon. Very soon. “Ahhh… JIMIN!” She shouted as her juices squirted out of her pussy. He pushed one last time inside her hard. “Oh fuck!” He moaned out with one final gasp as she helt a flood of juices flow inside of her. He pulled his cock out as she collapsed on the floor and lots of juices flowed out of her pussy and her ass. Both of them were panting hard, trying to catch more oxygen to breath. Jimin was busy with his fucking session, so he couldn’t notice someone entered his flat. But this flat was not his, but yours. Jimin managed to find his clothes and putted them back on. Then, he silently walked toward the kitchen to drink some water. But, his step stopped at the living room as he discovered a figure, sitting on his couch. “(Y/n)?” You turned your head at your sit position to the voice and found Jimin stared at you blankly with worry in his eyes. “Hello. Have a great sex?” you asked, smiling widely at Jimin, but his expression was darker. - You walked home alone that night when you saw someone familiar. Yes, it was Jimin, your two years boyfriend who shared a flat with you. You was about to go and approach him, but you saw unknown girl came towards him and hugged him from behind. Jimin walked into your apartment building with his arm around her waist and led her to the entrance. With heavy feeling that you have in your chest, you sighed and followed closely behind. You watched at every single movement of him. When he pinched her cheeks and ruffled her hair. You felt a tug at your heart. He used to do that to you. Actually, you already knew about his cheating since last month. But, you haven’t seen it by yourself. You chose to trust him even when he acted obviously. They entered your flat. You slowly walked to the front of the door, waiting. You needed to wait until you feel your body relaxed and your tense reduced because what will you see behind the door maybe will break your heart into pieces. You took in a deep shaky breath before you tiptoed over the room and silently opened the door after several minutes. Just as you got in, you could hear someone moaning. Not long after that, you heard familiar voice. It was Jimin and he was moaning. You couldn’t believe what you heard and saw. He had been fucking a girl who wasn’t you in your shared flat. This was the harsh reality slapping you right in the face. You felt your chest tightened. He was too busy with his making out session, so he wouldn’t notice you. You pulled yourself off of your standing place, stepping backward. You chose to walked toward your living room, sitting on the couch, waiting your-will-be-ex-boyfriend to finish up his hot sex. You wanted to end up with him. “JIMIN! JIMIN! JIMIN!” You heard a loud moan filling your flat. Another moans drifted out of the flat and you blinked rapidly, completely froze, not knowing exactly how to do. All you did was sit there and wait, your heart feeling like it was being set on fire, tears welled in your eyes. You looked out of the window next to you, trying to hold back the sudden tears that threatened to fall. Not now. Not before you end it with him. You must act tough in front of him. You told yourself. You wish this would be over now. “(Y/n)?” You heard his voice, calling your name. You attempted to wash away the pain on your face with a wide smile. The fake one. You turned your head to the voice and found Jimin stared at you. He never blinked once as if he couldn’t believe you were right there. You saw guilty and fear in his eyes. “Hello, Have a great sex?” you asked, smiling widely. Jimin walked toward you, standing in front of you. Your eyes met with his. He grabbed your hand and held it in his, looking at you in the eyes. You rolled your eyes, pushing him away with a light smile. “I saw everyhing.” You said and smiled. Jimin widened his eyes in disbelief. “I can explain.” He nervously whispered, gasping a little. You looked at his shocked reaction. “Oppa, who is coming?” Suddenly, you heard girl voice from Jimin’s back. “Who are you? Are you his girlfriend?” you asked her, smiling a bit. “Eumm… kind of.” “Hello, my name is (y/n).” You realized she was frozen like a rock after you told your name. Your smile fell down. So, she knew that you are Jimin’s girlfriend. You could hear Jimin sobbing all of a sudden. “I’m sorry. Really sorry for all my mistakes. Plase don’t leave me. I love you. I really do.” Those are just words he said. You didn’t know it is true or lie. He is a nightmare dressed like daydream. All the things he said is like a mask, it hides the truth and rips you apart. It pierced you. He always be sweet and gentle, so you feel loved and secured. He was caring boyfriend with his cuteness, romantic, and lovely sides. He never beating you up and never treating you badly. He never ignore you. But he sleeps with random girls almost everynight. “What? You love me? Jimin, don’t say something like that in front of your girlfriend.” You replied with your fake smile. “She is not my girlfriend, you-“ “Uh? Sorry… I mean your girlfriend to be?” You cutted him and smiled. You avoided eye contact with him, but he cupped your cheeks and locked his eyes with yours. His eyes filled with so much love and warmth. “(y/n), you are my everything. I love you so much.” Jimin said as tears filled his eyes. Your heart melted that moment, but you pushed him away from you and smiled. You kept your cool. “You’ve been cheating on me.” You stood up and went out without looking back. You didn’t give him time to explain. “This is our end, Jimin.” “(y/n).” He called, but you didn’t burden and keep walking out. “(y/n) please…” he pleaded and you tried your best to pretend that you didn’t hear anything until you reached the door knob. You could hear Jimin started to sob louder. He fell to his knees, crying his heart out. But, you managed to escaped out. You tried not to look back as you walked down the long hallway, away from the apartment building. You ran out with salty tears streaming down your face. You furiosly wiped them away. You hate him. You wanted to hurt him and break him like he did to you, but at the same time you wanted him to come back to you, chasing you and holding you in his arms, telling you to don’t let him go. Your hand began to shake. Your stomach was turning knots. Your chest ached. You started to feel light headed. One tears tickled down your cheeks and you wiped it away angrily. You stopped walking, falling to you knees. You covered your face with hands and your shoulders began to shake as you sobbed loudly. You tried to stand up and continued walking. You wiped your eyes with the sleeve of your coat. You tried not to look back. You tried. Damn it. You looked back. You know you still love him. You were crushed. 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well dammit you never know what you had until it leaves you. well Jimmie you got what was coming. tag me in anymore you write
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Wow this was so cute plz do more but with the girl being the girlfriend
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