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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park

When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...
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~(Y/N Pov)~

"I think this might look better on you than me."

I was shopping or at least window shopping with Hoodie unnie, and holding up a pretty off the shoulder navy blue dress towards her. I had manage to get that girl's day after all with unnie. She was more than happy to have a girl's day with me actually. She said it was a perfect break from the boys.

"You think so?"

Hoodie unnie also know as Hyun-Jung, took the dress from me, to hold it against herself. I simply held up two thumbs up, before she turn to look into a mirror. "It does look good on me." We both giggled as she kept looking around the shop.

"So you going to tell me the real reason as to why you wanted to spend alone time with your amazing unnie." I smiled warmly as she called me out on my hidden agenda. "I truly have been wanting to hang out with you, unnie. I actually do have any friends outside of AOMG. But yeah as you figured I did want to talk to you about something."

Hyun-Jung looked at me wide eye, as she blinked. "You mean in Korea right?" I chuckled nervously as I rubbed the back of my neck. "Well I barely had any friends in England either. Its kind of hard to make at the very least one good friend, when you're always skipping grades, in one field of studies. I try my best to stay along my age group at the very least growing up, but even kids my own age didn't seem to like me, just like the older kids."

Hyun-Jung took my hand and patted the back of it. "You poor thing, well starting now lets fix that. Good thing you're part of AOMG now. Cause working there allows you to make many new friends." I felt myself get fluster and a bit shy, but it was nice knowing I have made a good friend in unnie. Not just in Hyuk-Woo and Ju-Kyung.

"So tell me what is it you wanted to talk to me about." Hyun-Jung smiled warmly at me as I couldn't help but smile back at her. "Well its actually about something Simon oppa brought to my attention." She had arched an eyebrow, as she look over at me, curiously. "What did he say?" I looked down, still a bit unsure about the subject.

"At the party, Simon oppa said that there were a few of the guys in the crew that liked me, including himself. I already know about Jay, because he tricked me into going on a date with him. But I have a dating ban from real place of employment." I started tapping my index fingers together softly as I felt my heart ache. I always wanted to have friends, and possibly a boyfriend.

Yet, with my IQ level making me advance fast in my education, It did make it hard to build up social skills. Didn't help that I was used a lot and lied to so that they could use my brain to make themselves advance as well. I really was too nice and was so very blind as a child. I felt bless though that I manage to have one good and real friend though growing up that help me build up my social skills. Even though he was my cousin, he still treated me like I was one of his closest friends and precious little cousin.

"Oh Simon finally confessed to you?" She was grinning as she put something she was looking at back. "I can guarantee though that Elo isn't one of them." I looked up at her and blinked at her a few times. "I only know cause well, he's my boyfriend after all."

My jaw drop and I gawk at Hyun-Jung in completely shocked. She just giggled as she rubbed the back of neck. "Yeah, we have been keeping it on the DL for quite sometime now. It just... well... Happen." I just smiled and clap my hands towards her.

"Right now unnie you are my hero."

She smiled warmly and lightly patted my head, before holding something up against me. "Back to you miss... Did Simon ask you to break the ban?" I looked to the side as I sighed heavily. "I'll take that as a yes." I chuckled before looking down, feeling that heart ache again.

"If I get caught breaking it, I can kiss all that hard work I put in to get where I am, goodbye." She made eye contact with me, as I could see the sadness in them. "Really? Damn they're being that strick with you?" She asked, as I simply nodded my head.

"Well if you do wish to chance it, I don't think Jay and Simon are the men to be with. They like to show off their woman. Plus honestly, their kind of players. They know what their doing when it comes to getting a girl and what they want." I knew this very well too, but the day I spent with Jay for some reason, it kept replaying in my mind.

He was using what he knew about me against me, but he also try to restrain himself. The fact that I didn't run away from him though, show him that he was getting under my skin too. "I wish I knew how to flip the script on him." Unnie's eyes lit up as she grinned. "Which him? Who got under your skin, Y/N-ah?"


Hyun-Jung sighed heavily as she shook her head. "Of course he did..." I gave a light laugh as I smiled at her. "I told him off though, which is why he stop making a move on me." She cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

"That's not going to stop him from checking you out, as well as thinking about stuff." I started looking around as I thought about that and sighed at the mental result. She chuckled at my reaction to her words. "I actually think there is someone you need to meet. She can help you ... you know 'flip the script'."

I blinked at Hyun-Jung as she pulled out her phone and texted someone. I did try to take a peak, which she allowed. I saw the name, Jessica, and looked up at unnie, confused. "You should know her as Jessi. She a very talent rapper here in South Korea."

I stood up straight and blinked from the shock. She wanted me to meet Jessi, one of the baddest rappers in the game over here. "Lets go, she text me where she's at." I didn't argue, and follow Hyun-Jung like a lost puppy. She led me down to a ramen shop, as we met up with Jessi and her group of friends.

"Oh hey you made it." Jessi got up to greet Hyun-Jung unnie. "Hey Jessi unnie, this is my friend Y/N-ah, the girl I was telling you about." Jessi looked me over as she cocked an eyebrow. "Jay into her? She no where near his type. High chance he's playing you to be able to say he tapped that sweetheart."

I blinked and looked around, not sure if I should feel offend or not. "Unnie, that was a bit harsh." Hyun-Jung spoke up, but I didn't really take offense to it. All Jessi did was speak the truth. I was no where near that man's type.

Jessi just waved her hand, as her way of saying it wasn't harsh at all. "So you want to flip the script on Jaebum oppa? Hyun-Jung-ah was right to bring you to me." Jessi went to pay for her meal, before girls for up to stand beside Hyun-Jung and myself. Jessi wrap her arms around my shoulder, before we all headed out of the resturaunt.

"First things first, you do know why he sees you as a possible target? You seriously scream innocents. You're like that cute puppy in the window that wants to find a new home with someone. And here comes Jay teasing you by petting you, but not giving you truly want."

Jessi wisdom was truth, as I remember to time I spent alone with Jay. Yet, he actually give me somethings I wanted. "Don't go thinking he did give you something you wanted though, cause honestly that was possibly his way of getting you to lower your guard down." She said, while I sighed heavily and hung my head.

"With friends its cool to wear your heart on your sleeve, but if you're ever alone with him, put it back in your chest." I looked over at her, as she called me out on showing how I felt on the outside. "That I can't reverse though, I already have difficulty expressing myself." She looked over at me curiously, before looking behind us at Hyun-Jung.

"She also that person that was transfer over from CJ E&M. The genius we stole from them." Jessi made an 'O' with her mouth, before looking back over at me. "Okay, well try to hide it as best as you possibly can from him." Jessi took us with her to get her nails done, as she drop her wisdom on how to mange being around Jay.

I watched her carefully too, and felt my self e-steam slowly crumbling. Just like Hyun-Jung unnie, she was super pretty. Her nails and hair always on fleak. I was starting to realized it wasn't going to be hard to keep Jay at bay after all, since I knew all to well they were both more prettier than me. Hyun-Jung got my attention, as she patted my head.

"Yah, Jessi-unnie, I understand what you're saying is truth, but got to remember you might be possibly hurting her self e-steam here." Jessi looked over at us as she sighed heavily. "If you're self e-steam is hurt than just stay the fuck away from Jay period." She looked away from me, as she checked out her nails. "Cause honestly you're a pretty girl, but a guy like Jay will hurt it even more than the truth will.

I simply nodded my head, before she came over towards me, and held out her hand. "What you think? Pretty or Nah?" She smiled warmly as I looked at the new nail design she had on them. "Really pretty... They scream you."

Jessi giggled as she smiled, before taking my hand in her own. "Why not get yours done, you might like it." I looked down a bit unsure, but Jessi wasn't going to allow me to say no. She pulled me out of my seat, and had me take the spot she sat last. "Give her a classy business-like set with flare... my treat. Think of it as my way of saying lets be friends, okay?"

I smiled at her, as the manicurist took my hands. We got off the topic of Jay, and actually started getting to know each other. Jessi was shocked to find out I didn't have many friends growing up either. Jessi and Hyun-Jung both swore to change it. Apparently though, Jessi knew about Hyun-Jung dating Elo, also known as Min Taek.

It was really nice having female friends

I wanted to keep this new bond I made...

Just had to make sure no one fucked it up now including myself

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