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Hi everyone it's your mod; V!!

Sorry I've been absent for the past two weeks but I have a lot of health ND family issues going on but I do see the light am able to post again.
This week Theme is What are you Watching. All of my squad this week will be posting cards on what dramas we really watching this week. Please join us in making cards. We want to know what you are all watching.
We want to see if we can any new dramas to our lists. I will be posting at least one card everyday this week on kdramas and korean movies I am watching or just recently finish so keep your eyes peeled.

what am I watching?

I just finished watching A Gentleman's diginity. I was trying to post this last week but like I said life was getting in the way.

this drama has enough bromance in it to make me wish i was one of the boys or one of boys girlfriends. It is a really good drama and the plot and storyline moved at a good pace. Though some episodes did feel a little redundant or just a bit slow it was an overall great drama. It was definitely very funny, cheesey, cute, and entertining. the whole cast had great chemistry and you rooted for each couple. though the main couple was not my favorite I still enjoyed watching their love develop. My favorite couple was the couple always right there on the edge of getting a divorce; I truly felt their relationship was one we could find in any culture and relate to it but to be truthful I probably would have divorced him.
I love how all the men have been friends since high school and drop everything for one another because I feel just as much as female friendships are that this show is proof of bromance and friendships that last a lifetime and conquer all of life's challenges; first love, death, sickness, covering up each other indiscretions, telling one another off, illegitimate child, and just generally growing and maturing together.

I definitely give this an 8.5/10 or a 4/5 and recommend it for everyone's list
my favorite scene with him and then he goes on to say I'm very open minded... I died..
I did too Woo bin I did too

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@stevieq awe I'm glad someone else has watched it
This was a great drama. I actually procrastinated watching this for the longest time because I thought it would be too mature for my liking. But I decided to give it a try after I finished Goblin since its also written by Eun Sook and I've loved all the dramas I've seen of hers so far. I gave it a try and it was hilarious and had its heart racing moments. I loved Jung Yong-Hwa's cameo, it made me so happy!!!
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I love that drama! I can relate to it so much!
honestly this is one of my favorite dramas and I wanted to do a little commentary on it just to express my views on it. I'm glad your bringing this drama some much needed attention 😍😍😍